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Archives with anarchist, left-libertarian, anti-authoritarian and related materials

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Spunk Library
An archive of anarchist and alternative materials.

Anarchist Archives
Educational site on anarchism and its history.
The Emma Goldman Papers
Feminist Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Utopia
Situationist International Archive
Texts from the S.I. including The Revolution of Everyday Life and Debord's The Society of the Spectacle

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The Digger Archives
GRIST On-Line Home Page
The Marxist Internet Archive

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Alex: A Catalogue of Electronic Texts on the Internet
Banned Books Online
Project Bartleby
Brown Women Writers Project
Electronic Text Center at the University of Virginia
Great Books of Western Civilization
Internet Classics Archive
The Mark Twain Library
Labyrinth Library
Middle English texts including works of Chaucer. [Georgetown University]
Middle English Collection
NameBase Online
Cumulative name index to 500+ books and 20 years of clippings.
On-line Books Page
Online Medieval and Classical Library
Project Bartleby
Project Gutenberg
Project Runeberg
Electronic editions of classic Nordic literature and art.
The Secular Web
UMCP's online collection of Emily Dickinson's poetry
Victorian Women Writers Project
The Collected Works of Shakespeare