2008 DNC / RNC Protests and Events

In August and September 2008, thousands of people will converge in Denver, Colorado and St. Paul, Minnesota to have their say about the American political process.

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The Uptake: Videos of Police Raids
Jail support hotline (24/7) # 651-356-8635 (Coldsnap Legal Collective)
Hennepin County Jail: 612-348-5112
Ramsey County Jail: 651-266-9350
Mayor's staff: 651-266-8510
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3:30pm: Plymouth police refusing to let IWW union workers off train taking them back to Bloomington Station. Diabetic who needs insulin also not allowed. (Twin Cities IMC)
2:30pm: Cops have surrounded train to get at reinstated IWW organizer and escorting friends and fellow union workers. (Twin Cities IMC)
1:30pm - Cops moved in on demonstration of around 30 people in intersection at 6th and Washington. Intersection cleared, no arrests.
Nine arrested from vets march detained
RNC protest groups file court order to stop police seizures
Sixth person arrested in anarchist investigation; advocate says one is being denied meds and vegan food


10:45pm: Permaculture bus impounded? No reported arrests.
RNC Welcoming Committee Organizers Seek Sanctuary From Illegal Arrests
Complete search warrant from Minneapolis raid today
Coldsnap: NLG lawyers ejected from press conference. 2 NLG lawyers kicked out of law enforcement press conference in St. Paul!
3:30pm: One more WC member grabbed on street by police squad.
9:45am: House raid occurring at 3500 Harriet Ave S. Approximately 20 people
9:45am: One person arrested, taken to jail from Food Not Bombs House. One person from Food Not Bombs House Arrested, Charged with Four Counts of Conspiracy
9:45: People from 17th Ave. House Charged with Conspiracy to Riot

Democratic National Convention • Denver, Colorado • August 25-28, 2008

Crash the Conventions
DNC Disruption 08
Recreate 68
Unconventional Action

Republican National Convention • St. Paul, Minnesota • September 1-4, 2008

Protest RNC 2008
RNC Welcoming Committee