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The Socialist Workers Party (SWP) is once again sniffing around what could loosly be called the direct action movement - the lively culture of resistance that has grown out of the anti-roads protests, reclaim the streets parties and so on. Seeing the growing awareness in this scene of capitalism as our enemy, and gutted that an event of the scale and militancy of June 18th could pass with not an SWP paper seller in sight, the party leadership has obviously decided that we're a prime target for recruitment.

"Many of the... anti-capitalists will join the SWP provided we are involved alongside them in campaigning over issues like the World Trade Organisation" - Socialist Worker #1673.

The SWP has a long history of seizing on every new "issue" or movement and trying to dominate it, recruiting who they can and then moving on to the next big thing. In fact they had a previous attempt to take over the "direct action scene" back in '94 when they tried to organise around the anti-criminal justice bill campaign. They got nowhere then and we need to see them off this time as well. Despite their radical language the SWP is fundamentally opposed to our movement.

At our best we have developed radical anti-capitalist ideas through creative actions. Actions brought off with no leaders giving us orders, just mutual aid and solidarity between groups and individuals. The same ideas also inspires the vision of the world many of us want to see - a free community based on co-operation, not competition and hierarchies. The SWP, however see The Party as all important, the size of it's membership being almost a graph of how close we are to a revolution. The resistance of the oppressed must be controlled and directed by the party leadership to suceed.

After the revolution the leadership can impose a 'worker's state' on us, and no prizes for guessing who'll be in charge of that. Then we can all be glad the nasty capitalists have been replaced by central planning as we're forced off to work in our happy socialist factories. This is basically the same idea that has fucked up so many opportunities for change in the past- again and again people have got rid of the bosses and their cops only to allow a new bunch of socialist / communist / nationalist bastards to take their place.

It's important to realise that these parasites on resistance are as much our enemy as the bosses. Just because they've got sod all power at the moment is no reason to tolerate them. On the contrary, it's the best time to discredit their ideas completely! Lots of people join the SWP because they were the first and only "alternative" they came across. Not everyone who sells their papers is totally comitted to the Party, and hopefully more and more will pack it in and do something useful instead. But the Party itself can only be our enemy. It's not, and never will be on our side. Let's learn from the past and tell the SWP and their rivals to stick their leadership and their papers where the sun don't shine.

Finally, some choice quotes from the horses mouth...

"Mass movements don't get the political representation that they deserve unless a minority of activists within the movement seek to create a political leadership, which means a political party that shares their vision of political power from below (sic). Such a party will be much less than the movement numerically, but much more than the movement ideologically and organisationally." "The first precondition of influencing future struggles is to be involved in them—-deeply, organisationally involved." - Socialist Review

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