DNC / RNC 2008 News Archive


6:28pm: dispersal order given by police by national guard armory on cedar street. 5 minutes - cedar and 12th. looks like people are being forced back towards capitol. (Twin Cities IMC)
6:18pm: action seems to have moved to east side of capitol on cedar street (Twin Cities IMC)
6:12pm: cops continuing to moving forward as protesters mill about near capitol lawn **unconfirmed report of activists snatched off the street at 35th and lyndale, MPLS ** awesome banner drop over 35E, wheee! ** (Twin Cities IMC)
6:04pm: report: march began was approx. 1,500 people. completely swallowed up by cops, down to a few hundred. mounted police are pushing people back physically, moving back towards capitol. people can leave towards rice/university. (Twin Cities IMC)
5:56pm: more snowplows moved in. many reports of cops having given 5-10 minute warning before chemical deployment (Twin Cities IMC)
5:47pm: almost all cops at rice and john ireland have gas masks on, including gas masks. riot cops with deployment canisters ready on top of vehicles. standoff at rice/john ireland intersection. (Twin Cities IMC)
5:35pm: march still blocked on john ireland bridge over I94. stormtrooper presence is intense. cops appear to be only allowing people to go back (Twin Cities IMC)
5:17pm: Cops appear about to gas. many people with limited mobility may not be able to get out. cops have announced 5pm permit ending; but not necessarily about the bridge itself. ** coldsnap says rumors of curfew are false. (Twin Cities IMC)
5:09pm: March has ~600 people heading south on john ireland, blocked on 94 bridge. dispersal order just issued, reportedly. police are using snowplows to barricade. (Twin Cities IMC)
5:00pm: March has approx. 600 people, leaving capitol now. still extremely massive police presence. 5 tactical units deployed - heavy green kevlar with brown flapjackets, longer billyclubs. multiple undercovers sighted. 20 mounted police just swooped in. (Twin Cities IMC)
4:15pm: Tear gas canisters pulled out on capitol lawn. rally surrounded by riot cops including behind the stage; flanked by horses. 50 riot cops surrounding march, 2 people detained. Cops in middle of crowd. (Twin Cities IMC)
1:29pm: Warnings of trouble for afternoon march. Police threaten to clear streets@ 5pm after 4PM Capitol No Peace for Warmakers march, legal obs needed. @ 1PM conv ctr, lawyers taking info. Word from several state employees (teachers mostly) is that all state employees are being asked to evacuated from the downtown area. (Twin Cities IMC)
1:29pm: Downtown is being closed. Downtown state employees are being asked to evacuate, downtown business owners have been asked to close shop for this afternoon. (Twin Cities IMC)
12:19am, Thursday: Trouble spreading in downtown. Numerous reports: Horse/riot/bike cops 7st + 6th Av, 7th St + 2nd Av / 7th + marquette many arrests, MnIndy reporter trapped. Maybe herding to Loring. Report: Booking going to 8th and Marquette. Stay safe everyone! (Twin Cities IMC)


Midnight: Police blockades & pepper spray reported in dntn Mpls. Reports still hazy but pepper spray has likely been deployed; MnIndy reports police blockades on 7th St, part of Hennepin & 4 blocks of 1st. Another report of blockade @ the Light Rail station @ Hennepin & 5th. (Twin Cities IMC)
11:43pm: Streets blocked by riot police @ near Target Center as Rage audience leaves. IMC+Legal Obsrvers needed @ Target Center. 1st Ave N closed by riot cops b/w 6th & 7th St., some allowed to leave (some not?) (Twin Cities IMC)
11:17pm: Rage concert concludes. Rage concert is over, cops closing streets around target center, riot cops staged 2blks away. Xcel Center event winding down as well. (Twin Cities IMC)
On the Streets, 295 Arrests So Far
2:15pm: Police at I-Witness Video office in St. Paul. Police have arrived at our office in St. Paul. They say that they have received reports of hostages barricaded in the building. We are behind a locked door. Lawyers are outside dealing with them. - Eileen
1:50pm: 1595 Selby getting raided. (iwitness and legal) SEND OBSERVERS AND SUPPORT (Twin Cities IMC)
1:50pm: Call the jail and demand transfolk be placed in gendered cells of their choice. (Twin Cities IMC)
1:30pm: Coldsnap begging for volunteers. Office and vigil. rncjailvigil@riseup.net (Twin Cities IMC)
11:50am: Coldsnap reports: ICE agents are entering jail and pulling out arrestees with "foreign-sounding names"! (Twin Cities IMC)
Democracy Now reports this morning that Fox News is embedded with the St. Paul police doing riot duty.


19:53: Police Have Alerted Area Hospitals that they are going to begin gassing the crowd. RATM/Poor Peoples' March- one protester snatched, organizers ask ppl in black to leave march or move to back. (Twin Cities IMC)
19:45: RATM/Poor Peoples' March- one protester snatched, organizers ask ppl in black to leave march or move to back. (Twin Cities IMC)
19:34: Police use pepper spray at Poor People's March. (Twin Cities IMC)
19:33: tincan: 7th & cedar 50-100 riot police in front of the march as it heads up 7th. No reported violence. (Twin Cities IMC)
19:11: Rage Against the Machine march now marching with Poor People's March towards Excel Center, 2-4000 people. UPDATE Tons of riot cops heading east on University. (Twin Cities IMC)
18:35: coldsnap: Mobile Broadcast News Bus surrounded by police. Unconfirmed that police are breaking into the bus. (Twin Cities IMC)
18:05: Heavy police presence @ surprise RATM show. City Pages now reports Rage Against the Machine is playing a surprise show after Anti-Flag at the State Capitol grounds, with Anti-Flag now opening. (Twin Cities IMC)
17:36: Coldsnap: IMC journalist just arrested. Coldsnap reports police just arrested an Indymedia journalist on 5th and Wacouta, continuing the impressive pattern of police repression of the media (can anyone recall anytime in recent U.S. history with so many continuous attacks on journalists?) Related: http://www.FreePress.net has launched a campaign for Amy Goodman. (Twin Cities IMC)
5:15pm: Mears Park major march massing; Tin Can Comms back up! Tin Can Comms is back up @rnc08 only. "March for People's Lives" heading for Xcel Center from Mears Park massing now, heavy police guard, economy still ruined. Report of abt 500 people and equally as many cops (riot / swat / bike). Snipers on top of MnDOT HQ @ Capitol Complex for Ripple Effect concert. Scattered reports of red laser dots around cities, @ parks - watch out! (Twin Cities IMC)
1:15pm: Medics Arrested. Two street medics on bikes where arrested on University Ave. and MLK by the Capitol. Charges unknown at this time. Witnesses report twelve vans, two cars, and one bike cop present. Arrests happened at approximately 1:20p. 1:30pm-Also, at the Capitol Bld. concert on MLK and John Ireland, Sheriffs are currently detaining three protesters, one with a hardhat, one with a megaphone. Witnesses report ten uniformed officers and possibly plain cloths officers at the scene. (Twin Cities IMC)
11:45pm: Infoshop News is reporting that 60 people being held in the Ramsey County Jail are practicing jail solidarity and are on hunger strike. People are being denied medical care and some of them are dealing with the aftereffects of pper spray. Call the jail at 651-266-8989 and ask the police to release all protesters.
10:30am: Unconfirmed report that authorities at the Ramsey County jail--which is holding dozens of protester hostages--won't divulge numbers of arrestees because that information is a "state secret."
1:00 am: Van searched & towed @ Grand & Macalester - no warrant. Cop told owner: "this is what happens when anarchists come to our city"


Media reports that anarchists and others have been smashing cars and store windows. Police using violence and gas against protesters.
Amy Goodman Violently Arrested Today at RNC
9:30pm: Twin Cities IMC is reporting that the Ramsey County Sheriff's Department is claiming 256 total arrests; 119 felonies, 48 gross misdemeanors; 89 misdemeanors. (Twin Cities IMC)
9:07pm: Coldsnap reports that the national guard is marching through downtown. *** smith ave high bridge is likely still blocked off by police, but convergence center will soon be closing for the night. use alternate routes. (Twin Cities IMC)
4:50pm: Comms space raided. 9 arrested and supposedly charged with "conspiracy to riot." (Twin Cities IMC)
4:40pm: Arrests at 7th/Jackson = 30-40. Democracy Now! journalists arrested at temperance. Lots of police brutality. (Twin Cities IMC)
4:35pm: arrests at 9th/temperance include 2 coldsnap folks, and one journalists ** anticapitalist bloc being teargassed on jackson street by the river ** many arrests at 7th/jackson ** metro transit resumes bus service into downtown st. paul. ** police chief harrington and mayor coleman holding 5pm press conference. (Twin Cities IMC)
4:30pm: COMMS SPACE MAY BE RAIDED. anyone have news? other news: riot cops spotted in several SUVs moving down chestnut, may be after anticapitalist bloc. *** massive riot police presence still at sibley and 6th. *** 20-25 arrests at 9th and temperance (one block west of sibley) *** person tased on 7th and Robert *** twitter updates from TCIMC use "tcimc" *** 12th and Wabasha: protester hit by car. comrades refused to let car leave. (Twin Cities IMC)
4pm: Coldsnap: concussion grenades, spray, gas, rubber bullets in more locations than can count right now. black bloc last sighted at 5th and sibley; throwing objects in street. fire trucks being used to block off nearby streets. (Twin Cities IMC)
4pm: Projectiles fired on Kellogg b/t wabasha and cedar; massive numbers pepper sprayed; black bloc dragging barricades into street. also concussion grenades. reports coming in to tcimc of several injuries from rubber bullets on 6th street. MEDICS needed on 6th, and on Kellogg! (Twin Cities IMC)
3:50pm: Cops putting on gas masks at mulberry/kellogg ** pepper spray used at cedar/kellogg (Twin Cities IMC)
3:50pm: 1 from pagan cluster arrested; punched in face; bleeding. ** medics arrested at 6th and wall number 2. (Twin Cities IMC)
3:3pm: 100s of police at Wabasha and 10th with gas masks - funk the war ** 50 riot police in full gear entering 20 unmarked cars along cedar/7th ** 300 people being stampeded by police horses at 2nd and kellogg (?) ** massive police presence at kellogg/wabasha - bridge occupied by riot cops including national guard. ** police platoons will be erected at cedar/kellogg and wabasha/kellogg (Twin Cities IMC)
5 arrested in protests at GOP convention site
Madison, Wisconsin wakes to banners in solidarity with RNC blockades
10am: Joint Press Conference taking place at 400 Western Avenue in St. Paul. Speaking will be the Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign, the RNC Welcoming Committee, Indymedia and others. (Twin Cities IMC)
2am: Police action 1162 Juliet in St. Paul. Police, ATF and FBI agents are at 1162 Juliet Ave., St. Paul in relation to RNC welcoming committee activity. They have not entered the house. (Twin Cities IMC)


7:15pm: NLG files restraining order against police. National Lawyers Guild has filed for an emergency temporary restraining order to stop police from harassing reporters at RNC. (Twin Cities IMC)
7:11pm: Police massing near Convergence Center, closing off alleys. A platoon of cops are staging once again near the re-opened Convergence Center (627 S Smith). The Welcoming Committee and other protest orgs are requesting mass presence and legal observers. Tons of bike cops staging at top of High Bridge. Also large staging area on plato between ohio and wabasha. (Twin Cities IMC)
3:30pm: Plymouth police refusing to let IWW union workers off train taking them back to Bloomington Station. Diabetic who needs insulin also not allowed. (Twin Cities IMC)
2:30pm: Cops have surrounded train to get at reinstated IWW organizer and escorting friends and fellow union workers.(Twin Cities IMC)
1:30pm - Cops moved in on demonstration of around 30 people in intersection at 6th and Washington. Intersection cleared, no arrests.
Nine arrested from vets march detained
RNC protest groups file court order to stop police seizures
Sixth person arrested in anarchist investigation; advocate says one is being denied meds and vegan food


10:45pm: Permaculture bus impounded? No reported arrests.
RNC Welcoming Committee Organizers Seek Sanctuary From Illegal Arrests
Complete search warrant from Minneapolis raid today
Coldsnap: NLG lawyers ejected from press conference. 2 NLG lawyers kicked out of law enforcement press conference in St. Paul!
3:30pm: One more WC member grabbed on street by police squad.
9:45am: House raid occurring at 3500 Harriet Ave S. Approximately 20 people
9:45am: One person arrested, taken to jail from Food Not Bombs House. One person from Food Not Bombs House Arrested, Charged with Four Counts of Conspiracy
9:45: People from 17th Ave. House Charged with Conspiracy to Riot

Friday night

St. Paul: 10:30 pm CDT: Convergence center on Smith Ave. has been raided by the cops. They have a warrant. The cops have handcuffed everybody at the center and are processing people to get their names and identification. No arrests at this time. Twin Cities Indymedia reports: The convergence space is currently being raided. Police burst in and are using force against people. Everyone inside has been handcuffed. Estimates of people inside currently vary between 20-70. One block radius around the convergence space has been blocked off. Lawyers, legal observers and media are on the way. More updates as they come.
St. Paul: 10:30 pm CDT: No arrests during Critical Mass ride, though there were several crashes.


Thursday: The Infoshop News server is back online. We had a problem with virtual hosts, which may have been caused by some hostile mischief.
Final Day of DNC: Small, But Determined, Protesters Continue With Anti-War Message
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Photos from Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) March


10:15 pm MDT: Reports Indicate 50-75 Arrested. Recent reports indicate that between 25-50 people have been arrested at the site of the police pins. Pepper spray and/or teargas were used on demonstrators. Officers on horseback were attacking demonstrators at the site of the police violence. (via Colorado Indymedia)
8:45 pm MDT: Police still surround anti-capitalist bloc at Civic Center.
Anti-capitalist March in Denver Tonight
Police use spray to force back protesters in Civic Center
Anarchists fighting cops in streets of Denver tonight. Several groups surrounded by police forces. Pigs using violence against protesters.
Large crowd shouting "Let Them Go!"
Follow situation live at http://www.denverpost.com/livecam/


Minneapolis: Cops step up harassment of people on streets.
Several arrests reported this afternoon, including people from Lawrence and Kansas City.
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