About Us

Infoshop was founded in December 1995 as the Mid-Atlantic Infoshop. We were one of the first websites featuring political content and one of the first online-only news websites. The Mid-Atlantic Infoshop website was initially envisioned as an online resource to supplement the information resources being provided by a physical infoshop in Washington, DC called the Beehive Infoshop. That infoshop closed its door a few years after MAI went online, but MAI eventually became Infoshop.org and evolved into the most visited anarchist news and information resource on the Internet.

The Infoshop project is run by a collective of anarchists, anti-authoritarians, socialists and people of other political stripes. We don’t adhere to a specific flavor of anarchism or libertarianism, but we’ve often been called “big tent anarchists.” We take that to mean that we provide a wide range of anarchist news, opinion and information with the idea that our readers and users have the freedom to make use of that info as they see fit.