Anarchy and Science Fiction

Anarchism has a long relationship with science fiction and vice versa. The science fiction genre has long featured anarchist and libertarian themes. There are anarchist and anti-authortiarian writers, producers and artists involved with science fiction

Anarchists and Science Fiction

The Anarchists and Science Fiction page is a  Facebook fan page / community for people to share articles and memes about anarchistic themes in SF and Fantasy books, magazines, movies, TV, and any cultural format not yet invented.

Anarchism and Science Fiction Forum

The Anarchism and Science Fiction Forum is a discussion board. Anarchism has a long relationship with science fiction and vice versa. We're looking for science fiction and speculative writing that covers the great themes explored by writers like Ursula K Le Guin: gender, racial, and sexual justice, ecological sustainability, bioregionalism, left libertarian/anarchist traditions, utopias & dystopias, alternatives to war, cooperative economic arrangements, and indigenous cultures and ways of knowing.

Intense, thoughtful, and earnest discussion of speculative fiction and politics is welcome! We want this group to be a forum for conversations, ideas, and initiatives that promote a future free of domination, exploitation, oppression, war, and empire, to the fullest extent possible; books that can shed light on the possibilities can help us visualize opportunities for change.

We also talk about RPG (role-playing games). So if you'd like to talk about the books of Ursula Le Guin or the Mars Triology by Kim Stanley Robinson, this is the place.

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