2003 FTAA Protests - Miami, Florida

Abolish the FTAA - Miami 2003

This Fall, tens of thousands of people will converge once again on Miami, Florida for mass protests against the FTAA, neoliberalism at home and abroad, and capitalism. Tired of seeing your local jobs outsourced to another country where the workers are even more exploited? Tired of politicians and rich people making decisions over your life without your input? Tired of hearing about the "economic recovery" when you have been out of work for a long time? Worried about the future of your family, neighborhood, and community? If you think that something is really wrong with the current economic situation, please consider getting involved in these protests against the FTAA meetings in Miami. Your future depends on it.

Chicago FTAA Consulta Report update
Over the weekend of October 11 and 12 a consulta, or conference was called in Chicago by people and activists aiming to shut down the ministerial meetings of the Free Trade Area of the Americas. During the course of the consulta a motion was placed on the floor for discussion about creation of a national call out for a one hour work stoppage and school walkouts to take place on November 20th, the day most rallies and direct actions would be taking place against the F.T.A.A. meetings in Miami.

Naomi Klein: Latino Politics, Miami Beached
When massive political protests forced Bolivia's president to resign last week, Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada fled to a place where he knew he would find a sympathetic ear. "I'm here in Miami trying to recover from the shock and shame," the ex-president told reporters on Saturday, after being unseated by a revolt against his plan to sell the country's gas to the United States.

South Florida FTAA Update: October 2003
With one month remaining before FTAA ministerial week, a certain segment of the opposition effort is enjoying its finest hour of local print media coverage. The late September Miami City Commission vote on a highly restrictive demonstration ordinance, and its eventual deferment to later this month, placed the November events, and the puppet-making/creative resistance set, front and center. The question: what manner of bedlam awaits that an ordinance must be specifically tailored to squelch it? "It's like attacking Mr. Rogers," said one local puppetista, defending her endangered art form in a positive and balanced profile of the Free Carnival Area of the Americas (Sun-Sentinel). The counterweight: a paean to Miami Police Chief John Timoney. Apparently, Miami's very reputation hangs in the balance this November (Palm Beach Post). Never mind that it is the poorest large urban center in the U.S., matters of image seem to pertain exclusively to whether or not the political and financial elite successfully realize their aims - in this case, a flawless ministerial. The principle obstacle between Miami and its destiny: crafty puppeteers and "hordes of aggressive demonstrators" who "dress totally in black and wear ski masks, [and] carry weapons such as crowbars, large clubs or ninja sticks" (Palm Beach Post, Miami Herald). Presumably, Mr. Timoney is up to the task.

Meet Us in Miami
Luis Lauredo, former U.S. ambassador to the Organization of American States and executive director of Miami FTAA, the local group organizing the event, says he understands opponents' concerns. But the people who worry Lauredo aren't interested in formal processes. They'd rather read Bodyhammer, an Internet booklet with instructions on fashioning shields and other protective gear out of everything from garbage-can lids to inner-tube tires.

Chicago consulta to plan for FTAA protests in Miami
On November 20 and 21 the FTAA (Free Trade Area of the Americas) will meet at the Inter-Continental Hotel in Miami to unilaterally finalize their vision of an economic policy that threatens the freedom and well being of every living being in this hemisphere. Although ordinary people will not be allowed into the meetings to offer their input, we will be in the streets to welcome them.

Miami, Florida - South Florida FTAA Update: August 2003
The following is the first of four South Florida Anti-Capitalist FTAA mobilization updates. These updates will try to provide an on-the-ground perspective into how all local efforts against the FTAA are progressing and will also disseminate all confirmed information about security preparations for the November ministerial meetings. Pre-requisite: a map of downtown Miami (mapquest, yahoo, or assorted others will suffice).

Whole World Watching...
Miami's business community has high hopes for achieving hemispheric grandeur and reaping an economic windfall worth billions of dollars if all goes well at a meeting to be held here this November...But there are people already planning to spoil the party.

Smash The FTAA: Consulta Aug 29-31st in Pittsburgh
Since the FTAA won't smash itself it's necessary for anti-capitalist forces to come up with some type of effective plan of action. Please come to Pittsburgh Aug 29th-31st to coordinate and plan for Miami.

Infoshop News Coverage of the Protests

Infoshop News coverage of the FTAA protests

Infoshop News once again is running a special news and photo wire on the days of the protests.

Media interview requests

If you are a member of the media who would like to interview anti-capitalists or anarchists about the FTAA protests, please click here to submit a request for an interview.

Calls to Action

FTAA: Anarchist People of Color Bloc Call to Action
Those of us coming out of the Anarchist People of Color (APOC) Conference in Detroit this October are calling for an APOC Bloc to converge in Miami in resistance to the FTAA this November. We are opposed to all forms of free trade, capitalism, racism, classism, patriarchy, homophobia, hierarchy, and domination. Our ancestors and living relatives emerge from a history written by imperialists and colonialists. It is time for us to reclaim our history and our heritage, and to take a direct stand against the very institutions which allow our brothers and sisters around the world to continue to be oppressed today.

Padded Bloc FAQ
The “padded bloc” is a contingent of people planning on attending the Nov. 20-21st demonstrations against the FTAA in Miami Florida. Participants in the PB intend to utilize padding and other forms of protection to protect ourselves from what we feel is the high likelihood of police violence. This bloc exists to protest the FTAA summit.

Over the weekend of October 11 and 12 a consulta, or conference was called in Chicago by people and activists aiming to shut down the ministerial meetings of the Free Trade Area of the Americas. During the course of the consulta a motion was placed on the floor for discussion about creation of a national call out for a one hour work stoppage and school walkouts to take place on November 20th, the day most rallies and direct actions would be taking place against the F.T.A.A. meetings in Miami.

Root Cause: Global Justice from the Grassroots
Multi-national corporations have used secret negotiations on free trade agreements to impoverish our communities, to weaken the unions that give us a voice on the job, to foster sweatshop conditions here and abroad, and to deny us our democratic rights. It's time we join the struggle to resist corporate power, make our voices heard, and build together a future of true freedom and justice!

Target: InterContinental - Make Them Pay for Hosting FTAA
The FTAA will extend the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) throughout the entire Western Hemisphere. If it is implemented, the FTAA will expand corporate control at the expense of citizens and the environment throughout the Americas. InterContinental is a huge corporation with over 120 hotels across the globe. We will show them that hosting trade talks like FTAA will hurt their image and their bottom line!

Transportation Exchange

We're putting together a list of rides and buses that are being organized around North America for the protests. Please contact us if you are organizing transportation from your city or town.


Leaving Pittsburgh: probably Nov 18th
Returning to: Pittsburgh or Georgia then Pittsburgh- your choice
How many rides available: 300
Cost: ~$50 for Miami, ~$65 for Miami then Georgia

Group: Pittsburgh Stop The FTAA Campaign
1-412-361-3022 (ask for Marie)

The Pittsburgh Stop the FTAA campaign is an official project of the Thomas Merton Center. We're part of a number of groups in Western PA mobilzing for the FTAA meetings in Miami. Our group is doing the logistics for travel to Miami and we plan on having 300 spots available (the estimated number of people who'll be going from here). The estimated cost for the trip is $45 to attend the Thursday-Friday Miami events or $60 for Miami plus Saturday-Sunday in Georgia at the SOA- both will be options. We will update this info as we get a better idea of departure-return times and numbers. Please contact us if you would like to get involved in organizing or you're part of a group near us interested in riding with us.

More info will soon be available on www.thomasmertoncenter.org/ftaa which includes our call to action .

Anti-Capitalist Email List

Why we oppose the FTAA
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Click here for poster files, including Spanish version.

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