Europol Persecutes Anarchists and Radicals: what to do?

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by Lorenzo Komboa Ervin

Hello everyone, sisters and bothers:

It's over now, and I am not sure that anyone even protested the meeting of secret police thugs. Amazing! This meeting by Europol is an attempt to suppress the anti-globalization movement, in which Anarchists and anti-authoritarian radicals play an important part. Surely, you know similar high-level meetings by the heads of security agencies in North America have also been held. The repression was expected, now the question becomes what do we do about it? Seems the movement had better learn the lessons of history about being isolated, labelled as a criminal and terrorist element, and then crushed. Look at the IWW, Black Panther Party, Left Autonomous movement of Germany and Italy during the 1970's It has happened over and over again, that the governments of the world get together and conspire how to crush the latest insurgent movement. In fact, after the 1960's, the Trilateral Commission held its first meeting(s) to figure out how to deal with the wreckage of Liberal capitalism, and to make sure that nothing like the world youth protests of the 1960's ever took place again. The Black Power revolts in the metropole, the anti-colonial protests, and the Vietnam anti-war movement had shaken them to the core.

Lorenzo Komboa Ervin

The leading countries of Europe, Japan, Canada, and the USA met in 1973 to form the Trilateral Commission, and this was the first major international capitalist criminal cartel, which birthed all the groups we are fighting now: WTO, IMF, and others. It still exists, of course, but has lost most of its power to these other bodies, which actually exercise adminstrative and world capitalist power. We need to understand that all this didn't happen last year, and we just heard about it.

IMHO, to throw off this repression, it is necessary to counter the united capitalist governments' lies and propaganda, to sink roots into the neighborhoods where we live, to educate masses of people who have not been touched by this movement or been excluded (i.e. communities of color, Black working class youth, poor people, and others with existing grievances against capitalism), and to have a defense policy against police brutality and political repression already in place. In my opinion, a paramilitary "Black Bloc" [which just shows up organized at a public event] alone cannot defeat this kind of repression, nor can any pacifist tactics be effective. It requires mass support from the working class and poor folks, and a new direction to not only disrupt these events in the immediate sense, but to build towards a permanent opposition movement of millions to not only defeat repression, but also go forward to destabiize the capitalist system, and build a new society. In other words, we have got to organize locally, while we network globally, not chase around after each meeting of the capitalists, no matter how effective that has been in the short term. Keep doing it, but understand that we have got to get to the people to be our reinforcements. Hell, we need to start building the new society, in the body of the old!

I absolutely reject pacifism, so called-nonviolence *by our side*, which has captured the North American white Left. IMHO, even better organized street fighting continues to be an tactic to disrupt these events, but no longer can white radicals just come into a majority Black city like Washington, D.C. and use it as a backdrop to a political show. They must sink roots into the community, and obtain their support. Like the Left generally, the Anarchists and anti-globalization activists have sought the easy way out of just staging a protest, while the people around them are not sympathetic, organized to support it, or take active part. We need an insurrectionary movement, willing to kick off even deeper conflict with cops and the state, from folks who have even more reasons to fight than middle class white kids, don't cut us out of our place and role in the movement. This is a serious problem with the anti-globalization movement, and concerns race and class issues, which if not corrected will doom it to obsolence, either killed off by the capitalist coaliton of nation-states or just fall into a hole when it has no more forward energy. It is now a dangerous threat to capitalism, but seems not to realize how to go forward or deflect the obvious threat of even more repression than cops assembled at events like the FTAA.

The next meeting of the international capitalist community set for Quebec City, Canada in April at the Free Trade Area of the Americas Summit offers us yet another opportunity for new ground, if indeed the anti-globalization movement is even listening to us. Recently, I was in Montreal, the guest of a group of people of color (Asians, Africans, Afro-Carribbeans, Canadian and American native indigeous and others) who were trying to create an autonomous tendency ("Colours of Resistance")to function within the anti-globalization movement, and getting ready for the protests around the FTAA event. They ran into all kinds of barriers, which I think is typical of dealing with movements of predominately white radicals generally.

One of the first and most severe ideological fights was around this question of "nonviolence". One group of middle class white radicals, who were clearly a pro-government reformist organization, argued for non-violent "resistance" to police repression and brutality, against another coalition tendency within which Colours of Resistance functioned called CLAC, which called for a diversity of tactic, dependent upon the circumstances and demands of the struggle. I heard an argument for "disciplined nonviolence", which it was clear to me that this was the same old dead "we must protect our white asses while the people of color worldwide must suffer and die" argument that the North American white left has put forward for the last 30 years or more. They don't want to risk anything, certainly not arrests or prosecution. It is worst than reformism, it is a sellout.

Even though, I think many of the so-called "Anarchist Black Blocs" [as currently organized] are too macho, vanguardist, and disconnected from the community, I feel that they *must exist*, or there would be a total sellout to pacifism. We must use a variety of tactics: Sabotage, street fighting, and demonstrations are legitimately part of any social revolution, and regardless of what the white middle class believes, the people in power, who we all agree are mass murderers, thieves, and criminals are not going to give up power without a bloody fight. As the Zapitistas have told us all: This anti-capitalist resistance did not start in Seattle on November 30th in the West, and will not end here in the USA. This is truly a worldwide campaign, but we must make room for all the others of our class, especially those poor folks and people of color who, after all, are the majority of humanity. We need unity and authony here, class unity of all the poor and oppressed, but autonmy for peoples of color as well. Don't fight in our name, fight along with us, we don't need any condescending saviors! "Only thorugh our diversity will we bring forth actual revolutionary change" (quote by political prisoner Ali Khallid Abdullah).

The fact is that in the 3rd world, and in the ghettoes of the United States, Canada, and Europe, Black people and other peoples of color are already being killed, starved to death, forced into hunger and poverty, dying of preventable diseases, and all of that. There is already a desperate struggle to survive in the face of the greatest repression and structures of racism, and they will not be stopped from fighting for their freedom by the entreaties of middle class white radicals/liberals, who really want to see the system continue, but with just a few reforms to the World Trade Organization, International Monetary Fund, including using any means of struggle at their command, including armed self-defense/offense against cop or fascist attack by corrupt, oppressive regimes propped up by international capitalism. Ultimately, the isssue here is that all of the forces in the so-called "anti-capitalist' movement clearly are not all anti-capitalists, certainly not revolutionary Socialist or Anarchists. There are all kinds of middle class forces in that movement: labor bureaucrats, enviromental reformists, and countless NGO's. I am not sure that they will really straight up fight capitalism, or if they can even break away from the international system that feeds them. I Doubt that.

It is also clear that the government of Canada is going to make sure that I am not able to come to Quebec City for the protests there. I have been banned from entering the country by Canadian immigration authorities, or I would be thrown into jail *indefinitely*, without even a hearing. So I will not be there with you, even though I had planned to be there. It is clear that I am becoming more and more a target of not just the US government, but that of governments all over the world to silence me. I ain't no celebrity, leader of a mass movement, or media-created hero, and am just one man, but they are starting to see me as a threat nevertheless.Banned from Canada today, Australia yesterday, and who knows where else tomorrow? Clearly, we have got to bring down the whole system of capitalism, and there is no such thing as reforming this system. Give them hell!

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