Some Notes and Information on Anarchist Opposition to War

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Translations and Summaries by Charlatan Stew

1. Coming to Grips with The War*
by Federation anarchiste romande (1939)

2. Anarchist Activity in France during World War Two*
Summary by Charlatan Stew (1994)

3. To All Intellectual and Manual Workers*
by International Revolutionary Syndicalist Federation (1943)

4. Death to The Brutes*
by International Revolutionary Syndicalist Federation (1943)

5. Some Further Notes on Left-libertarian Opposition to War
by Charlatan Stew (1994)

6. Capitalist Democracy--Why It Must Fail
by Tor Cedervall (1937)

7. Anarchist Opposition to Japanese Militarism, 1926-37
by John Crump (1991)

8. Manifesto of the International Anarchist Conference... 1948

9. Additional Readings on States, War and Opposition
by Charlatan Stew (1994)

* Copies of the French originals were obtained from C.I.R.A. Library, Centre Internationale de Recherches sur l'Anarchisme, avenue de Beaumont 24, CH-1012 Lausanne, Switzerland. The Library circulates, for a modest membership fee, materials on all aspects of anarchism in all languages.

CHARLATAN STEW, Seattle, U.S.A., 1995

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