Additional Readings on States, War and Opposition

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Some Notes and Information on Anarchist Opposition to War

Translations and Summaries by Charlatan Stew

IX. Additional Readings on States, War and Opposition

THE ABANDONMENT OF THE JEWS by David S. Wyman (New York, 1988)

"After Fifty Years: The Spanish Civil War" by Murray Bookchin (NEW POLITICS, Summer, 1986) THE AGE OF TRIAGE: Fear and hope in an overcrowded world by Richard L. Rubenstein (Boston, 1983)

"American Business and Germany, 1930-1941" by Gabriel Kolko (WESTERN POLITICAL QUARTERLY, December, 1962, pp 713-28)


THE ANARCHIST COLLECTIVES: Workers' self-management in the Spanish Revolution 1936-1939 ed. Sam Dolgoff (New York, 1974)

"Anarchists in the Second World War" (BLACK FLAG No. 199, July, 1990)

ANTI-PARLIAMENTARY COMMUNISM: The movement for workers' councils in Britain, 1917-1945 by Mark Shipway (New York, 1988)

"Anton Pannekoek and the Quest for Emancipatory Socialism" by John Gerber (NEW POLITICS No. 5, Summer, 1988, p 698-9)

CLASS WAR ON THE HOME FRONT: Revolutionary opposition to the Second World War by Wildcat Group (Manchester, UK, 1986)


CRUSADE IN SPAIN by Jason Gurney (London, 1974)

THE DECLINE OF SOCIALISM IN AMERICA 1912-1925 by James Weinstein (New Brunswick NJ, 1984)

DURRUTI: The people armed by Abel Paz (Montreal, 1976)

FASCISM/ANTI-FASCISM by Jean Barrot (Edomonton, Alberta, 1982)

THE GRAND CAMOUFLAGE: The Communist conspiracy in the Spanish Civil War by Burnett Bolloten (New York, 1961)

ITALY AFTER MUSSOLINI by John Hewetson (Boston, n.d.)

"The Jealous State" by Richard Swift (NEW INTERNATIONALIST, Sept., 1991)

THE LEFT AND WORLD WAR II: Selections from the anarchist journal WAR COMMENTARY 19391943 by Freedom Press (London, 1989)

LESSONS OF THE SPANISH REVOLUTION by Vernon Richards (London, 1972)

MEMOIRS OF A REVOLUTIONIST: Essays in political criticism by Dwight Macdonald (NY, 1957)

NEITHER EAST NOR WEST by Marie- Louise Berneri (London, 1952 and later)

"Objectivity and Liberal Scholarship" by Noam Chomsky in THE CHOMSKY READER (NY, 1987)
Summarizes achievements of Spanish Revolution and distortions of its history.

"The Other Popular Front: French Anarchism and the Front Revolutionnaire" by David Berry in THE FRENCH AND SPANISH POPULAR FRONTS ed. Martin S. Alexander (NY, 19?

REBEL VOICES: AN I.W.W. ANTHOLOGY ed. Joyce L. Kornbluh (Ann Arbor, 1964)

REBELS AGAINST WAR: The American peace movement 1941-1960 by Lawrence S. Wittner (NY 1969)

"Resistance and Victimization: Dwight Macdonald in the 1940s" by Robert Cummings (NEW POLITICS, Summer, 1986)

RETORT: Special anthology issue, 1942-1951 ed. The Match! Reprint Series (Tucson, n.d.)

THE REVOLUTION AND THE CIVIL WAR IN SPAIN by Pierre Brue and Emile Temime (Cambridge MA 1970)

SPAIN 1936-1939: Social revolution and counter-revolution: Selections from the anarchist fortnightly SPAIN AND THE WORLD ed. Freedom Press (London, 1990)

THE UNWANTED: European refugees in the twentieth century by Michael R. Marrus (NY, 1985)

"The U.S. Response to Humanitarian Crises" by Stephen R. Shalom (Z MAGAZINE, Sept. 1991)

VISION ON FIRE: Emma Goldman on the Spanish Revolution ed. David Porter (New Paltz NY 1983)

WILDCAT "INSIDE STORY" in WILDCAT no. I (London, 1974)

WORLD WAR--COLD WAR: Selections from the anarchist journals WAR COMMENTARY and FREEDOM 1939-1950 ed. Freedom Press (London, 1989)

YOU, YOU, AND YOU: The people out of step with World War Two by Pete Grafton (London, 1981)

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