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We've been bringing independent journalism and opinion to millions of readers for the past 21 years. Since 1995. Our news service has never run any advertising, so we rely on readers such as you to support our work. Our goal is to continue publishing news and opinion that you want to read.

Over the past 21 years, we've brought you:

  • Around 44,000 articles, reports, features, editorials and more, from alternative media, blogs and content original to Infoshop News.
  • Comprehensive coverage of major events and movements including the 1999 anti-WTO protests in Seattle, Hurricane Katrina relief efforts, Occupy Wall Street and the ongoing anti-war movements.
  • Ongoing coverage of activist legal campaigns and support projects.
  • Original journalism and investigative reporting including "Paramilitaries and Palm Plantations: A Murderous Combination in Colombia", "'Turning a Corner:' Changing Attitudes, Confronting Realities of Prostitution", "Immigrant Activist Deported from Canada" and "Why Hospitals Overcharge the Uninsured"

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Our Winter 2016 fundraising goal is $500, of which $25 has been donated.

Message from a collective member


I've never done this before, but here is a shameless request for donations.

The Infoshop Collective is a group of revolutionary anarchists who volunteer our time and effort to bring you an ad-free source for alternative news anarchist opinion.

Infoshop has been around since 1995 and for most of that time I've hosted the site for free, covering all the hosting and hardware costs on my own. I do it because I am glad to support a cause in which I believe strongly. For many years I hosted Infoshop out of my house on my own equipment. Now I host the site at a reputable service provider.

Chuck pays for the domain name. We cover all the system admin duties, security hassles, and other day-to-day tasks which any decent web site requires on our own within the collective.

I'm putting out a call for donations to help us out. This money will not go to hosting fees, as I'm more than willing to cover those. Chuck wants to get a new theme for Infoshop News which costs $60. We'd also like to get some extra money to pay for some original radical content if possible.

If you enjoy Infoshop, and support what we are doing, how about donating $5 to help us out? We really do appreciate it and we won't squander the money or take it for granted.

Donate today, it's Mutual Aid in action.


Thanks for your time,

Dave at the Infoshop collective.


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Please contact us for snail mail arrangements if you want to send cash, check or money order.

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Are there a boatload of Infoshop fans in your city or town? Do you have talent as a musician, concert organizer, or bake sale baker? Organize a public fundraiser for Infoshop/AMP.

Other donations

If you'd like to help us out in other ways, especially if you can't help financially, there are several options:

Computer equipment: We are seeking donations of laptops which would be used by Infoshop News reporters.
Phone cards: A donation of prepaid phone cards will help Infoshop News reporters do research and conduct interviews.
Outreach and publicity: We always appreciate people who do outreach for us.

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