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Anarchists by nature are anti-authoritarians. So it's pretty obvious why we don't like police, the military, prisons, etc. We tend to think that the best cop is an unemployed one. If cops were true to their mission, they'd be trying to figure out how to put themselves out of work. Since our capitalist societies, with their increasing disparities in income, are responsible for much of crime, it's pretty obvious from the lack of talk by cops and society about this that they don't take their jobs very seriously. Crime is also caused by other factors: individuals psychologically and physiologically damaged by their upbringing and environment, crusades against drugs and other bugaboos, crimes defined by morals police, and crimes defined by legislators.

The most important reason for the existence of police is the need to protect our capitalist society. Police defend those with money. They are necessary in order to police those who don't like being poor. This page will, in the future, elaborate on this.

Please join us in our quest create a society where police are unnecessary.

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What You Can Do About the Police

  • Start a Cop Watch group in your area
  • Find out the facts about crime (the threat has been overstated)and share them with members of your community
  • If proposals come up locally to fund more police, go to the meetings and speak against the funding.
  • Confront public officials in public and ask them why they lie about crime.
  • Teach your children to question authority.
  • Speak out against DARE anti-drug programs in your local schools. They have been proven not to work and they exist primarily to put a good face on the police.
  • Stand up against the death penalty.