J18 - June 18, 1999 - Global Protest Against Capitalism

June 18, 1999 - Global protest against capitalism

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This page is dedicated to Rob Los Ricos, who spent 7 years in prison years for throwing a rock at a cop during the Eugene, Oregon part of these protests.

On June 18, 1999, hundreds of thousands of activists around the world collectively said no to the madness known as global capitalism. Our actions caught the global masters off guard, so next time they might be better prepared. This page serves to document what happened and to agitate folks to get involved with future events.

Special Feature

REFLECTIONS ON J18 from Reclaim the Streets

What's Next?

What's on tap?

NO2WTO - November 30, 1999
No2WTO - Infoshop.org coverage of Seattle!
DRAFT of proposal for the November 30th global day of action
May Day 2000 - Worldwide General Strike Against Capitalism

Events in D.C.

Break the Chains of IMF Debt - Human chain around the U.S. Treasury Building

Met at 12 Noon on the Ellipse, for a brief rally, then marched to Treasury Dept., where we surrounded the building with a human chain.

Web Links

Bay Area Reclaim the Streets
Glasgow, June 18
june18 [dead link or site, was www.gn.apc.org/june18/"]
June 18th website
New York City RTS [dead link or site, was http://reclaimthestreetsnyc.tao.ca]
Toronto Reclaim the Streets
Urban 75 - Pix of London actions

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News Coverage

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Recent additions

Bubbles Won't Clean The Air - Canada
Korean People's Cry against Global Monsters!
News from Western Australia
Radio Free Cascadia Jammed (Eugene)
Riot organisers prepare to launch cyber war on City
Groups in Britain look at their actions and reflect
London right-wing paper spreads police fairy tales about WTO-Seattle
International Solidarity with Workers in Russia - ISWoR Actions against GAP

Most recent news stories listed first.

Asheville, North Carolina

Asheville, North Carolina R.T.S.

Austin, TX

June 18: The Virtual and the Real Action On the Internet and In Austin, Texas / Zapatista Floodnet and Reclaim the Streets


Protesters dump dead wombats at Australia Exchange
J18 — global protests against capitalism
Protesters hitch a ride on the web
Multimedia coverage of J18 in Australia

Bangladesh Domestic workers in Bangladesh protest

Barcelona, Spain Report from Barcelona

Boston, Massachusetts Carnival Against Capital in Boston

Calgary, Alberta, Canada June 18 Action in Calgary

Czech Republic Report from Czech actions

Eugene, Oregon

Eugene riots: Society should listen to the anger coming from youths
Eugene Riot: City vows vigilance in reacting to protests
Commentary: June 18 protesters did little to cure injustices
Eugene riots: City hears strategy to prevent more riots
Eugene: Man faces charges stemming from riot
Eugene: Activists plan monthly protest
Letter from Eugene anarchist to police
Eugene riot: Karen McCowan: Violence blots message out
Eugene riot: Photographer objects to riot arrest
Eugene city council stands against anarchists
Eugene riot: Police preparedness discussed at forum [MSNBC]
Eugene riot: Journalists complain of arrests [MSNBC]
Fallout from Anarchist riot continues [MSNBC]
Anarchists respond to charges of being hypocritical [MSNBC]
Anarchists also focus on the positive [MSNBC]
Fear, anger linger from riot
Eugene police arrest five more on accusations related to riot
20 arrests, 8 cops injured in Eugene Oregon US J18 riot
Anarchists' rally erupts into riot in Eugene
J18 Eugene: City, anarchists assert ideals
University of Oregon doesn't gavel anarchists out of order
Parade escalates into rampage
City officials: Anarchists promised peaceful protest
Köln, Germany
Bono and Geldof lead human chain in Cologne
G-8 summit brings protesters to Cologne, with chants and laughs [CNN] /dd>
June 18th in Germany: Cops disrupt laughing protest
Geneva, Switzerland
J18 in Geneva, Switzerland
Anti-capitalists rampage: From Sydney to Senegal, 'J18' activists target big money; London's City besieged
Financial centers targeted: Protesters aim at 'multinational multideath corporations' [CBS MarketWatch]
Internet / Cyberspace
Web stats / hacking / ES
Korean People's Cry against Global Monsters!
London, U.K.
Quicktime footage of London actions
Riot organisers prepare to launch cyber war on City
Need to Know on Anarchist Conspiracy at J18
Riot organisers prepare to launch cyber war on City
Anarchists 'hijack' GM protest groups
A.N.Wilson on the Riot
Anarchy in the City
Anti-Capitalism Protest in London [WashingtonPost.com]
Anti-capitalists rampage: From Sydney to Senegal, 'J18' activists target big money; London's City besieged
Capitalism protesters clash with London police [Toronto Star]
Carnival turns into nightmare
City violence premeditated / Six charged after City Violence [BBC]
Clean-up in the City after violence erupts at protest
Damage to LIFFE building seen over 250,000 pounds
Grunge verses greed
Images from June 18 in London
Internet message was invitation to protest
June 18 - Detailed description of j18 in London
Mobs put City under siege
London cleans up after anti-capitalist protest
London counts cost of anti-capitalism riots
London Police Clash With Protesters
London police seek pin-striped anarchists
Lord Mayor makes riot vow
Millionaire in City riot quiz
More photos from London J18 actions
Need to Know on Anarchist Conspiracy at J18
Police Trigger Riot in City
Previous rioters saw an industrial revolution which they did not like.
Quicktime footage of London actions
Strange mix of defiance and pot plant barricades
Thousands form human chain in London to protest Third World debt [CNN]
Thousands to join UK business demos
Violence erupts at debt protest
War of words over City affray
Los Angeles, CA
G-8 protesters arrested in downtown Los Angeles
15 Held in Downtown L.A. Protest [LA Times]
LA June 18th Report
Melbourne, Australia
June 18th in Melbourne, Australia
New York, NY
Surveillance Camera Players at RTS NY
37 arrested "Reclaiming the Streets" of New York City's financial center - Part of international protest of G8 Global Summit - "Don't let the G8 decide our fate"
20 arrested in New York as anti-capitalist event turns rowdy [Nando Times]
Isoko Address on June 18 Nigeria Event /dd>
Exiled Saro-Wiwa's brother Owens returns, vows to continue struggle
Report from Nigeria
Press release and appeal for solidarity funds
San Francisco, CA
San Francisco Reclaims Financial District
San Fran, Art Lounges, cops & High Finance
Washington, DC
"Break the Chains of Debt" in D.C.
"The Globalist Who Shagged Me"

Created: April 30, 1999