Infoshop Survey 2002 Results - Any other comments that you'd like to add?

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At the end of December 2002 and throughout the month of January 2003, ran a comprehensive online poll of our visitors and what we hoped would be a cross section of the anarchist movement in the United States. Few polls have been done with anarchists as the subjects, so there is little empirical data on who anarchists are, how they live their lives, and what they think about stuff.

Below you will find the FINAL RESULTS from the survey.

The data below was taken from 922 surveys.

Any other comments that you'd like to add?

Oklahoma: "Currently I am not active. Part of it is the lack of anything going on, and the other reason is how much time I am dedicating to school. As a high school student, I think more attention needs to be dedicated towards high school/school district organization, and their effect on learning and reasoning. Infoshop continues to be a great resource, and it does a great job of being a portal to everything anarchist on the internet. Way to go!"

South Dakota: "You guys are doing good, but you need to reorganize the homepage. You have way too many links and its overwhelming. It would be neat to have a page devoted to radical poetry, like the Coloradicals' Written Art Page or something. Chuck0, the only time i got pissed at ya (besides when you were arguing dancing vs. fighting in the streets with joram on anarchy_africa) was when i suggested a feature on anarchist poetry for APR and you kinda shot it down. Just try it out for once."

Rochester, NY: "chuck0 rox my sox"

Finland: "Nice one, but there are questions that are very hard to answer, such as the ones asking for hours(!) or percents(!) of your time used in anarchist issues. These are not issues that are outside of daily life and you cannot disconnect them from it. Also, the class background analysis doesn't give enough options ? what about just plain "working class"?? Anyway, polls and surveys are always fun, and this may also help a bit."

Boston: "Yeah, you need to totally re?do the most important theoreticians section. Also, I just wanted to say that work with tenants unions, workplace struggles, anti?poverty work, etc is all a form of building counter?institutions, so you shouldn't separate them."

Philadelphia: "Yeah, the post-leftist dribble is sad and so irrelevant."

Wisconsin: "just keep it up...this is an invaluable resource. "

Philadelphia: "I also really like the NEFAC website, it has a lot of interesting articles and explains the federation much better than some of its members do on Infoshop."

Young anarchist: "yea i just think that Infoshop should work towards uniting the anarchist community like some huge protest where it's clear that some shits going down like Seattle but times 100"

Southern Ohio: "I am an active anarchist. I am active in the war against the war on drugs, the war against the war on terrorism and iraq. Treespiking is fun. Burning things is fun. Watching thing explode is also fun. haha."

Ontario: "Its important to remember that some anarchists prefer to do what they need to do with love and peace. I sometimes find this site forgets this. Please offer more info on alternatives, other wise all you get is Black Bloc and destructive means. Encourage building good things like food not bombs, or more community organizing."


Ottawa, Ontario: "As to my other favourite thinkers, I also like Nick Dyer-Witheford, Joe Feagin (for his analysis of racism, NOT his proposed solutions), Douglas Kellner, Loren Goldner, Manning Marable, Takis Fotopoulos, George Katsiafiascas"

Québec: "keep up the good work!"

Palo Alto, CA: "Keep it up!"

Mexico City: "I think this is very good website."

Nebraska: "I'm curious what you meant by a 'physical counterpart' to, but I suspect you mean the new Brian Mackenzue center, in which case i think it's a good idea, and would support it. I think a priority of the whole anarchist movement in the US should be to help build a bigger anarchist presence in Washington, DC not only for publicity purposes, but for protest organizing and support. Hope to see you at NCOR Chuck!"

Peterborough, Ontario: "Learning about what anarchists are doing in communities elsewhere is really interesting as it can generate new ideas and spread information. I wish that the Crimethinc pamphlet "Fighting for our lives" was available for us Canadians. I think the anarchist movement in general needs more networking between groups and individuals. The radical/anarchist movement in Ontario has grown tremendously over the past two years, primarily do to community organizing, especially around economic justice issues. OCAP is virtually a household name and a lot of attention is given to bringing the struggle home, so that most major towns and every city provincially has a radical community group with strong anarchist leanings. Most of us take it for granted that what we do is not about mere protest or theory but creating real practical change, whether through opening up a squat or fighting in our workplaces. It frustrates me when I read so often in the responses to reports of anarchists organizing, accusations that they are budding authoritarians, especially in regards to NEFAC. I've seen no evidence pointing to this being the case. I'm a member of the IWW because I believe it has the potential to create change on a vast scale and the work it does is meaningful for any wage slave. It mystifies me when some people become overly theoretical and sectarian when their ideas don\'t mean anything in the vaccuum which is pointless intellectualizing. Anarchist principles aren't that complicated and when one looks at them honestly, they really make quite a lot of sense. I am very happy and inspired when I see that the anarchist movement is growing worldwide and becoming genuinely meaningful for large numbers of people, such as in Argentina and much of South America. We got to keep building this around the world if we truly are working towards a revolution."

Athens, Ohio: "keep up the good work... infoshop existing helps many in their local organizing, finding out what's going on regionally and nationally, and is a good way to just send someone to the website and have them explore!"

Indianapolis: "I think it's sad that more people in this country speak Klingon than Esperanto (and that I speak neither), but you ought to include the latter in the future for the language menu."

Los Angeles: "I think all in all you guys are doing a real kick?ass job. I think a part where we can put up local stuff (a la *anarchohoods*) and update ourselves would be really cool."

Edmonton, Alberta: "I haven't read a lot, and I haven't done a lot yet. But I have passion for justice, and compassion for the unjustified. I devote the rest of my life to turning this disgusting modified general plan of ours for the world. Technology is good, but we've abused it. Adults must obey children. And priorities have to make SENSE. People disgust me. In the malls, on the street. Segregated in their little fucking world. We pour concrete over the soft lifegiving body of Earth. We make alien chemicals and disperse them. And we force alien thinking. We are a part of this Earth, and we constantly resist, rape, and abuse something that has nothing but good intentions for us. God have mercy if we were punished for the disgusting crimes we commit. And we know we commit them. We manufacture hate, and yet the universe depends on our consideration. We were given the potential to be more, and we betray it every chance we get. We wait for approval to become loving, as if we need to deny it could be in our shear will. We cover it with our laughs and polite speach, but we are all hateful disgusting creatures that need to change. To me, the young girl full of appreciation for living things is the angel that will make us more. But the pigs that we've become may swallow them whole. And now that we've fucked with genes, nature won't stand a chance until we wake up our infinitessimal concsious brains. "

Zaragoza, Spain: To the question of physical counter part of infoshop, i answered "i don't support the idea" because, living ins spain, i had to help local projects but i think is a good idea. Maybe you should add an "not intested" answer.

Phoenix: I've enjoyed partaking in both reading, posting and discussing on the infoshop news source. Infoshop is a great, CONSISTENT anarchist project, which I hope continues.

Levis, Quebec: Continue to be online even if at least it is a bit paradoxal... anyway, I really appreciate your work as an anarchist community and you'll always be for me the best informations source for my education and keep on rockin' !

Bronx, New York: While open to various viewpoints, the politics are still overly homogeneous within anarchism.

New Orleans: Keep it going Chuck0!!!

DeKalb, Illinois: infoshop good.

Culpeper, Virginia: Just don't mug yourself, that's all, don't mug yourself.

Chicago: I am always happy to go on this site after a long day of being disgusted with the left. For me, knowing that I have friends in the global anarchist movement is enough to put a smile on my face.

Buffalo, New York: "Thanks."

Troy, Michigan: "This is the probably the second best website ( to Infoshop. it shows who we are is always active and is not afraid to call for freedom and revoulution."

Tempe, Arizona: "infoshop is the shit. keep up the good work. necrotic state aka ashen ruins aka cashen ruins is also the shit!!! ATCM rules!!!! rock 'n roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Waterford, California: "Actually raisethefist...look into raisethefist...the FBI repression against them is astounding...rtf is probably my second pick next to indymedia..."

Willimantic, Connecticut: "I hope this poll will be useful to you all. Thanks for asking."

Rural anarchist: "Our homes are your homes. Come visit us in South Dakota sometime and we'll show you how we party. We don't mean cow-tipping. Keep up the good work."

Springfield, Virginia: "Wish some day i might be able to contribute to the community"

Connecticut: "the survey is a good idea"

Alabama: "I do appreciate all the hard work that went into this website."

London, UK: "I always try to keep abreast of the corporate media too - though usually only checking "left"-wing sites, just to know what the opposition are thinking!"

Akron, Ohio: "Keep up the great work!"

Olympia, Washington: "Thanks for all your hard work. Been very helpful and uplifting for me. hope you know that you are appreciated."

Hamburg, Germany: "This review is very much centered around a full-time or almost-full-time activist, which I had trouble to identify myself with (as much as I regret this). It's also very America-centric. Else, I like *very* much. Thanks for all the great work you put up here!"

Cleveland: "Keep it up!"

Rhode Island: "More local...more street teams...spread the word...word of mouth..."

Montreal: "You cant smash the state if you don't know your neighbors. For fuck sake people don't be afraid to organize with your friends and comrades, people are DYING to see us make it!"

Philadelphia: "More Spanish and unite anarchist of color!"

Iceland: "Thank you."

Hawaii: "Don't have much access to many of the magazines listed."

Central California: "Um, if I sound dumb, like I don't know much, it's probably because I'm new in the scene and I know much. But I'm learning and I'm very interested."

Rural central Wisconsin: "Love the news section."

Indianapolis: "Keep up the good work."

Arizona: "Like I said you rock this survey is a little silly I hope that you're not a cop but anyway you don't know who I am so I hope it helps."

Philippines: "Keep up the good work!"

Detroit: "Active Transformation has been dead for over a year now. Sad but true."

New Brunswick, New Jersey: "I get food from several sources. Most, 70 percent is from a grocery store, 20 percent from a Food-Coop, and about 10 percent from Food Not Bombs (Meal + extra bread). I think this is a great web site for information, I would love to see a infoshop center in real life, however since I'm 4 hours from Dee Cee, I would rarely use it."

Ireland: "Think some of the choices (theorists etc weren't great. Couldn't donate to infoshop project on other side of world, we need that cash over here!!"

Houston: "Keep up the good work."

Indiana: "This is a great site. I wish I had more time to visit these days, but I've got a lot going on. Maybe a section how small towners like myself can help to build a strong anarchist community from basically one person. I constantly tell people about anarchism, and a lot of people are interested in the concept, but no one cares to get involved. It's a little disappointing, and it definitely makes me feel isolated and powerless. Any tips for myself and others in the situation would probably be greatly appreciated."

Redondo Beach, California: "Love - great work Chuck0! I get tons of news and information here."

Sudbury, Ontario: "Keep up the good work."

Victoria, British Columbia: "You have the best news wire. I've been visiting it since 1999. Thank you! This is always the resource I give to people who ask for more information about anarchism."

San Francisco: "Thanks!"

St Paul, Minnesota: "I want to be more involved, but I realize this means starting something in my community, but I am intimidated by the neighbors and thoughts of actually trying to get something going. And I mean really local - face to face stuff - the local neighborhood paper sucks, and I would like to organize a better one, but I haven't had the energy to start."

Columbus, Ohio: "I'm hoping on developing what I can in Columbus, but I'm just now starting to network with the local scene, and perhaps in the future I'll be more active than ever. Also, I think that it would be great if there were more about street medics and perhaps a link to street medic sites (there may be some, but I couldn't say) considering that I am a street medic and we could always use more people trained as medics."

Windsor, Ontario: "Glad to answer this survey but some of the questions did not give me the answers I would have opted for. For example, I *do* support the idea of a physical Infoshop, but I'd rather support one locally. You have my blessings and best wishes in your own endeavor, but unfortunately you will not have any of my money (at this time anyway). Were I to live in that area, I would most definitely donate money and time and anything else I could. But I think local things should take priority."

Ft. Bragg, North Carolina: "I like the fact that Chuck0 brought up the military section and actually followed through. Was a bit of a surprise. I know it's hard to find material for it, but I think it'll grow just fine, given time."

Colorado: "More hactivism also."

St. Louis: "I suppose, this is what a survey by the dreaded lifestylist looks like. I'm not sorry, this is where my anarchist ideas and personality have led me. I'm not against activism particularly, but I don't always see the point, which is ok I guess, there are things I do that I think are very important that other anarchists probably don't understand either. In the words of the great anarchist poet, Amy S.: C'est la vie, C'est la guerre, C'est lo pomme de terre. Which sums it up nicely I think."

Montréal, Québec: "For the unification of the anarcho-communist tendency and plurality of revolutionary movements! Cheers!"

Ocala, Florida: "Good luck!"

Virginia: "If Infoshop set up a physical counterpart which served as a resource center, communications hub, organizing center and library, our HotGoddess Center would happily hold a FUNdRaizer to support this project!!!"

Toronto: "Good website, keep it up."

Detroit: "Thank you all for putting these pages together!"

Conroe, Texas: "Thanks for all the badass resources."

New Orleans: "Keep it going Chuck0!!!"

DeKalb, Illinois: "Infoshop good."

Beavercreek, Ohio: "Chuck0, you do an amazing job, thanks for all your contributions to the anarchist movement."

Lexington, Kentucky: "The survey is a good idea."

Malden, Massachusetts: "Amount of time spent on activist/local organizing is confusing. Is this percent of total hours, waking hours, political hours? Other useful demographic info would be income level, occupation (underground economy/unemployed/blue color worker/white color worker/technician/professional/ manager/boss) or class (lumpen/working/managerial/small business owner/boss) and education. Thanks for all the good work."

Gainesville, Florida: "Race: Off-white (Jewish) Parent: Kind-of (have helped raise a child for half her life (she's almost 5) Keep up the great work!"

Montreal: "Next time you get depressed, remember how many people are gaining hope and inspiration from this website."

Perth, Western Australia: "Great job with infoshop, Chuck0! Keep up the great work! If you need a hand with any of the work on the site (programming etc) drop me a line at I write a lotta Unix stuff in Perl, C, XHTML with Javascript & CSS, Scheme, Common Lisp etc."

United States: "Whatever you all do, don't get into taking yourselves too seriously. I also am very leery of selling things... maybe just books and zines and see how that goes. There are enough infoshops... you don't need to open one."

Juneau, Alaska: "Broaden your questions answer space next time."

Vancouver: "I appreciate the existence of this website and the variety of the material it makes available. I recently started library school, and take an interest in info/education - I believe it is important to effecting real change. is a valuable resource. I indicated above I would donate $10/year if infoshop expanded into a physical center. In time I would be interested in contributing more (i.e.: when I'm actually generating an income). It's a wonderful idea. I'd like to see something similar in Vancouver."

Madison: "Keep up the good work. This site is one of my favorites and there's always something off interest."

Hartford, Connecticut: "I really, really like"

Gainesville: "Okay, here's a cryptic one: it's important to remember that if one follows the rabbit hole of innovation down the whole way and never rest on anything permanent self destruction is sure to follow. My personal opinion is that the positive should get more preference than the critique, if only because creating a rock for community will prevent the whole scene from destroying itself. I guess this is contra--"And remember, the passion for destruction is also a creative passion"---which a certain movie showcased."

Turku, Finland: "Feels like my activism is limited to watching other people do..."

Columbus, Ohio: "Keep it up. I find myself at a crossroads and your site keeps me grounded. Thanks."

New York City: "Keep up the excellent work at infoshop. It is a standing proof of how the individual (that's you Chuck) and the group (everyone contributing) are not at odds with each other, but help develop each other's potentials."

Boston: "Nope. Thanks for the survey. Zip me an email if you need any help."

Phoenix: "If you had one word to say to the whole world, what would it be?"

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: "Infoshop is an alternative news."

Adelaide, Australia: "I think this is an excellent resource."

Charleston, South Carolina: "I likey cheesey things."

Coventry, UK: "This is a good site, and it's a great source of inspiration to me. It taught me about what anarchism is and isn't, and answered most of my questions. If it wasn't for this site, I'm not sure I'd be an anarchist, not yet, at least. Thanks."

Saginaw, Oregon: "Support some political prisoners! Get off yer asses ye lazy bums!"

Lansford, PA: "The reason that it sounds like I am not that active is because I am not. I could try to build a community or a collective, but most of the people that claim to be anarchists are people that buy circle a shirts from hot topic and have a difficult time trying to walk across the street to throw away some trash. I am moving to San Francisco in May and I am ecstatically awaiting to help out with Food Not Bombs, AK Press, anti-war movement, etc. I would set infoshop up as my "homepage" but this is not my computer. This is by far the greatest place on the World Wide Web. If there is anyway that I am able to help out, do not hesitate to ask. I am poor, so the most I could render are my personal services, I am sorry."

Canberra, Australia: "I whined a bit about Infoshop being messy, but it's OK really, it's big, keep it going!"

Finland: "Sorry I didn't answer all the questions. Couldn't come with an answer... Keep up the good work."

Burlington, Ontario: "Regarding setting up a physical infoshop location ... I really do like this idea, but I think we need to co-ordinate efforts across an area. Let's make a name for this infoshop, make a stupid brand logo that everyday people will remember and notice. Almost like a chain of shops ... but we're not really selling anything. I'll think about it some more and bring it up again on the forums."

Minot, North Dakota: "Of course, there's always room for improvement, but you at infoshop are doing a really kickass job - Your FAQ is what initially made me become an anarchist and your site and links are part of what have helped my anarchist philosophy and activism mature and grow - So good job, and keep up the good work!"

Durango, Colorado: "I think this site is great and I'm glad you're doing this survey. I seriously think this resource is one of the best out there for the anarchist and radical movement so ignore all the shit talking and keep up the good work."

Wellington City, Aotearoa/New Zealand: "I think this is a great idea, I'm writing my PhD thesis on the significance of Ivan Illich today, and I might submit a short article on Illich in the new year - is this OK?"

Longwood, Florida: "I ask that you would please help me with getting involved in the anarchist movement by contacting such anti-authoritarian organisations as the Anarchist Federation, the ABC, the Anti-Racist Action (ARA), etc. If you are unable to do so, I understand, but I would greatly appreciate your help."

Auburn, Michigan: "There seems to be a lack of interest in reaching out to non-radical people. It's good for anarchists (and other radicals) to talk to each other, but if word never gets out beyond insular cliques then there is very little point of being "radical." If I saw anarchists (or non-anarchist radicals) somewhere making a serious effort to reach out to "ordinary" folks, and trying to create some sort of permanent presence with deep roots and community involvement, I would "drop everything" (not that I'm doing anything now) and throw whatever power and ability I have into that effort!"

Toledo, Ohio: "Keep up the good work CHUCK0!"

Rural Georgia, USA: "I'd rather work in an unsuccessful anti-capitalist movement, than in a (temporarily) successful anti-war movement."

Santee, California: "All about the animal rights."

Venice, California: "Keep on going....don't disappear...."

Washington, DC: "Thank you for your work and energy."

Cornwall, Ontario: "Keep up the good work, friends."

Pittsburgh: "Keep up the good work! I'm fairly new (few years) to delving into anarchist theory, as I come out of the "soft-Trot" tradition. I also enjoy reading Workers Vanguard for comic relief."

Arcata, California: "Hey Chuck, I'd really like to see the results of this survey, identities striped of course."

Los Angeles: "Despite how bad the newswire gets, it's still a VERY good source for news and comments. I hate when people get down on infoshop forums for being "stupid" and "filibustered", people have to discourse. This is discourse. We'll teach each other, just chill y'all."

Pensacola: "I don't have a clue how to count my "anarchist community" hours. either my answer is "almost every waking hour" or it is "none." I live rather firmly ensconced in a local anarchist community, therefore most of my actions are community-oriented, but I'm not building community for its own sake (my actions are not estranged from my own interests), does that mean that I am selfish and am not nurturing my community at all when I'm, say, sorting food for all of the collective houses in the area or hosting a book group meeting at my house (or reading books for the group)? I don't really know. I eventually decided on "as much time as I can spare" because I think that more closely reflects my perception- even if I don't know whether anyone would agree."

United States: "Infoshop is a tremendous resource. I set it as default at every computer I find available."

Rowley, Mass.: "The drop down boxes make it easier to tabulate but harder to express yourself."

Boulder, Colorado: "Keep up the good work Chuck, et al."

Chapel Hill: "Keep up the good work Chuck... I really value what you have done here. And glad to hear you have an income again..."

Glasgow, Scotland: "Infoshop is great. Keep up the good work!"

Taftville, Conn.: "Great website. Maybe you guys (and girls) should make as many libraries devoted to anarchy that you can for those of us without computers."

Austin, Texas: "Thanks, y'all."

New York City: "Infoshop is a great resource, a great effort; thanks so much for doing it! I'm amazed at how often it's updated and how much is on it."

Canada: "There is a lack of anarcho-communist and anarcho-syndicalist material on the site. The site often gives off the impression the authors are not serious about class struggle, and think street demonstrations are places for bad humor in the face of police brutality."

Halifax, Nova Scotia: "Sexual orientation needs more options such as asexual, pomosexual, "label free", and other emerging definitions of sexuality (or at least an "other") "Where do you buy or get your food?" lacks the "stealing" option. The default browser thing, while applicable to many, is irrelevant to those of us who only get to use public computers. I would have it as my default page if I could. There ought to be a third option for such people. While I realize drop-down menu thingies are probably easier for design, they don't allow for multiple selections. Perhaps every question deserves an "other" box to fill in more details, etc. for us indecisive folk. Don't mean to sound picky, just offering some friendly suggestions. Love the site, keep up the good work."

Pittsburg, CA: "The world is a complicated place. The only thing that really matters to me is being true to myself and doing what I can to get people to be true to themselves."

Edmonton, Alberta: "Keep up the good work."

Burlington, Vermont: "Keep up the good work!"

Los Angeles: "It's not war vs. peace. It's dignity or death."

Seattle: "Keep up the great work, Chuck!"

Carbondale, Illinois: "Um, genderqueer and transsexual aren't sexual orientations."

Spain: "Salud y anarquia."

Newark, New Jersey: "Some of these questions had answers that I wanted to elaborate upon because I didn't like the provided options - but I guess that's to be expected with surveys like these. Rock on Chuck0 and company."

Belgrade: "I hope that one day I'll meet really anarchists, that I'll meet anarcho-community where I could stay to try to realize anarchism in my life."

Gambier, Ohio: "Sorry, I really haven't read enough literature or explored enough sites to be a good judge. Thanks for the survey. It showed me that I need to brush up a lot on my knowledge and awareness as an activist and possible anarchist. Also, thanks to the Rev for mediating some of the infoshop news discussions. Things can get nasty and discouraging, but the Rev usually keeps things real and true."

Mechanicville, New York: "I'd like to help by writing editorials every once and a while when I can find the time. I want to be a journalist and I like to write, what kind of topics are you looking for? Maybe I can bring a youth perspective to things."

Aurora, Illinois: "This survey is fucking scary, I don't even know why I just filled out all this shit. Know you know more about me than my mother."

Dousman, Wisconsin: "As soon as my age allows I will be dedicated to making anarchism work. My goal is educate about five people about anarchism so they KNOW anarchism and are know how to educate others about it. After they all have a good understanding of anarchism, they (and I) each educate five others. The process continues. I hope some sort of system like that will help to educate people about anarchism within the very tight constraints of the state. I'll never stop."

Platte City, Missouri: "Uh, nope. I'm good. Thank you."

Marion, Texas: "Nope, but great website."

Seattle: "I think the existence of a popular (which infoshop is) ANARCHIST news web page is brilliant, and needed. Thanks..."

Reading, Penn.: "You guys should get involved with Adbusters. Nonetheless, keep up the good work, it's nice to see that I'm not the only one."

Halifax, Nova Scotia: "You've given a child a lot to ponder... Merci. Heh... my parents subscribed me to McLean's. Creepy."

Martin, South Dakota: "Like most things in mainstream society your question was at times very difficult to my situation in that it limited my ability to express more clearly that which reflects a life style that tries to balance between two worlds, e.g., dominant society and traditional indigenous culture. We buy food from a privately owned grocery store and we also hunt, fish and gather traditional foods and plant some too. Then from time to time as people stay with us we get commodities. Another thing is I grew up very poor as I come from a long line of factory workers and at 19 thought I'd be another mill worker the rest of my life. On the reservation I had an opportunity to get and education. The sacrifice was great, we (wife and children) lived in a one room substandard house with no plumbing and only a wood stove for heat."

Weynouth, UK: "It's hard to get hold of publications in the UK...that's the only reason I left them blank."

Apache Junction, Arizona: "This is too long."

Florida: "The way to fight fascism is with comedy."

Mt Prospect, Illinois: "Rock on..."

Washington, DC: "You might not get answers that line up as neatly as you like (but that seems like it'd be better!), but these answers would better reflect the people filling out this survey if they were blank places for us to write, instead of having to choose from your narrow lists. For instance, not putting an 'other' on some 'favorite' questions, not asking if people think you soliciting for money on this site is alright but just don't want to give you any, the where do you get your food question, etc. I get my food from food stamps (in co-ops and grocery stores), food distro, dumpster diving, taking the occasional food from the aforementioned co-ops and grocery stores, people being charitable, friends' parents... I can't just select one pop-up answer and I don't know anyone else who could, either. There's not even a primary source that brings more than the others. It's about equally distributed. In any case, I think you get my point. Good luck with this project."

Spring, Texas: "This world has become too blinded by the injustices going on around them. So appreciation goes out to all the people who worked there ass off on this site to help those blinded to finally see the world for what it is."

Borås, Sweden: "Nah, just keep up the good work!"

Canberra, Australia: "Good work, keep it up. More innovation, like this survey!"

Moncton, Canada: "I really enjoy your site, thank you for giving me information and permitting me to learn stuff. Even though I am not an anarchist, you are my favorite website. GOOD JOB!"

Madrid, Spain: "Keep up the struggles."

Boston: "The anarchist movement in the United States needs to learn to be more realistic. There is this tendency of "I know everything and I'm always right" but we are all human and all learning. There is no perfect anarchist and there is no perfect theory. We need to argue and develop, but not divide ourselves too much."

College Park, Maryland: "A lot of these lists seemed kind of capricious in terms of selections."

Washington, DC: "Keep up the good work."

Quesnel, British Columbia: "I think this survey is directed more toward activist elitist types. That's the way it seams to me anyway."

Chicago: "As a relative newcomer to anarchism I find the movement as a whole is not very friendly to those such as myself. The bickering, philosophizing, etc are a big turn-off to me. I have seen for myself in authoritarian socialist groups how one person (or a small group) dominates all discussion. Everything I read about anarchy suggests it is quite the opposite but in practice I've not found that entirely true. Too often a few individuals monopolize discussions, offer no room for alternative views, and make a newbie like myself positively against posting anything since whatever opinions I might have would likely be scoffed at.

The amount of information, views, and opinions held by the collective group known as anarchists is at times overwhelming. I don't think coming to a consensus and complete agreement is the answer. Rather it should be on turning ideas into reality and making change real, otherwise it comes off as very hollow."

Cincinnati: "I like the publication Green Anarchy, but I am not a Green Anarchist. In fact, I disagree with them entirely on issues like organization. It's just interesting to see other points of view."

Sarasota, Florida: "Keep up the good work!"

London: "Infoshop is too America-centric. I suppose that isn't such a bad thing, different areas can have their different sites. But I think people need to recognize that Spain, Italy and France are the 3 countries with the biggest anarchist movements, activity, tradition, culture, and theory... I know a lot more about what's going on in the UK, Canada and US, but there's much more going on there. We need to look more at what's going on there, learn from them. (As well as from Argentina and all other parts of the world, but I was thinking along anarchism-specific lines here)"

Vancouver: "Thanks for doing this work its an awesome important project and good on you for defending anarchy without adjectives so well in the debates on infoshop news."

Indianapolis: "Live free or die trying."

Balikpapan, East Borneo, Indonesia: "Hmm I didn't have much comment to say but I really support this site. I can't support with money cos I'm extremely poor, if you want to support me and the collective with books, literatures, or other reading stuff it would be nice for us. Thanks."

Chicago: "Viva le Revolucion!"

Skellefteå, Sweden: "Thanks, mainly for hosting the Anarchist FAQ which led me to being an anarchist."

Raleigh, North Carolina: "Hopefully I can help more in the anarchist movement this year than I have in the past..."

New York City: "I think most of the people that post to the site are anti-social nimwits that feel more comfortable in front of a computer than speaking to anyone. They are rather pathetic. I refer to people like 'Makhno' and necrotic state, etc."

Minneapolis: "This survey is too long!"

Birmingham, UK: "This site is THE best site on the net, don't ever let it disappear, even if that means relocating to a tiny pacific island! Other than that I have nothing else to say."

Killeen, Texas: "Please expose more corporations schools and government for the pigs they are."

Montreal: "Keep up the good work...your website is and will be a big help in my learning process. Thanks."

St. Louis: "You need to definitely update the anarcha-feminist section, and the anarchist matchmaker section."

Tucson, Arizona: "Keep up the good work, y'all!"

Silver Spring, Maryland: "This is a great website, I love it. I think their does need to be more done to encourage new anarchists, because its very difficult sometimes to describe to non-anarchists exactly why you are interested."

Marshall, Wisconsin: "Sometimes I have doubts at whether we are an advanced enough species to overcome instinct and incorporate peace and relevance in an anarchist society."

Walbridge, Ohio: "Keep up the good work!"

Minneapolis: "Good work keeping the site up and running! Some of the survey questions could have been more open-ended or pick-more-than-one. The section on "are you an activist" was depressing, since I spend less than 10% of my time on activism, when I used to spend 30% or 40%. Hope this gets to you in time to be included in the results."

Concord, Mass.: "I thoroughly enjoyed filling out this survey. Keep up the good work."

San Francisco: "You all are just beautiful."

Kansas City: "Good job."

London: "When I say I'm an atheist, I don't mean I *know* there is no God, I mean I *don't* know there *is* a God. 'Atheist' seems more appropriate than 'agnostic' however because as God plays no part in my life, I consider the issue of his/her existence completely trivial. To all intents and purposes, God does not exist to me -- hence my lack of theism."

Newton, Massachusetts: "Thank you!"

Wise, Virginia: "Keep up the good work... never give in to the system."

Maple Ridge, B.C: "Fatally flawed system."

Portland, Oregon: "Keep up the quality work! If I lived in DC I'd be more involved, I promise!"

Santa Cruz, California: "Infoshop is a great website and it's doing very well. Keep up the good work!"

Wilkes-Barre, Penn.: "Networking and education, so we can understand, take action....and honestly, not to feel so alone in the world. Networking is a big must, to many feel isolated from others of the same views and give up."

Plymouth, Mass.: "Next time include discordianism in the religions, and poly under sexuality."

Malta: "Keep up the good job!"

Miami, Florida: "Infoshop is good web page. Problem is there are some of the visitors on the forums & news that are terribly rude. Some friends and I like to discuss anarchy but find the usual white man's way of thinking - they know everything and we should just listen. This is demeaning, many people will get there first exposure to anarchism on the internet and these poor attitudes discourage newbies. A girlfriend told me a name for this, she calls it a pissing contest, that must be it then."

San Francisco: "Love this site!!!! I'm a great researcher if you need help."

Austin, Texas: "The shop's cool, got good news. But I could be more, it could be a place 4 ppl to find other A'ists nearby. Another thing, get more non-whites involved. I wanna hear voices other than well-off white kids, they mean well yeah, but I want to see somebody in my shoes get a turn."

Schaarbeek, Belgium: "Hi Chuck, I've tried to be honest but the questioning was still a bit too u$-centric. Anyway love to you all. PS. often people speak more than two languages and buy food in different places."

Toronto: "For religion, I picked Taoist because I love Taoist philosophy... but I would've also liked to choose Atheist, as I'm not just unreligious, but am anti-religion. I chose 'Anarcho-communism' but i felt bad for not choosing anarcho-feminism, as it feels like I'm ignoring feminism... but I think feminism is inherent in the notion of anarchism, while communism is not. And, 'round these parts, grocery store unions don't really mean shit."

Sandy, Utah: "Actually, I think what would benefit the Libertarian Left the most, is reaching out to people who aren't part of the "choir" and who don't hang in activist cliques."

Waukegan, Illinois: "This has entertained me. Poopoo. : )"

Homeless anarchist: "This survey has some imperfections. Sometimes one would want to select several alternatives and using select scroll boxes doesn´t allow that. Other problem is the overall regional bias towards US conditions, and the somewhat limiting conception of anarchist militancy according to which it seems that either you are in an anarchist collective preparing anti-globalization demos or you´re not doing anything worthwhile at all... This concept is part of the problem with our movement... Though the results from the survey should nevertheless be informative I guess."

Los Angeles and Santa Cruz: "Thanks for existing =) let's go multi-lingual ! =D"

Kaukauna, Wisconsin: "Thanks for maintaining this page, as its a wonderful online resource. Yay technology."

Edmonton, Alberta: "You rock!"

Thunder Bay, Ontario: "Keep up the good work!!!"

Sydney, Australia: "I really do think the site is supremo and use it a lot when I am researching something and for the summaries of news from around the world, keep it up"

Wellington, Aotearoa/New Zealand: "I am very grumpy."

Morton Grove, Illinois: "As a senior in High school, I've been trying to organize an Anarchist group, however, I'm not sure exactly how to do it...Perhaps more links for youths, and more links for feedback from other youths around the world/nation."

St. Louis, Missouri: "You are all a wonderful addition to the community, and I would like to thank you, and let you know how deeply appreciated each of you are."

New York City: "The stakes are high, against the backdrop of Ashcroftian times. It's time to make moves, and mean them."

Sharon, Connecticut: "Hail Eris! May the Grayface never get you."

Preston, U.K.: "I can't stand Class War (UK) magazine. It's just childish."

Warsaw, Indiana: "I love what you guys are doing, and keep it up, you give me hope and encouragement when everyone else being conformist and capitalist gets to me, but then I think that hey, I'm not alone. Thank you."

Chicago: "Thank you much."

Meade, Kansas: "Anarchy is to hard to get involved with for kids who r all alone more outreach is needed."

Tacoma, Washington: "Keep up the struggle."

Hackettstown, New Jersey: "Thanks for the great site."

Tampa: "I'm not really an anarchist, but I value it. I think it should be considered in debating and in education."

Eugene, Oregon: "We need to start disrupting supply lines, removing resources from the grasp of the warmongers. I wanna learn about tax resistance. I got exempt from the draft by signing up for a ministry through"

Bridgeport, Connecticut: "ANARCHY."

Williams Lake, B.C.: "If you guys want a great way to sustain your cause, I suggest anarcho-porn. You guys could run an ethical porn studio where you hired women (or men) of all colors, shapes and sizes, sexual orientation etc and you paid them a living wage. The content would be entirely decided upon by the viewers. I just hate having to give my money to some giant porn company that hires anorexic white women with 3 or 4 implants that get treated like shit by the male actors."

San Francisco: "I'm ambivalent. There's a lot of knee-jerk reactionaries here, but I'm glad the site is alive."

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: "Fuck Wal-Mart, Fuck War, Fuck Super-Consumerism."

Los Angeles: "I want to help! I would be glad to help run the Los Angeles neighborhood."

Columbia, Missouri: "Yeah. I'd love to get more involved but I have this goddamned oath of political celibacy I have to respect as a mainstream journalist. Fucking career path ..."

Los Angeles: "I made a lecture at a recent anarchist conference using an indymedia chat regarding the effectively of the recent s26 IMF protest in DC where chuck O was saying how much closer we are to the revolution because of this event."

Simla, Colorado: "It is darned sill to ask an anarchist for money, they might say yes."

Brisbane, Australia: "Too many questions......but you know its not my survey."

Midwest, United States: "Damn long survey.....thank you for doing it right."

New Westminster, British Columbia: "Canadian Dimension."

Rochester, Minnesota: "Keep up the good work! peace!"

St. Paul, Minnesota: "Keep it up, bra!"

Fernwood, Pennsylvania: "This is a good idea although I was initially skeptical. I would like to see more articles on the big differences and commonalities of classical socialism and Anarchism. Many people think there's no difference and many people think that's less than true. People need education, it's still important. And for gods sake more articles about the history of the Bush family: that should be regular and all the time!! Thanks for the sincere effort though--it's a waste to not apply intellect to counteract fascist bullying."

Los Angeles: "I regret to say that I find the organization to not exactly be anarchist, but rather statist and authoritarian. Marxism and anarchism are not synonymous, in fact, they are quite contradictory, and all I see in this organization is a complete wash of "anarcho"-communist ideas. I don't consider myself to be one, but I am shocked to see the term "anarcho-capitalist" not listed as a choice of political affiliation on this survey, since there was such an enormous list. What I am getting at is that the organization and the site might be better served to appear a little more open and a little less biased. Other interpretations of anarchism seem to be shunned. I mean to be polite when I say this, and I know arguing is pointless, but I urge you to open a dictionary and read the definition of anarchism. Social programs require organization and coercion of individuals, entirely defeating the idea of lack of a state. As someone who isn't part of your movement, I am just trying to point out that I couldn't tell the difference between this site and a socialist website if I didn't know this was supposed to be anarchist, and I am trying to suggest that you take notice. You most certainly don't have to be pro-capitalism or conservative to be an anarchist, but 99% of the ideas on this site fly in the face of anarchism and actually make me sick to my stomach, as a person who considers his ideas mostly in line with anarchism. You want feedback, this is it, please accept it."

Edinburgh, Scotland: "Questions too narrow formulated to give definite answer. Can only tend to one answer, but can not be definite or excluding other answers."

Toronto: "Keep up the good work!"

Ontario: "Do I have to be really well-versed in all this anarchist literature etc. to label myself an anarchist? I don't think so, but some would criticize this, I think."

Toronto: "Nice survey."

Ankara, Turkey: "Hope you overcome with your financial problems."

Stockholm, Sweden: "See ya' on the barricades..."

Los Angeles: "Good job. Keep it up."

Cork, Ireland: "Always ensure that the material and how you present yourselves represents the views attitudes, likes and dislikes of as many people as possible. Ensure that it doesn't form to patriarchal heteronormative ways of writing or excluding minorities because of heterosexual males attitudes."

Stockbridge, Massachusetts: "Chuck0, keep your nose to the grindstone, your back to the wind, and down let the capitalists get you down, we'll win a world free of oppression yet! p.s. I'll be sending you a proposal about that anarchism doc soon!"

Concord, California: "Good job."

Sherbrooke, Québec: "Nothing much, except that I'd like to mention I appreciate the site as it is IMO the best anarchist resource on the web."

Washington, USA: "I think I'll be visiting & exploring infoshop more after this survey...There is a lot of stuff that I've skimmed over w/o studying now that I think about it...peace!"

Tucson, Arizona: "Keep up the great work and the best of luck with everything."

Oakland (non-anarchist): "This is a really awesome survey!!"

Brooklyn: "Really Chuck0 you've got a great site going here and should be proud of it. If you could raise the standards of discussion (both by checking yourself and establishing clearer protocols) above the present pissing contest standards it would be a real service to the movement."

San Francisco: "It would be cool to have more pictures of what everyday anarchists look like - not just punks and black bloc, but people with their kids, people of color, women, queer folks, people who look like librarians or 'mainstream', older and younger folks, people smiling - both to expand the image of what an anarchist is, but also to challenge the anarchist movement's idea of what an anarchist looks like. Thanks for doing this."

Sonoma County, California: "It would be nice to see some more solution based things on the web - More pages about sexism and womyn and men and gender."

St. Louis: "I identify as an anti-racist queer ecofeminist anarcho-syndicalist student. Why was I not given the choices of queer or ecofeminist???!!!!"

Prague, Czech Republic: "probably I didn't answer all your questions fully - actually I'm not too familiar with your site (ran across it from a post on Prague indymedia) but now that I've seen it you can be sure I'll be visiting much more now. My webpage is and I have some comix and art pieces there you could add to your comix section;-))"

Newark, New Jersey: "Keep up the good work! We should trade banners to link. Email me if you are interested."

Los Angeles: "All the youth are waiting for a fucking revolutionary current. Fuck the bullshit, and lets get to smashing it up. Its time to make moves. People don't need to be taught anything. Anarchists are becoming more like Jehovah's Witnesses instead of revolutionary insurgents."

Portland, Oregon: "More current stuff, also might consider linking and involving more bridging sites and information like the starcalliance website where young kids just getting aware often get funneled from an anti-corporate belief into more complex anarchist-related beliefs."

Australia: "I think teaching kids sectarian politics is a terrible crime because we only get a time like this period very, very rarely, and only HUGE numbers and serious practical agreement will get us through."

Glassboro, New Jersey: "Keep it up chums."

Brisbane, Australia: "E-books and flyers on CD or as downloadable zip file."

Corvallis, Oregon: "This survey was a good idea. I'm looking forward to seeing the results soon."

St. Louis: "I defined myself as "leftist" b/c my leftism is undefined. I prefer Marxism to anarchism, though I've read almost all Bakunin and Kropotkin. I guess I vacillate somewhere between Eduard Bernstein and Chairman Mao, depending on the kind of day I'm having."

Lansing, Michigan: "Keep up the great work, the fun stuff like this is nice as well. I often don't agree with you, but you do a great job of facilitating, and developing the website. It is an institution."

Seattle: "Cool that you are doing this. Good luck. Please add to your list of anarcho-affiliates."

SBCampo, Brazil: "If you need someone to help translating to Portuguese, I'm available. I noticed there's a Portuguese version of Infoshop. I checked it out, but there were so many sections missing, that I decided to visit the English version only."


Sao Paulo, Brazil: "I regret that I have but one life to give to myself..."

Melbourne, Australia: "Don't take my survey answers too seriously. People are only just starting to wake up over here; the brainwashing is very strong or something. I have only browsed around 1/4 of"

Corvallis, Oregon: "Thanks."

Berkeley, California: "My daily sitting practice is paramount, and my actions stem from that. Essentially, I have cultivated a spiritual life."

Ashland, Oregon: "Hmm. Gee. One thing that would be a cool addition would be some sort of database of anarchists so that they could find others in their area with similar interests to collaborate with. Also, some sort of anarchist alternative to the CIA database of information on countries. Most of the basic information the CIA offers on their website is helpful for many countries, anarchists could expound on this by offering the info the CIA doesn't want people to have: their US supported human rights abuses, etc. An Anarchist Intelligence Agency/Federation? Dunno. Just a thought."

Arkansas: "Thanks for what you do! Global PEACE NOW!"

Indianapolis: "The think the Anarchy 'movement' really needs is to combat the negative images and brainwashing that the media portrays, this is the greatest threat to our freedom."

Tempe, Arizona: "Thanks for your work in running this site."

Denver: "While I am not 100 percent anarchist, I certainly believe that the anarchist philosophy is important and preferable to many alternatives. Keep up the good work."

Lancaster, PA: "Keep up the Good Work and allow the Organizationalist/Anti-organizationalist discussions to continue. I know its frustrating at times, but theoretical shit is important and we all need a place to hash it out. Thanks."

Phoenix: "Infoshop is a really, really good thing. I drop to my knees and tears of gratitude stream down my face because it exists."

Chicago: "On a serious note though, I appreciate everything you (all) do. If you come to Chicago we'd be glad to work with you and hopefully you feel the same way. Email the Azone and mention this survey if you wish to correspond with me. I can't tell you enough how valuable a resource is to me. Thank you very, VERY much. I'd like very much to help however I can. I'll send you some graphics to use if you want. Well that's about it, hopefully I'll hear from you soon."

Washington, DC: "I'd really like to help out with the things I mentioned before, just let me know if you'd like my help. I know some html, & can learn how to update the sites, & have some time on my hands that I could be doing a lot more to help people. I think is a wonderful thing, & would like to expand it. I'm really excited to help. Hope to hear from you soon."

Minneapolis: "Transgender/transsexual and genderqueer are not sexual orientations!"

Houston: "Thanks for the props on favorite site, Chuck! Keep up the good work and stay strong."

California: "Plz keep up the good work. The daily news summaries are wonderful. An open editorial policy (a la slash) would be great too."

Philadelphia: "The left column was a little narrow in the survey (I'm using opera 6 for the browser)."

Somerville, Massachusetts (socialist): "I just found this site through a Live Journal link; got the feeling you wanted a broad range of replies. Sorry that I've never been here before. I'm glad you're surveying the anarchists; I think we are a much broader and more internally diverse movement than many of us think. I am tired of having to defend my anarchism to others because I am not also punk, or vegan, and that, heaven forbid, I want to be able to pay my rent (Nevermind explaining how I can be a socialist and an anarchist at the same time). There are a lot of different ways to be an anarchist."

Chicago: "Nice work folks."

Los Angeles: "I hope you don't mind all my anti activist, anti-organizing comments. I do lots of stuff in my community and with other people too. Most "activists" tend to have certain common cultural and educational backgrounds which does not resonant with me. Does this make sense?"

Monterey, California: "Great job. I think that these sites should be linked to by infoshop. I think they weren't the last time I checked."

Bristol, UK: "Also like Guerilla News Network!"

Peoria, Illinois: "I think a lot of these questions are geared to people who spend hours upon hours online, and less to those who don't really care to stare at a glowing screen all the time. Just a thought though."

Urbana, Illinois: "I can't imagine how this will produce useful results with so few chances to choose from so many choices. I don't really have favorite magazines or websites. I consume whatever comes my way. Some comes my way more often than others but there's a TON of great stuff out there. A survey about the specifics of our beliefs rather than how we label ourselves might be more interesting."

Philipsgrad, Netherlands: "A good bureaucracy is the Best tool of Oppression!"

Barcelona: "In your list of languages you missed some as català, euskera, galego spoken by millions of people in Spain!!"

Murrells Inlet, South Carolina: "I'm in South Carolina to say I'm isolated is putting it mildly."

Oslo, Norway: "Keep up the good work!"

Oslo, Norway: "Nice work whit the page! Its good to see people dedicated to the cause actually do something! Keep up the good work, boys!"

Salamanca, Spain: "It's necessary connect all projects."

New York City: "Definitely a chat room for infoshops/freespaces to network on and create a more comprehensive list of infoshops/freespaces. Infrastructure is vital. Maybe some sort of concentration on anarchist farms in the US as well. Thanks for all the good work! Love that!"

Boston: "Why did you include Chris Crass and not Elizabeth Martinez in the relevant writers section?"

Providence, Rhode Island: "Keep up the great work! Remind everyone to send $$ right around when heating bills start to go down."

Mechelen, Belgium: "Much success with the survey, A-greetings."

Olympia, Washington: "Thanks for doing this!"

Brooklyn: "Hungarian, or Magyarul you silly birds, there are 10 freaking million of us and only 1/2 as many Finns. At least you didn't list Estonian as a choice or I would have really lost it."

New Brunswick, New Jersey: "Thanks for the opportunity to take the survey!"

Chicago: "Hi Chuck! Keep up the good work, and remember that 'War is a racket--the few benefit and the many pay,' Smedley Butler, former Commandant USMC. But you already knew that."

Washington, DC: "Infoshop is very cluttered, and it's hard to navigate and find the things you want."

East Coast, USA: "There should be more "recruiting" organizers to help out with potential beginners and allies. It ain't easy getting started when there's no one to help get you started! Be more compassionate and patient with those who are less experienced with activism and organizing. We all gotta start somewhere and for some of us, it's not as easy. Other than that, VIVA LA REVOLUCION!"

Fredericton, New Brunswick: "We must learn from those in the past. Marx, Engels, Lenin, and Trotsky are invaluable reads if one seriously wishes to change this world for the better."

Maryland: "We must rise up and take our liberation!"

Portland, Oregon: "Anarchy is dead, and we're all fucked as a result"

Madison, Wisconsin: "I'm just starting to learn about anarchy, and this was my first time visiting this site, so I'm not familiar with everything... most of my answers were based on what I've heard of before..."

Brooklyn: "I'd like to see a ChuckO puppet in NYC on the 15th."

Antwerp: 1. That economic background-thing: we don't use the blue/white/pink distinction. May be confusing for non-American anarchist. Or maybe only for European anarchists. Or maybe just for me.

2. The questions on who the most important or relevant writer is these times doesn't get the goods for you guys I guess. You 're measuring a lot of different things for different people. I think you should have clarified that question. Anyway, I didn't have the feeling I made you a good image of myself in these two questions.

3. Strength and solidarity with the volunteers who have to have al this data collected and analyzed. Try SAS or something like that.

4. Onward! For a more responsible anarchism! For a radical, non-extremist anarchism! Consequentially anti-blah blah blah... rrrrr... rrrr..."

Iowa City, Iowa: "Keep up the great work!"

Washington, DC: "Thanks for putting this on. I've learned a lot."

San Francisco: "For many of these questions, you really should allow multiple selections, even if it is a pain in the ass to program."

Melbourne, Australia: "People do not become anarchists over night; therefore we need to become a broad based movement. Political parties are clearly the enemy but d.i.y and D.A. peoples are often peas in a pod even if they may not yet see a need for social revolution."

Cranbrook, British Columbia: "As long as civilization exists we are all an endangered species."

Wellington, Aotearoa/New Zealand: "I think infoshop is a good website, well produced, heaps of info and a good resource. However, I think it is far too focused on liberal, non-class based forms of activism, and has a bias towards liberal anarchism. How about balancing up infoshop a little more to make it more representative of the anarchist movement I know of? "


Whittier, California: "Sorry I didn't have time or energy to fill in the writing parts. But its just that works got me too beat to think this morning....."

Zagreb, Croatia: "Great job you are doing."

New York City: "@ is filled with leftoidism. Most @ has forgotten freedom."

Amsterdam, Netherlands: "This questionnaire is too specific and full with items non-North Americans don't know anything about."

Philadelphia: "I really think Internet bulletin boards like this one allow people to be more obnoxious than they normally would."

Great Barrington, Massachusetts: "Thank you for working yourself(selves) to the bone to keep infoshop alive. It is an invaluable resource, and it has just kept getting better."

New Brunswick, Canada: "Keep up the good work."

Dallas: "More options for minors, but this site is very good. I emailed it to my art teacher because he said I couldn't do an anarchy sign and said anarchy is bad. I told him my views saying anarchy is more of a verb than a noun to me, it means peace love and unity, not terrorism and chaos. Thank you, Emily."

Hamilton, Aotearoa/New Zealand: "You guys are doing well'. Can u try and include somethin' for your pacific comrades."

Lawrence, Kansas: "If everyone does a little it's a healthier situation than having super activists who dominate the movement and who are so extreme that the public considers us hopelessly out of touch and avant garde. We need more "regular people" in the movement. I'm frankly baffled that "the movement" considers the IMF/WTO issue to be so important while it basically took a pass when Amadou Diallo was gunned down. Right now I think the biggest issues in the U.S., besides trying to educate the public about what anarchism is, should be the destruction of the Bill of Rights under the cover of the "War on Terrorism" and opposing Bush's naked military aggression. Police brutality and harsh working conditions are other anarchist issues that strike a chord with working people. We have to make anarchism seem like a viable alternative to the current system."

Louisville: "Crimethinc (with the exception of fighting for our lives) is very fucking annoying and should stop monopolizing the anarchist movement."

Norwalk, California: "I don't know of any sympathetic groups here in shanghai, as I am just learning Chinese, but I would appreciate any information along those lines."

Cambridge, UK: "Let's all keep working, we've got them on the run for a change!"

Burlington, Vermont: "Hm... The gov't isn't the enemy- human nature is."

Springfield, Missouri: "2 Comments just to reiterate. 1) More DIY guides 2) Incorporate music to the website. I would be willing to post songs in MP3 format for free download. As a musician I think it is more important for people to be affected by music than for me to get paid to make it."

Toronto suburbs: "Anything I can find that's local usually trumps all this."

Erie, Pennsylvania: "Keep up the good work - there's a need for this website, I think the survey will show that lots more people use it than you think!"

Miami: "Keep up the good work."

Rochester: "Infoshop is a huge site with lots of great resources. I just wish that the areas where people could meet others in their area or even online was more active."

St. Louis: "I'm a fucking queer!!! Why no option? Also you need more options with the prefix anarchA not o. and I identify as an ecofeminist more than anything else. Goddammit!!"

Portland, Oregon: "How valuable Infoshop is to our community! Thanks for keeping at it!"

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