Infoshop Survey 2002 Results - Other politics?

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At the end of December 2002 and throughout the month of January 2003, ran a comprehensive online poll of our visitors and what we hoped would be a cross section of the anarchist movement in the United States. Few polls have been done with anarchists as the subjects, so there is little empirical data on who anarchists are, how they live their lives, and what they think about stuff.

Below you will find the PRELIMINARY RESULTS from the first half of the survey (people are invited to take the survey, but results won't be included in this set of data). The data below covers ALL INFOSHOP VISITORS, so no assumptions should be made that this data represents just anarchists. A future update to the results will break out the data just on anarchists who answered this survey.

The data below was taken from 922 surveys.

Other politics?

In addition to the question about political identification with a pre-set listing of choices, the survey also provided another question where people could explain why they chose "other" as an option, or gave them a chance to elaborate on their politics beyond the option they picked.

"Anarcho-Communist, platformist"
"Insurrectionary, anti-work, class war anarchist"
"Anarcho-Communist/Libertarian Communist/Libertarian Socialist! Can't believe these aren't options!" (these options were added to the survey after this comment was made)
"several of these "labels" may describe me..."
"I am more of a militant minded anarchist"
"anarchist, socialist, gay and lesbian rights activist, revolutionary, many other mixed beliefs"
"Anarcho Individualist - TrollE-ist."
"Can I just say I haven't quite figured that out yet?"
"anarcho-communist, pro-organizational, though tend towards calling myself just an anarchist"
"Combination of Anarcho-communist, anarcha-femminist, leftist, and anarcho-queer"
"I think you could have a survey by itself for a person's ideals. Gives a dynamic understanding."
"revolutionary-syndicalist , libertarian-communist , anarchist .. all the same"
"Zero Work Guerilla"
"insurrectionary anti-authoritarian sympathetic to anti-civilization/primitivism"
""Humanist" ??? Everything is too loaded."
"and anarcho-syndicalist, socialist libertarian"
"You need Mystical Anarchist"
"Libertarian Socialist ( - an Anarchist by any other name ...)"
"But also an activist."
"Insurrectionary Anarcho-Communist"
"Progressive and Radical- general enough to fit in with anyone"
"I'm an anarcho-punk and an animal liberationist."
"Libertarian communist with anarchist. and council communist tendencies"
"Primarily Libertarian Communist with Situationist emphasis"
"anarcho-primative/ i rest on alot of transedental spiritual stances"
"It all depends on the context: anarchist, environmentalist, radical, Marxist, postmodernist, etc."
"i agree with more anarchist ideas than i disagree with. but labels are restrictive"
"Southern Agrarian---combination of decentralization, wide property ownership, anti-industrialism "
"green-anarchist-feminist (anti-patriarchal/anti-civ)"
"Anarchist. It's impossible to be more specific with Anarcho-Whatever. And, I'm willing to vote Green"
"Strongly anarchist in thought, but supportive of any radical alternative to our current predicament."
"i'm sort of an anarcho-punk but i hate labels and don't have any set boundaries"
"anarcho-anti dogmatic"
"Anarcho-Pagan, because my politics and my spirituality are extremely intertwined."
"Eco-Non Modernist with Anarchist Beliefs"
"hopeful/spiritual/implicitly critical/explicitly skeptical/existentialist/humanist/agnostic/atheist"
"not sure yet. no political parties are perfect. not even close."
"I believe in parts of political ideas...I believe part of anarchy, part communist, part socialist..."
"anti-authoritarian, communalist, socialist, w/situationist tendencies"
"i like anarchist best but because it traditionally prioritized the class struggle, i'm not"
"Ecologist and Anarchist but not into the right wing stuff that comes out of"
"labels aren't punk/anarchist"
"postanarchist (combining the best of poststructuralism with the best parts of anarchist tendencies)"
"synthesy of neobordigism, council communism, anarchist-communism (platformism) and situacionism"
"anti-capitalist-revolutionary leftist"
"I would consider myself a green anarchist, but the options listed didn't seem to fit. Somewhat Prim"
"green anarchist / eco-feminist"
"I am as any sane human being, distressed and semi-confused at the degeneration of our being"
"autonomist Marxist"
"When pressed, I guess 'anarchist', 'biocentrist', 'libertarian' or 'Luddite'"
"Ha, if I *have* to pick: Green Anarchist-Communist with strong Situationist & Dada Infls."
"socialist libertarian"
"other: I'm a social-anarchist who also supports earth and animal liberation. I'm just a mutt really."
"anarcho-communist and animal liberationist"
"also involved in animal rights"
"My ideals are a mix of anarchism, socialism, marxism and situationalist ideals."
"pinko commie liberal"
"I would position myself on the left, class struggle spectrum"
"libertarian socialist?"
"probably anarchist but i am not active enough to feel justified in actually saying i am one"
"Libertinism (yeah, like french 18th movement)"
"im' a mix of several of the above political identities.sometimes it just depends on what mood I'm in"
"I study anarchism, vote for Greens/Dems"
"I support direct democracy, but participate in nonideological anarchist activity"
"ideology's not good. If forced, wills ay "someone who cares about making positive social change.""
"goal orientated but with planet earth in mind, creater of art/music"
"ideological anarchist. I find definitions restricting. You may classify me, practical anarchist?"
"M, W, F = Green Socialist Tu, Th, Sa = anarcho-syndicalist Su = Goddess Theaocratic"
"someone trying to figure out the world through the meanings attached to society and space."
"I consider myself an anarchist, but am not actively affiliated with an "anarchist movement""
"I'm an anarchist when off-duty but I am happy working in an org. with a uniform and rank structure"
"Flower Power, peace and love, too"
"direct action movement"
"liberal-social democrat-punk-pacifist-environmentalist"
"Revolutionary Socialist"
"I consider myself a part of the anarchist community, by don't always choose the label."
"I consider myself an anarchist and am part of a broad movement for liberation that includes many"
"anarchist, situationist, fuck all the bullshit."
"anti-authoritarian socialist; anarcho-syndicalist; anarch-communist"
"i am an anarchist animal liberationist whose collective is for radical feminists and queers. "
"I was a socialist, but now I'm studying the possibility of anarchy"
"non branding anarchist currently drawing inspiration from autonist-marxist/council communism"
"still trying to figure it all out, but leaning toward social anarchist"
"too many to choose from, havent even learnt what half of em stand for"
"green anarchist wasn't on the list"
"radical antiauthoritarian from an anarchist background"
"an anarchist-type who doesn't id with the anarchist movement in the US"
"anti-authoritarian revolutionary nationalist"
"transhumanist anarchist"
"Revolutionary Anarchist"
"I believe in anarchy but I hate ism's. I guess philosophical anarchist comes close"
"Zen-Stalinist Crypto-Communist Makhnovite!"
"I could say pacifist, green, christian-anarchist, communitarian, feminist..."
"North American, Post-War Social Surrealist"
"compassionate realist (?) (also my "religion")"
"anarchist with small "a"- a description not an identity"
"i'd be a zapatista in latin america, a syndicalist in europe, but here i am only an agitator, yet."
"i don't choose a platform."
"It's hard to narrow it down to just one...I guess I can be called an "Anarchist spiritual tribalist""
"more than one of the above would apply"
"radical sex-worker?"
"but also individualist, non-ideological, ecologist, liberterian..."
"Green sociolist who occasionaly votes democrat"
"i was anarchist but got sick of the movement"
"I consider myself an anarchist and am part of one of several distinct anarchist movements"
""I fall into the "anti-state communist" millieu, but don't call myself one of them.
"you should let us choose multiple options"
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