Infoshop Survey 2002 Results - What local projects are you involved with?

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At the end of December 2002 and throughout the month of January 2003, ran a comprehensive online poll of our visitors and what we hoped would be a cross section of the anarchist movement in the United States. Few polls have been done with anarchists as the subjects, so there is little empirical data on who anarchists are, how they live their lives, and what they think about stuff.

Below you will find the FINAL RESULTS from the survey.

The data below was taken from 922 surveys.

What local projects are you involved with?

Washington, DC: "Mayday DC, Homes not Jails, Healthcare Now, + copwatch sometimes, and others."

Rochester, NY: "Cop Watch, IndyMedia."

Boston: "Lucy Parsons Center, Boston NEFAC."

Arizona: "Phoenix Copwatch, Tempe Copwatch:Team Wildcat, Tempe Class War."

Boston: "Angry Tenants Union, Attack!"

Philadelphia: "Wooden Shoe Books, Philly Free School, Mariposa Food Co-op."

Wisconsin: "Co-ops, distro, Food Not Bombs."

Arizona: "Radical Media, Propaganda distribution, Anti-Gentrification work, Anti-Police work, Anti-war work, etc., etc."

Philadelphia: "Building a local activist community space. My main activity for this involves organizing around the creation of a soup kitchen and food distro in the space as well as a print shop. Most of my time is spent on the homeless and housing issues mentioned above. I also am employed as a community artists and spend the other 20% of my time organizing in my community through artistic projects such as public protest, pageants and neighborhood celebrations."

Kansas City: "Food Not Bombs, Anti-war marches, anti-war vigils, radical study group."

Ohio: "Cop Watch."

Ontario: "Soul Liberation Front."

Ottawa, Ontario: "Copwatch, organizing free skools, (going to be involved in Latin American Solidarity work)."

New Jersey: "My collective (desiderata), community anti-poverty group, Food Not Bombs (kinda), immigrant rights group, labor solidarity."

Québec: "IWW and GDC."

Mexico City: "What about non?local projects, such as this website?"

Nebraska: "ReAct Community Center (Omaha), Food Not Bombs (Omaha)."

Peterborough, Ontario: "Peterborough Coalition Against Poverty, Peterborough Industrial Workers of the World."

Athens, Ohio: "Forest Defense, Book Distro and starting a radical library, OU men against sexism."

Indianapolis: "Food Not Bombs, Solidarity Books Collective."

San Francisco: "Setting up an infoshop, campus anti?war and anti?capitalist organizing."

Edmonton, Alberta: "I've done very little so far. My largest priority is to abolish the property tax for a person's first viable amount of land. Viable meaning, he can live off it with the proper gear. How dare they tax us for being a part of the Earth. Their offspring cannot be punished, so it must go to all those after them who try to attempt the same. I can only hope we receive justice in the particles we form after death."

Terre Haute, Indiana: "No specific name that I know of, but over-all activism...rather wide array of leftist, anarchist, socialist, people involved...and most of them are just old hippies."

Southeast USA: "New to Community in small rural town...very isolated."

Phoenix: "Phoenix Copwatch, Tempe Copwatch."

Ohio: "Stop Vending, Suburban Liberation Front."

Levis, Quebec: "CLAC (convergence des luttes anti-capitalistes)."

Bronx, New York: "Teachers union."

Minneapolis: "M-PIRG."

Halifax, Nova Scotia: "Food Not Bombs, HAPI."

Montréal: "NEFAC, local union, Le Trouble Anarchist News Paper, Local Housing committee."

New Orleans: "Food Not Bombs, NOLA Anarchy anarchist event website."

Washington, DC: "Mens caucus, Brian McKenzie infoshop, radical cheerleaders of dc."

DeKalb, Illinois: "Anti-war demonstrations, copwatch."

Bellingham, Washington: "Student walkout."

Chicago: "Food Not Bombs, Action-Medical."

Buffalo, New York: "My (crappy) union, Women in Black, forming an inclusive local anti-war network, etc."

Paris, France: "I'm involved in the CNT in the 'communication , culture and spectacle' branch and collectives of workers, non-workers, underpayed, about to be fired, anti-work people ... "

Richmond, Virginia: "Lots."

Tempe, Arizona: "Tempe Copwatch."

United States: "Lots."

Cochabamba, Bolivia: "Comite Boliviano contra el ALCA (Bolivian Committee Against ALCA."

Troy, Michigan: "Cop Watch."

Tempe, Arizona: "Propaganda committee (t-shirt screenprinting, lit distro etc.), Cop Watch."

Lawrence, Kansas: "IWW, ABC, Mother Earth / Black Cat Collective."

Waterford, California: "Food Not Bombs, Peace and Life Center, Book Liberation Front, Student Activist Club."

Salt Lake City: "Food Not Bombs, Ex-Organizer for Burn the Olympics."

Portland, Oregon: "Student labor, basically a group to transition into full IWW-style collective action for better working conditions."

Willimantic, Connecticut: "I share media (mostly activist videos and audio recordings) with friends. I also record activist presentations for radio and Internet."

Rural anarchist: "Any that I can help out."

Riverbank, California: "Food Not Bombs, corporate targets."

Springfield, Virginia: "NLG, DC Indymedia."

Connecticut: "My main activities right now are ripping off my school's speaker's fund to help radical projects and working in a one on one situation with a friend who is an ex-convict, unemployed man of color who is looking to learn more about revolutionary politics."

Alabama: "We focus on watching what the pigs are doing."

Kansas City, Kansas: "Food Not Bombs, IWW."

London, UK: "See above, particularly, the Radical Dairy, London; pretty much everything the WOMBLES do.... I am medical by profession so definitely help on a local basis there - especially as i help fight the political battles at work (pay, conditions) that others are less knowledgeable about."

Appalachian nomad: "Stopping clearcutting in my bioregion."

Akron, Ohio: "People for Peace of Greater Akron, American Friends Service Committee, and Students Taking Action for a New Democracy (STAND), Cleveland IMC (is this an activist group??)."

Olympia, Washington: "Friends."

Boston: "Boston Angry Tenants Union, labor solidarity, others."

Hamburg, Germany: "Popular education."

Cleveland: "Food Not Bombs, fort totally awesome project, food co-op (in birthing stage), infoshop (in discussion stage)."

Alberta: "Unionism, all ages punk scene, local anarchist organizing, food programs, anti-capitalist groups."

Quebec City: "Housing coop, anti-eviction committee, local newspaper and radio."

Rhode Island: "Just some peace gatherings."

Montreal: "QPIRG Concordia-Popular film series and radical library."

Bellingham, Washington: "Critical Mass, Food Not Bombs, Colmena Collective."

Philadelphia: "Food Not Bombs, wooden shoe bookstore, Housing solidarity cotte, ABS Anti-fascist boxing societty, philly local union of NEFAC."

Boston: "Lucy Parsons Center, Boston Angry Tenants Union, Prison Book Project."

Lancaster, Pennsylvania: "Industrial Workers of the World, Wallsdown! Collective, Food Not Bombs (pending)."

Hawaii: "Public discussion, Food Not Bombs, literature distribution."

Vancouver: "Collective Opposses to Police Brutality - Vancouver, Vancouver Anarchist Network, Anti-Poverty Committee."

Boston: "ACUB."

Central California: "Gay straight alliance."

Peterborough, Ontario: "Anti-zoom media campaign (adbusting)."

Rural central Wisconsin: "I started a petition to get channel one out of our school and succeeded."

Columbia, South Carolina: "Food Not Bombs, Crimethinc propagandist, anarchist 'recruiter'."

Arizona: "Arizona Indymedia, Food Not Bombs, immigrant support networks."

Philippines: "Union Strikes, University Strikes, Quick Reaction Forces, etc."

Toronto: "Uprising books without borders bookstore."

Detroit: "An immigrant rights group in southwest Detroit."

Oberlin, Ohio: "Food Not Bombs."

New Brunswick, New Jersey: "Food Not Bombs, IWW."

Baltimore: "ARA, Bookstore, IMC."

Houston: "CCA (for now, until they shut down)."

Lancaster, Pennsylvania: "Too many to name, though none of which any would have heard about."

Redondo Beach, California: "Food Not Bombs."

Philadelphia: "Food co-op, and above."

Sudbury, Ontario: "The Haymarket Octet, Sudbury Coalition Against Poverty."

Victoria, British Columbia: "I'm working on my own things right now, natural medicine and feminist related."

Omaha: "Food Not Bombs."

Belgrade, Serbia: "Local syndicate."

Guelp, Ontario: "CUPE (Canadian Union of Public Employees)."

Tampere, Finland: "Food Not Bombs, squatting, animal rights info."

Los Angeles: "Food Not Bombs."

St Paul, Minnesota: "Local IMC."

Rockaway, New Jersey: "Planning to unpaid intern at county legal aid society."

New York City: "Collective Book on Collective Process; brainstorming to build up Staten Island "Winter Palace"; various anarchist get-togethers and conferences (will be doing something with my collective at the NCOR); various historical-educational forums (recently helped to organize small educational dinner centered on history of '60s NYC anarchism, especially as related to Up Against the Wall, Motherfucker; hopefully, there will be more of these, building up to something bigger); tabling at Staten Island street fairs (for Common Wheel Collective and People Against Oppression and War); currently planning some local anti-poverty/anti-consumerist kinds of workshops with my collective (i.e., the Common Wheel Collective) originating from our "Anti-Capitalist Savings Tips"; occasional postering expeditions with Redscares; recent sign-making and other protest preparations with Wetlands/Global Sweatshop Coalition. (I used to do a lot more but my own problems with economic and social survival have gotten in the way -- the list is thus very small right now; I prefer to focus on independent, autonomous projects and very local activism right now)."

Camden, New Jersey: "Leavenhouse collective which runs a soup kitchen and housing for the homeless."

St. Louis: "Food Not Bombs, Bolozone, Community Arts and Media Project, personal art projects/interactions/collaborations."

Galveston, Texas: "Attempting to collect resources for the establishment of a copwatch."

Columbus, Ohio: "Currently none, but working on developing some sort of community media space."

Windsor, Ontario: "Indymedia, other web-related stuff, writing, organizing study groups."

Anchorage, Alaska: "Alaskans for Peace and Justice."

Colorado: "S.H.A.R.P. (skinheads against racial prejudice) R.A.S.H. (red and anarchist skins) also underground media."

Western Nebraska: "Cop watch, public school watch, food pantry, convict re-entry, RKBA, alternative news."

St. Louis: "St. Louis Secular Homeschoolers' Co-op (not an anarchist organization in any sense, but one consistent with anarchist values)."

Ontario, California: "Food Not Bombs, stencil campaign, alternative news inserts, zines."

Montréal, Québec: "Anarchist tabloid Le Trouble, housing committee, soup kitchen."

Ocala, Florida: "I am currently trying to organize (which is were every thing usually ends.) a world banks boycott in Gainesville Florida."

Virginia: "House of The Goddess (HotGoddess Center) for Pagan Wombyn, SOAWTVA (School of The Assassins Watch Tidewater Affinity Group), Food Not Bombs Norfolk (forming)."

Madison, Wisconsin: "An infoshop, housing co-ops, food co-ops, anti-war organizing."

New Orleans: "Food Not Bombs, NOLA Anarchy anarchist event website."

Washington, DC: "Mens caucus, Brian McKenzie infoshop, radical cheerleaders of dc."

DeKalb, Illinois: "Anti-war demonstrations, copwatch."

Athens, Georgia: "There's a Food Not Bombs chapter that serves as a locus for a lot of us here in Athens, and big ups to the regulars that keep it going."

Beavercreek, Ohio: "Fundraising for Free the Children, advocating fair trade coffee, organizing benefit shows."

Lexington, Kentucky: "Going it alone."

Seattle: "Neighborhood anti-war group, Hate-Free Zone (immigrant rights)."

Malden, Massachusetts: "Local affordable housing group, local food pantry."

Alabama: "There are none locally."

Gainesville, Florida: "Organizing town meetings; popular education against capitalism."

Montreal: "None at the moment. I got tired of being attacked by people who were supposed to be my friends."

Perth, Western Australia: "Dummy Vote Campaign. Member recruit campaign."

Berkeley: "Infoshop, Food Not Bombs, Critical Mass."

United States: "Best not to name it here."

Amarillo, Texas: "Local anti-war movement."

Tempe, Arizona: "Cop Watches, anarcha-feminist stuff."

Juneau, Alaska: "Health care groups; community education; youth health related education, counseling and support; nothing most anarchists give two shits about, none of the famous activist names."

Vancouver: "People's Prom (an annual fundraiser for different local activist initiatives)."

Hartford, Connecticut: "Local queer/feminist group (again, we're in the process of getting this up and running."

Seattle: "Student anti-war activity."

New York City: "We put out zines."

United States: "Workers collective for carpenters and other home-workers."

Fredericton, New Brunswick: "Anti-sexism, anti-racist mobilizing."

Fredericton, New Brunswick: "Bookmobile, Developing a food collective."

Moncton, New Brunswick: "Anti-water privatization, anarchist zine (local issues)."

Camdenton, Missouri: "Me and my friends Free the Lobsters, the Diaper Revolution, Boycott Sweatshops, and some other small little crap we do."

Boston: "Local anarchist and environmentalist groups. Local anti-sprawl groups. Other local groups."

Albany: "Antiwar organizing."

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: "Food Not Bombs kuala Lumpur."

Adelaide, Australia: "Anarcho-syndicalist propaganda gropu, have been involved with environmental groups, Food Not Bombs and anarchist 'zine/propaganda/action group in the past."

Seoul, Korea: "A zine, pronounced 'Ahn-aleh'."

Reading, Pennsylvania: "Besides the local anti war group none of these exist, but I've been working on getting a Food Not Bombs started."

Saginaw, Oregon: "Huggin' trees."

Boston: "Boston Angry Tenants Union, Lucy Parsons Center."

Philadelphia: "Anti-fascist initiatives."

Louisville: "A community center."

Canberra, Australia: "Food co-op, sadly very un-anarchist at the moment."

Finland: "Local antifa."

Tallahassee: "Tallahassee Green Party (not an anarchist organization)."

Burlington, Ontario: "I.T. infoshops."

Louisville: "Sometimes active with Food Not Bombs and Cop Watch."

Isleworth, UK: "Mostly within IWW and own reformist trade union - National Union of Teachers [UK]."

Durango, Colorado: "Mana Soup Kitchen, starting an infoshop, durango punk scene, durango peace coalition."

Los Angeles: "Was doing Food Not Bombs."

Calgary: "Food Not Bombs."

Wellington City, Aotearoa/New Zealand: "Small scale, quick, creative, irritating, anonymous rabble rousing."

Longwood, Florida: "None so far, for the reasons stated above."

Charleston, West Virginia: "AFSCME."

Washington, DC: "Men working on our own sexism. Learning how to love openly."


Auburn, Michigan: "One-on-one discussions with students at the college where I work; (rare) speeches."

Worcester: "Student Union organizing."

Denver: "Food Not Bombs, All Nations Alliance, (CO) anti-patriarchy collective and a myriad of affinty groups."

Toledo, Ohio: "Food Not Bombs, NWOPC, Phoenix food co-op."

St. Paul, Minnesota: "AFL/CIO, resource center of the americas, womens prison book project."

Danville, Indiana: "A small sustainable/autonomous living collective."

Rural Georgia, USA: "Taco Bell/CIW boycott, SOA watch."

Newport News, Virginia: "Eventually, Food Not Bombs and a Union."

Santee, California: "Food Not Bombs."

Venice, California: "Same as above + union + neighborhood groups (affordable housing, etc.)."

Cornwall, Ontario: "I try to get people to give a shit about the planet and its inhabitants, humyn and not.... and gee I've volunteered with environmental groups but nothing huge."

Ruskin, Florida: "Democratic Executive Committee (County), Faculty Union, ACLU."

Pittsburgh: "Food co-op, unionizing food co-op, local baseball anti-sweatshop campaign, anti-war convergence, indymedia."

Arcata, California: "Mostly work helping setup tech for various movement groups."

Pensacola: "Several ad hoc projects, no long-term groups aside from certain writing/publishing partnerships."

Philadelphia: "Workplace organizing, anti-war groups, Food Not Bombs, wooden shoe books."

Boston: "Food Not Bombs."

United States: "None right now (caught in the machinery of wage slavery)."

Virginia: "Local housing/tenant issues."

New York City: "Union or union solidarity projects. Also projects as they come up - if the Greens or local progressive Unitarian church or anarchist group needs help with whatever, I help."

Cleveland: "Food co-op, cop watch, las passionarias, radical cheer."

Boulder, Colorado: "The ACC does a lot of local projects."

Chapel Hill: "Food Not Bombs, Critical Mass."

Mobile, Alabama: "In process of organizing a local Food Not Bombs."

Yonkers, NY: "Won't disclose."

Glasgow, Scotland: "Local union."

Taftville, Conn.: "None but I wish I was."

Stormville, New York: "Food Not Bombs. LOCAL SHELTER."

Nevada City, California: "Rivers, forests, threatened/endangered species, anti-sprawl."

Austin, Texas: "Monkeywrench books, the austin javelina, IWW."

Heath, Ohio: "Food Not Bombs, cop watch, anarchist musician."

New York City: "Food Not Bombs."

Canada: "A community organising group and my union, the CFS."

Dorchester, UK: "Various unofficial campaigns."

Halifax, Nova Scotia: "Affordable housing, free food distribution, free underground campus newspaper, others."

Aotearoa/New Zealand: "Print collective, Screen print collective, Indymedia, Community Organic Gardens."

Berkeley, California: "The local infoshop (Long Haul), slingshot, a study group."

Peterborough, Ontario: "Trent Central Student Association, Ontario Public Research Group, Redwash (Trent Women's Centre)."

Edmonton, Alberta: "Anarchist bookfair. Trying to establish a men against sexism project. Doing support work for the creation of a women's space at the local university."

Los Angeles: "Food Not Bombs, Cop Watch, RACUN Community Defense Program."

Carbondale, Illinois: "Local union, collectively owned bookstore, food co-op, local queer 'community'."

Spain: "Alternative media (internet and paper)."

Arlington, Virginia: "Food Not Bombs, DC Action Medical Network."

Calgary: "Food Not Bombs, Anti-war."

Canada: "PCAP, OPIRG, IWW local 520."

Uxbridge, Ontario: "No anarchist or left wing organizations here really, i was involved with AI in the pst and am currently helping out with Habitat for Humanity."

Ottawa, Ontario: "Radical Frosh, Cop Watch, Books for Prisoners, Free Store, Anxiety Performance (guerilla theater), The Garden Spot (we serve food everyday)"

Newark, New Jersey: "Food Not Bombs (New Brunswick)."

Richmond, Virginia: "The Lift With Your Legs Affinity Group, 804Noise."

Lecanto, Florida: "Local publishing."

Gambier, Ohio: "Vigil for Peace (Women in Black). Hot Meals. 16 Days of Activism against Gender Violence - over and done with the groups on my campus usually have events, tablings, and bring speakers."

Mechanicville, New York: "School recycling, youth empowerment, sweatfree schools, halloween for hunger, organizing for protests, governmental lobbying, other projects."

Charlotte, North Carolina: "Food Not Bombs, popular education, Bikes Not Bombs, FLOC (agro worker's union) support."

Aurora, Illinois: "Aurora Food Not Bombs."

Washington, DC: "Food Not Bombs, coop, DC mens caucus."

New Brunswick, New Jersey: "Anti-war, ara, tenants organizing."

Healdsburg, California: "Local protest movement."

Dousman, Wisconsin: "I'm not directly involved with any. I try to practice what I preach but it becomes hard when you're essentially alone."

Platte City, Missouri: "Anti-globalization, anti-authoritarian, and direct democracy organizing; free software (Wikipedia, IMC Tech, numerous personal projects, lots of other stuff); independent media; free thought; marijuana and drug issues; Food Not Bombs; grassroots networking and organizing; getting to know those I want to work with most on a more intimate and human level, etc."

Columbia, Missouri: "Food Not Bombs, Cop Watch, local union, campus groups."

Grand Rapids, Michigan: "Critical Mass, anti-war organizing, and other stuff..."

Lisbon, Portugal: "Nothing specific."

Windsor: "Windsor Indymedia, Infoshop Windsor, I.W.W."

Sioux Falls, South Dakota: "Occasionally volunteer time and/or donate food items to local soup kitchen."

Reading, Penn.: "Green party, berks peace community."

Memphis, Tenn.: "Food Not Bombs, revolutions bike cooperative, media co-op."

Martin, South Dakota: "Popular education which cam be very inclusive of many projects but we are only just forming. We ( lakota student alliance) are pulling together a 30th anniversary of the wounded knee occupation, 2/27/03 here in the pine ridge area. All welcome. We are inviting noam chomski, though it may be too late, and Leonard Peltier's family as guest and speakers. All activist welcome financial help needed."

Apache Junction, Arizona: "I am isolated where I live like I said before."

Mt Prospect, Illinois: "Food Not Bombs, copwatch, etc."

Washington, DC: "Life, dealing with what's fucked up, creating what I want to see. Also, for the next question, I don't know anyone who gets their food from one place. What's with the "Please select one? They hurt you if you're trying to get an accurate result. Life is not binary."

Auckland, Aotearoa/New Zealand: "Indymedia."

Spring, Texas: "All the ones listed above are local organizations."

Chicago, Illinois: "Food Not Bombs."

Charlotte: "Tabling with anarchist literature, printing newsletter, putting together compilation anarchist readers... working towards time dollar and a collective house/community organizing."

Wantage, New Jersey: "Support groups for young mamas, teaching creative writing for hi-risk youth, teaching sex ed in local high schools, assertiveness classes for girls, workshops for parents on how to talk to thier kids about sex, etc..."

Borås, Sweden: "Antifascism, local union."

Madison, Wisc.: "Food Not Bombs, local co-ops - housing, bookstore, etc., community supported agriculture, local currency system (Madison Hours), local infoshop (UW Infoshop), local radical newspaper (Insurgent), Five Lakes Anarchist Guild (FLAG)."

Canberra, Australia: "Anarchist Radio."

Colorado Springs: "Off and on involved in critical mass, tried organizing Food Not Bombs, tried organizing service workers in my city, currently getting local radical journal started."

Madison, Wisc.: "Food Not Bombs, university anti-dissection campaign, collective building, multi-space, free skool."

Madrid, Spain: "Local Union."

Indiana: "Local environmental, youth advocate, anti-war."

Boston: "Boston Angry Tenants Unions."

College Park, Maryland: "Maryland Action Collective, Peace Forum, Homes Not Jails DC, Mayday DC, DC ACC."

Chicago: "Housing coop; low-income credit union; local neighborhood/community organization."

Washington, DC: "visions in feminism conference, transgender health empowerment, d.c. free food distro, sheesha palace cafe, portrait of the artist as a young trannie (my zine)."

Laurel, Maryland: "Amnesty International."

Orlando: "Basically, I try to get friends help me boycott McDonalds and stuff. A kind of slightly changing our lifestyles away from corporate influence."

Minneapolis: "Food co-op."

Chicago: "I have thought of trying to set-up a Food Not Bombs as well as getting involved with Anarchist Black Cross."

Baltimore: "Food Not Bombs, ARA, AFA, APF, ALFCIO, IWW, ACC."

Richmond: "Living wage coalition, Food Not Bombs, city workers' union, men dealing with activist sexism, a plethora of others."

Sarasota, Florida: "Food Not Bombs."

Orlando: "None, but Food Not Bombs or a similar organization close by does interest me."

London: "None at the moment except local AF group. Intending to join other local things."

Tampa: "I help find the homeless during my lunch break."

Indianapolis: "Food Not Bombs."

Balikpapan, East Borneo, Indonesia: "shop lifting, anti sexism act, propagandha!"

Chicago: "Food Not Bombs, Black Bloc."

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: "Pittsburgh organizing group, Pittsburgh prevention point, RESYST, CEASE!, Thomas Merton Center."

Boston: "Local unions."

Minneapolis: "I write a zine. I donate money to worthwhile causes. I try and make a difference while working within the corporate media structure. Blah blah blah."

Birmingham, UK: "Riot Grrrl Birmingham, Catalyst (said above, the gigs are good in getting local people in contact with radical politics)"

Denver: "Food Not Bombs, trampfest 2002, trampfest 2003, IWW."

Montreal: "ARA and I set up benefit show with my production company that go to local shelters and groups."

Madison, Wisconsin: "NB, EF!, IWW, food co-op, housing co-op, Anarchist Potluck, Creative People's Resistance."

Salem, Oregon: "Too many to list. Have minor involvement in more than a dozen."

West Virginia: "Campus Green Party, WV Peace, Amnesty Int. Upper Potomac."

St. Louis: "St. Louis anarcha-feminist group, IMC, Food Not Bombs."

Philadelphia: "Anti-racist education, movement building, class war education, etc."

Silver Spring, Maryland: "Electric Maid, Food Not Bombs (sort of) Crimethinc."

Marshall, Wisconsin: "None right now, I have a hard time finding such projects where I live."

Los Angeles: "Community center, community garden, gentrification free zone (gfz), brew not bombs, L.A. @ist of color."

Cliffside Park, New Jersey: "Food Not Bombs / Organizing Students."

Iowa City, Iowa: "Food Not Bombs, people for animal liberation, bike first, earth first."

West Hartford, Conn.: "Food Not Bombs, CT peace and justice coalition."

Salem, Virginia: "Projects that the aforementioned clubs do as well as working with local homeless projects, and attempting to start a local Food Not Bombs."

Madison, Wisc.: "Anarchist potluck, radical newspaper."

Minneapolis: "Free Radio Twin Cities."

Salem, Virginia: "Homelessness, feeding the poor."

San Francisco: "Food Not Bombs, SF City College Anarchist Library."

Kansas City: "Food Not Bombs, Solidarity and Unity Now."

San Francisco: "Food Not Bombs, local student activist groups."

Austin, Texas: "Food Not Bombs, vaguely with food co-op."

Newton, Massachusetts: "Union work, Food Not Bombs, critical mass."

Wise, Virginia: "There ain't any... I propagandize at shows."

Washington, DC: "I volunteer at Northwest Community House, a daycare for welfare, welfare to work, and homeless women and families."

Halifax, Nova Scotia: "Food Not Bombs."

Portland, Oregon: "Industrial Workers of the World; International Longshore and Warehouse Union."

Santa Cruz, California: "anti-war action within the student community, more soon."

Wilkes-Barre, Penn.: "Food Not Bombs, IWW, local Workers collective (Open Wide workers collective)."

Malta: "Currently there are two large fronts against the building of a golf course on agricultural land, and the destruction of the last valley in the southern part of Malta, Illegal immigrants aid."

New Brunswick, New Jersey: "Local Anti-Racist Action chapter, campaigns against the mayor and his gentrification agenda, attempting to make inroads towards doing housing work and union solidarity work."

Laguna Niguel, California: "Bullets not Ballots."

Miami, Florida: "Food Not Bombs, feminist awareness (NAS)."

Vancouver, Washington: "currently none that are part of the anarchist movement or activism groups, however I do volunteer at the Portland Audubon Society (though technically I'm too young), and I plan to get involved with Food Not Bombs, soon."

Denver: "Anti-war, steal what you need."

Yorktown Heights, New Jersey: "Amnesty, hudson clearwater revival"

Palm Springs, Calif.: "Hotel workers union local 309."

Austin, Texas: "A few local soup kitchens."

Schaarbeek, Belgium: "Anarchist Bookfair Gent, Belgium."

Somerville, Mass.: "Food Not Bombs."

Toronto: "Food Not Bombs."

Sandy, Utah: "Food Not Bombs."

Waukegan, Illinois: "Union organizing (on occasion), RedAlert Collective, creating Anarchist/socialist/radical socials, attempting to get on my feet and create coop house with some friends."

Montreal: "RedBlackFlag.Org, Montreal's IMC."

Canada: "Food Not Bombs; Toys Not Bombs; guerrilla gardening."

Sheffield, UK: "housing co-ops, prisoner support."

Milwaukee: "Earth First, various anti-war groups and anti-school of americas groups."

Homeless anarchist: "Forming anarchist groups, profoundization of anarchist militancy, building socio-economic projects."

Columbus, Ohio: "Whatever comes up."

Lexington, Virginia: "Local living wage campaign."

Seattle: "Local mens group, Food Not Bombs, coop food."

Edmonton, Alberta: "Food co-op, local union, women's centre and feminist collective."

Vergennes, Vermont: "Food Not Bombs, Cop Watch, Sexual awareness."

Brussels, Belgium: "Protests against war in iraq, inside and outside the campus."

Akron, Ohio: "Food Not Bombs, Rape Crisis Center of Akron, Highland Square Community Initiative, STAND against sweatshop labor, Students For Peace, Kent State peace movement, lots and lots of other stuff..."

Thunder Bay, Ontario: "University radio, a zine called "the Mill", I.W.W., worker run co-op, Indymedia."

Sydney, Australia: "Food Not Bombs, Reclaim the Streets, social centre network, theham-(anarchist/autonomist newsheet), black rose anarchist books, others from time to time."

Belgium: "Local Union, Anti-War group."

Storrs, Connecticut: "Food Not Bombs, local unions, food-co-op, prison book project."

Beirut, Lebanon: "Anti-War, Independence from the syrian domination, Freedom."

Oakland: "SF Coalition on Homelessness, Against Patriarchy Men's Group..."

Kingston, New York: "Kingston collective space project."

Toronto: "Food Not Bombs."

New York City: "Food Not Bombs, ABC no rio, Class War crew."

Merritt, British Columbia: "LASC."

Tijuana, California: "FAQ, zapatismo."

Warsaw, Indiana: "We don't have anything locally."

Berlin, Germany: "The pingpong-Guerilla."

Arlington, Massachusetts: "Food Not Bombs, prison books project."

Atlanta: "Local union, welfare rights group, living wage campaign, Critical Resistance."

Tacoma, Washington: "Food Not Bombs mostly."

Hackettstown, New Jersey: "Just a group of friends leafletting and hanging banners, etc."

Sacramento: "Food Not Bombs, earth first, end homelessness."

Tampa: "Freelance writer, protests at MacDill (CENTCOM)."

Eugene, Oregon: "Cop Watch."

Minneapolis: "Got No Class."

Berkeley, California: "Prison Literature Project, SF indymedia editorial, critical mass, reclaim the streets, writing articles-eat the State."

Austin, Texas: "Austin Against War."

Portland, Oregon: "Building computers for Latin America."

Los Angeles: "Rather not say. Patriot act has me spooked."

Frederick, Maryland: "Have participated in Food Not Bombs, Homes Not Jails, etc. but was not impressed with these groups because of prior mentioned social snobbery, people taking pseudo- 'leadership' roles, and just plain old poor communication skills."

Simla, Colorado: "All sorts of things."

Vancouver, Washington: "Food Not Bombs, the student book collective."

Brisbane, Australia: "I've been involved with most of these when I can, worked more behind the scenes."

North Platte, Nebraska: "Cop Watch, alternative schools, convict rehab."

Midwest, United States: "It's all about the urban guerilla action, groups force conformity."

Tucson, Arizona: "Food Not Bombs, IMC, all of the above."

Oxford, UK: "Graffiti occasionally."

New Westminster, British Columbia: "Anti-war movement."

Rochester, Minnesota: "Catholic Worker House."

Dundee, UK: "Faslane Peace Camp."

Edinburgh, Scotland: "Ace, counter-info, prisoner-support, indymedia, north edinburgh welcomes refugees, computer coop, and others."

Aurora, Colorado: "Food Not Bombs, food bank, anti-war action, my zine."

Manchester, UK: "NATO (Northern Arts Tactical Offensive) Beyond TV."

Toronto: "Food co-op, local union, housing co-op."

Toronto: "Student organizing, anti-war."

Portland, Oregon: "Anti-bush, anti-war."

Ankara, Turkey: "Magazine publishing, anti white-cell demos and direct actions, anti militarist and anti war demos/direct actions."

Stockholm, Sweden: "Local union."

Los Angeles: "Critical Mass."

Dublin, Ireland: "Dublin City Campaign Against Bin Charges, Trade Unionists against social partnership."

Cork, Ireland: "Adbusters."

Pittsburgh, PA: "Anti war and anti-capitalist organizing."

Stockbridge, Massachusetts: "Community Conversations ( Berkshire Win Without War."

Quebec: "Indymedia (active reporter)."

Portland, Oregon: "Co-op, farming."

St. Louis: "IMC, community arts and media project."

Concord, California: "Food Not Bombs."

Oxfordshire, UK: "Asylum seekers support. (bet you get more Brits mentioning that than elsewhere - it's a hot NewsCorp topic here)."

Sherbrooke, Québec: "Fair Trade, organic and locally sustainable agriculture, student unionizing, on-campus anti-monopoly initiatives (against anti-competition contracts signed by Chartwells Alimentation Group and Libraries GGC with the university administration)."

Torslanda, Sweden: "Food Not Bombs."

San Francisco: "Reclaiming."

San Francisco: "Ad-hoc @parenting group HeadsUp."

Oakland: "Art and revolution collective, action for local global justice, (both work on community struggles and celebrations)"

Tucson, Arizona: "Border Action Network campaigns, fundraising, awareness and art stuff."

Philadelphia: "AWARE (allies working for anti-racist education), TUGSA (temple university union)."

Oakland (non-anarchist): "INS Watch."

San Francisco: "Men against patriachy discussion group, I was doing Food Not Bombs for about 8 years."

Sonoma County, California: "Bio-diesel, info shop, Food Not Bombs, food not lawns , permaculture."

St. Louis: "Food Not Bombs."

Brooklyn: "Video, journalism, food co-op, Critical Mass."

Prague, Czech Republic: "Efor activism."

Newark, New Jersey: "I have trouble knowing what an "activist" group is...I am part of the Ever Reviled Records Workers' Collective, I rock in Hopeless Dregs of Humanity, I write for Impact Press, I work with New Jersey Independent Media Center, and I do my own independent work with the "Deicide Committee for Direct Action". I am a committee of one."

St. Petersburg, Florida: "Food Not Bombs."

Portland, Oregon: "Women's group."

Australia: "Union campaigns, international solidarity, anti-war, anti-fascist."

Santa Cruz, California: "My union."

Brisbane, Australia: "Community radio 4zzzfm, animal emancipation..."

Glassboro, New Jersey: "Food Not Bombs', west philly and Trenton."

Brisbane, Australia: "Brisbane Indymedia; Brew Not Boombs; Stop Food Irradiation Alliance; 4ZZZfm; Anarcon (Australian National Anarchist Conference) general media activism such as zines, posters, audio, flyers + 4ZZZfm and Indymedia."

Victoria, British Columbia: "Food Not Bombs, Community Solidarity Council."

Willimantic, Connecticut: "local anti-war activity, food co-op, sporadically with local Food Not Bombs, student prisoner solidarity network-- getting books to prisoners."

Tel-Aviv, Israel: "Indymedia radio station."

New York City: "Legal support work; publishing; international mutual aid; co-housing/anarchist community space."

Lansing, Michigan: "Nothing currently, unfortunately., we have been really caught up in the antiwar/anti-globalization stuff for a while now."

Pasadena, California: "Food Not Bombs, cop watch, womyns repro, Reclaim the Streets, anti war."

Columbus, Ohio: "Food Not Bombs."


Sao Paulo, Brazil: "I was in a tree sit...I'm really isolated at the moment because I move around a lot and seldom establish connections when I'm traveling in other countries, as I am now. Lets just say I'm trying to be a one-man army..."

Berkeley, California: "Food Not Bombs, Catholic Worker."

Ashland, Oregon: "I tried to become involved with the "Media Collective" at Southern Oregon University in Ashland but the organizer was anything but and the whole thing was dominated by ineffectual primitivists. Plus the fact that to be a part of their 'collective' you have to be a student. Fuck that. I buy from the local food co-op when I can afford their prices."

White Plains, New York: "Anti-war, union solidarity."

Tucson, Arizona: "Border Action Network."

Toronto: "CUPE 1281 - my union, OPIRG York - I work for 'em, CHRY 105.5fm - campus/commuity radio station where I do a radio show, NCRA/ANREC - I work for 'em, Jane Finch Community Family Centre - ally."

Thunder Bay, Ontario: "Food Action Network, Shop Local Committee."

Arkansas: "Peace conspiracy peace train to CODEPINK4PEACE!"

East Lansing, Michigan: "Student Housing."

Minneapolis: "New Alexandria Library, Bisexual Organizing Project, local food coop, science fiction conventions."

Tucson, Arizona: "Speaker series, zine publishing, anarchist underground tea house, stopping sexism, and racism, HS and college student education."

Córdoba, Argentina: "Asambleas populares, Cooperativas de trabajo, Cooperativa de ahorro y crédito, Okupación, Propaganda."

Calgary: "Anti-racist action."

Indianapolis: "Food Not Bombs."

Tempe, Arizona: "Redecoration of public space, sabotage of social norms, subversion of law and order. Redistributer, agitator."

Brisbane, Australia: "I help out with anything I can."

North Carolina: "Earth First."

Eugene, Oregon: "Food Not Bombs, Anarchist Black Cross/Break the Chains."

Southern California: "REACH center, lbFood Not Bombs, asian pacific islander radio collective for Pacifica."

Denver: "Local General Membership Branch, IWW."

Toronto: "OCAP, CUPE (Canadian Union of Public Employees)."

Lancaster, PA: "Lancaster Peace Action."

Montréal: "Indymedia-Québec."

Washington, DC: "Anti-capitalist people of color, & starting some of my own - local SHAC, local free support group, etc."

Berkeley, California: "Study group; annual theory conference."

Chicago: "Food Not Bombs, feminst/queer-posi distro, an autonomous zone store/library/space."

Houston: "Copwatch, Houston IMC, Anarchist Black Cross, various prisoner defense committees."

Shipyard, Maine: "Infoshop, Radical zine, Autnomous Community center."

DeKalb, Illinois: "Lately, just anti-war stuff."

Houston: "Food Not Bombs, black daisy collective.. or rather the nameless group it turned into."

Somerville, Massachusetts (socialist): "Boston Community Cooperatives; a local Jewish socialist choir that performs at activist and cultural events; various short-term ad-hoc things as they come up."

Chicago: "Uprise! (an extra-union group at UPS)."

Los Angeles: "Local community center/radical bookstore."

Monterey, California: "Food Not Bombs."

Oslo, Norway: "Autonome youth centre, vegetarian cafe, infoshop/culture center."

Peoria, Illinois: "Food Not Bombs, anti-war protests, dumpster diving, we know who you are productions, ara, benefit shows, protests of matt hale, Crimethinc, getting Crimethinc material in hot topic."

Urbana, Illinois: "Indymedia, critical mass, community web hosting, my union, cooperative housing, community radio, micro power radio, DIY shows, community folk sing group."

Philipsgrad, Netherlands: "Neighborhood look-out for elderly people, rent-control, green-life, we're regular tree-huggin' City-dwellers in ze Neverlandz!"

Austin, Texas: "Monkeywrench books (radical bookstore here in Austin), anarchist soccer, making anarchist art."

Oslo, Norway: "Local open access internet, radical library, infoshop."

Greensboro, North Carolina: "Animal rights."

United States: "Food Not Bombs, local food coop, Anti War organizing, bike activism."

Salamanca, Spain: "Propaganda...from a lot projects."

Portland, Maine: "Various Public Access shows that advocate for general public at the local level."

San Diego: "Che Cafe Collective, I run a radical book distro/tabling project, Alliance For Freedom and Direct Democracy."

New York City: "Food Not Bombs, Infoshop, anarcha-feminist discussion group, eco-defence work."

Portland, Maine: "Prisoner support, sustainable living, media, anti-war."

Boston: "Anti-oppression task force where I work."

Providence, Rhode Island: "CURRENTLY: none (am writing a thesis). RECENTLY: Food Not Bombs; food coop; anti-war; local direct-action affinity group."

San Francisco: "1 cooperative community space, alternative food distro program."

Olympia, Washington: "Affinity-Group building projects."

Berlin, Germany: "Lots."

Jacksonville, Florida: "Peace movement."

Jessheim, Norway: "None, yet. I will soon be involved with Food Not Bombs."

New Brunswick, New Jersey: "Food Not Bombs, IWW."

Brooklyn: "Local independent newspaper."

Richmond, Virginia: "Food Not Bombs, Better Days Collective."

Palo Alto, California: "Palo alto revolutionary army."

Minneapolis: "Antiwar resolution, bill of rights defense committee, anti-police brutality, anti-no-camping laws."

New Brunswick, New Jersey: "HEP/CAT (food and clothing distribution, community schools), Albus Cavus (community art gallery)."

Ottawa, Ontario: "Local union, local anti-capitalist event-based organizing."

East Coast, USA: "Only major demonstrations. I help out as much as I can."

Maryland: "AFSCME/College Park United."

Vancouver: "Fairly independent practical anarchy."

Madison, Wisconsin: "Trying to work with Food Not Bombs in setting up shows, but not a part of Food Not Bombs."

Brooklyn: "Rock Stars Against the War."

Antwerp: "I'm actually detached from my local neighbourhood right now, because of my studies."

Iowa City, Iowa: "Food Not Bombs, Radical Cheerleaders."

Washington, DC: "Friends."

Tallahassee, Florida: "Local free-education coalition (CPE,) local infocenter, private projects."

San Francisco: "Street medics, queer activism, alternative media."

Zephyrhills, Florida: "School politics club, which I am the founder of...I've gotten a few people to realize there are alternates to what has always been."

Montréal: "Right now, none...organizing a demo for the annual GA of a Bank!"

Wellington, Aotearoa/New Zealand: "Anarchist communist group, anti-war group, direct action anti-motorway group, indymedia."

Whittier, California: "Food Not Bombs, uaf (united anarchist front)."

Columbia, Missouri: "Occasionally Food Not Bombs and ARA..."

Zagreb, Croatia: "Books to prisoners, Food Not Bombs."

Winters, California: "Food Not Bombs, union."

Ottawa, Ontario: "Many activist groups are underground, and members may not be willing to give themselves up."

New York City: "Bike messengers."

Lafayette, Indiana: "Food co-op, crisis center."

Milwaukee: "Food Not Bombs, Cop Watch and Riverwest Zone Defense."

Fredericton, New Brunswick: "Pro-Bono Students Canada, Enivronmental Law Society, Indymedia Maritimes."

San Francisco: "Advocacy for terminally ill women prisoners, housing for low-income peeps"

Great Barrington, Massachusetts: "Tenant organizing campaign, anti-war direct action campaigns, Living Wage."

River Vale, New Jersey: "Local union stuff."

Savannah, Georgia: "Food Not Bombs, Democracy Summer ("

Kansas City: "Community RAdio 90.1 KKFI, Food Not Bombs."

Hamilton, Aotearoa/New Zealand: "Union."

Lawrence, Kansas: "Work with local anarchists on an ad hoc basis."

East Los Angeles: "Flor y Canto, Brew not Bombs, Anarchist People of Color, Radio Clandestina."

Louisville: "Cop watch, autonomous community center, insurrectionary organizing collective, guerilla gardening/permaculture project, possible psychogeographical society."

Jaffa, Israel: "Infoshop, rts + indymedia, green action, no border, taayush, ISM."

Lisbon, Portugal: "An anarchist paper; a workers library; an internet project."

Ankara, Turkey: "Local union (KESK-but not anarchist; it is rather a mass union)."

Ottawa, Ontario: "Food Not Bombs, Youth Against War."

Montreal: "Alternative Bookshop; Montreal Anarchist Bookfair Collective; various anti-poverty, anti-police brutality, pro-immigrant and social housing initiatives."

Oakland: "UCAWAR (organizing opposition to the war in people of color communities. DRUM (desis risisng up and moving) - organizing with new immigrant communities inside and out of detention centers."

Victorville, California: "Wheat pasting little none inarguable facts that expose our excessive hierarchy in the military, governmental, and corporate structures for the corrupt filth it is and the dangers of it's reach and virulency."

Torrance, California: "Online projects (Freenet Project, Invisible IRC Proxy,"

Toronto suburbs: "local union to some extent, but mostly issue specific direct action."

Erie, Pennsylvania: "I make and give away radical products of my own designs - shirts, posters, etc."

United States: "Copwatch, Food Not Bombs, music."

San Antonio: "Food Not Bombs."

Madison: "Food Not Bombs, infoshop, IMC."

Indianapolis: "Food Not Bombs, Solidarity Bookshop, FIRE (feminist group), gardening, etc. "

Annapolis: "Food Not Bombs."

Rochester: "None yet - Still trying to find local projects in my area."

Martinsburg, PA: "Making bumper stickers with anarchist ideas or protesting current issues and putting them on my car, just trying to get the word out."

Baltimore: "Food Not Bombs, helping poor parents find community support."

Dearborn Heights, Michigan: "Looking forward to spending time working with the Lansing Infoshop."

Berkeley: "Student housing & food co-op, fluid gender & sexuality group, free school anarchist reading group, forming local self defense group, union organizing campaign."

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