Infoshop Outreach and Promotion

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Many people find out about Infoshop through online searches and links, but we also rely on an international network of supporters and volunteers who spread the word about Infoshop. We welcome people to promote Infoshop in whatever create ways they can dream up. Infoshop is a project of the greater community, so people are encouraged to spread the word about the website and our other projects.

Online Promotion

  • Mention Infoshop and Infoshop News on websites such as Indymedia, Slashdot, and Yahoo.
  • Link to Infoshop from your website or blog.
  • Post original Infoshop News stories to e-mail lists, web boards, newsgroups, and Indymedia websites.

Around your neighborhood

  • Leave flyers promoting Infoshop at your local library, community center, or laundromat.

Infoshop Magazines, Merch, and Other Stuff

  • Ask your local bookstore, infoshop or library to carry Practical Anarchy magazine.
  • Distribute Infoshop materials.
  • Wear Infoshop t-shirts.
  • Help us design t-shirts and other merch.

Helping us do promotion

  • Create promotional flyers and materials for Infoshop.
  • Create graphics or promotional rhetoric.


Get your spray paint can ready or Sharpie pen and mark "" in the following locations

  • Billboards and any advertising in public spaces
  • Sidewalks
  • Public transit trains and benches
  • Traffic Boxes
  • Cop cars
  • Bill Gates' mansion
  • The desks at school
  • The bulletin board at your employer's cafeteria
  • Freight cars
  • On pink slips
  • Tattoos
  • Tax forms
  • On any blank wall
  • The windows of any chain store or box store (use glass etching solution)
  • The dirt on the side of the road
  • On top of birthday cakes

Seen promoted in an interesting place like a billboard or a restroom stall? Take a picture and send it to us! We'll feature you pics on this page.



Web Graphics

For your website, sig file, or spamming campaign.

  • promo2.gif - 1207 Bytes
  • promo_mai.gif - 1974 Bytes
  • promo4.gif - 1974 Bytes
  • home_top_white.gif - 1824 Bytes
  • promo7.gif - 1918 Bytes
  • promo8.gif - 1973 Bytes
  • promo3.gif - 1986 Bytes
  • promo6.gif - 1962 Bytes
  • promo9.gif - 1882 Bytes