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Activism is the application of ideas and methods to bring about some kind of social change.


San Francisco: The tactics that worked
Protesters roam in small, swift groups to stall city traffic Joe Garofoli and Jim Herron Zamora, Chronicle Staff Writers Friday, March 21, 2003 San Francisco -- It took three hours for anti-war activists to cripple downtown San Francisco using hit-and-run civil disobedience tactics to an extent never before seen in the Bay Area.

DIY Guides

Fight the Man and Get Away Safely
The intention of this guide is not to show you how to incite or conduct a riot. It does not promote violence or try to make moral judgments on the efficacy of certain tactics over others. Nor does it want to dwell on the various definitions of ‘violence’ and non-violence’ and partake in those arguments which plague and hinder the activist community. It is merely a compilation of suggestions on how to safely survive situations created by police violence and confrontation, once such a situation has occurred. Trainings which consider throwing and running as acts of violence and advise you against those actions have not prepared us for police overreaction of recent protests. This guide tries to fill in, where typical non-violence trainings may leave out, practical advice on how to get out of such situations without going to jail or the hospital, and without compromising your body or your voice.

Anarchism in Action: Methods, Tactics, Skills, and Ideas
A book of practical organizing and activist information for anarchists and other radical anti-authoritarian activists.

Further reading

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  • Video For Change: A Guide For Advocacy And Activism. Gillian Caldwell, Sam Gregory, Thomas Harding, and Ronit Avni. Pluto Press, 2007.