Local housing activists, including a number of self-proclaimed anarchists, successfully channeled widespread anger against gentrification into a big get-out-the-vote drive for liberals in the 2000 elections. Since then, public opposition to gentrification has disappeared. This poster is a product of the defeat of opposition to gentrification in San Francisco, a defeat spearheaded not by speculators and landlords, but by leftists and anarchists.

For the time being this battle has been lost, but the larger social war goes on. More and more people are becoming estranged from the dictatorship of the market, and coming years will offer unprecedented opportunities in the fight for a world worth living in. I hope in some small way these posters can contribute to this process.

Chris Daly, referred to in the graphic in this poster, is a former Mission District housing activist, who used the discontent about the housing crisis to get his sorry ass elected to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. The Board is comparable to the city council in other towns.


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