Infoshop Survey 2002 Results - What part of should be improved or expanded?

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At the end of December 2002 and throughout the month of January 2003, ran a comprehensive online poll of our visitors and what we hoped would be a cross section of the anarchist movement in the United States. Few polls have been done with anarchists as the subjects, so there is little empirical data on who anarchists are, how they live their lives, and what they think about stuff.

Below you will find the FINAL RESULTS from the this section of the survey.

The data below was taken from 922 surveys.

What part of should be improved or expanded? What new directions should pursue?

Oklahoma: "I noticed that there is little information on the "Green" page. I really like the Youth section, and I think it should definitely be expanded/promoted."

Finland: "Emphasis on struggles OUTSIDE that anarchist "ghetto." I don't know what could be more important. It is pretty much useless to struggle just for a bigger anarchist community, it will only lead to autonomist kind of outside counterculture ghetto."

Boston: "Networking between regions, "scene reports" by city"

Arizona: "Perhaps taking the best of original content created by anarchists that is contributed to the website and putting out a newspaper of some sort. "

Boston: "I dunno, I just read the news wire..."

Philadelphia: "To not put such an emphasis and focus on Post-Leftism"

Arizona: "More fundraising."

Philadelphia: "More information on political prisoners and exact information on how to write to them and how to set up support systems for them. This should NOT just focus on anarchist political prisoners, because ...ya know...all prisoners are political prisoners. Maybe a free?posting section where people can post the name and addresses of family members and friends in prison who want to receive radical literature."

Young anarchist: "I say Fuck who ever gives you shit about it and call for a revolt! they try to lock you up I'll bust you out my self because Infoshop could be what makes or breaks the revolution (again speaking about America) I just don't see what every one is waiting around for."

Kansas City: "it should pursue an active chat system"

Chicago suburbs: "try to organize national campaigns, maybe monthly. different cause each month. it would make infoshop grow as well as our communities."

Ontario: "Inspire more creation and new ideas. DIY materials. Educate more about emotional issues and not just political or economic. "

Mexico City: "It would like to see it become more collective."

Nebraska: "The news kiosk is doing better. I think you should start focusing on networking features. The Net is a lame place for people to meet, but its better than nothing. "

Athens, Ohio: "Forming other infoshop websites concentrating on other parts of the country and world, like indymedia... maybe have users be able to add things to different parts of website."

Indianapolis: "I would emphasize overall depth. I know you all do what you can, but I wish that all these areas, forums, and topics that reflect all these interests could get more individual attention, so that they can be more useful on a continuous basis."

San Francisco: "an increased emphasis on collaboration and radical regroupment"

Edmonton, Alberta: "Link to options, but instead of opening to a screen of options first, I want people to get the message RIGHT in front of them: Literal blueprints on everything they can do, and up-to-the-second information on what's happening right now, sorted by location and subject, with quick comments on what's best for it, in simplest form. Also differentiate a news source or someone just asking for help (include any substandard sources that might know them anyways). Also carry a concise information packet explaining exactly what a runaway can do, regardless of authority, and people that might help (again, not necessarily orthodox). Emphasize that we are to have compassion for one another, and not just a network to start projects. Though this is more personal, I emphasize that girls are being raped by the second, and we must put the rapists on trial (legal or not) without delay, and we must save those girls, and all who could be near such a situation. Kids shouldn't be stuck with their fucking parents."

Terre Haute, IN: drug legalization would be a nice topic to cover (or maybe I haven't found it yet)...but your site in my opinion is rather nice how it is, I just wish I read half the links I click on.

Zaragoza, Spain: Get a broad scope in thinking. There are not anarchist material and writers that are well worthy. i think in Toni Negri, De Bono's methods of pararell thinking or the scientefic trend about autoorganizations and descentrallism. To have or not to have an "anarchist label" doesn mean nothing about quality and/or useablity of material.

Besides that, i think you are doing good work in infoshop.

Southeast USA: Less focus on the Internet, more on real life. less criticism of other non-anarchists in the movement, and a more positive attitude towards movement building and coalition building with those who have different ideas, experiences, ideologies, etc. less dogmatism and left-bashing...

Australia: more forums, more anarchist teacher resources.

Phoenix: The various pages with contact info for groups need to be updated to be useful at all. I even checked all the anti-cop kiosk links and sent an e-mail with the broken ones, but it still hasn't been updated (since before this summer). The images page could be immensely better.

Edmonton: AnarchoHood

Levis, Quebec: should continue to educate young activists to guide them through activism world... as anarchists, we need to get in touch with people who want that things change....

Eugene, Oregon: More reason for participation by and outreach to radical feminists and indigenous activists.

New Orleans: Make the front page more directed, there's too much on it. its overwelming, especially to a first-time visitor. make the front page have just a few links and maybe a link to each section the other links fall under, and update it with the latest additions to infoshop, or you could feature certain sections of the site you want to promote.

Washington, DC: keep more updated with current events (protests, conferences, local meetings)

Hanford, California: I find the "News" section difficult to browse...but that's just me.

Bellingham, Washington: There is a LOT of material on Infoshop. And as a consequence, I think, a LOT of it never gets updated. Navigation around the site is also difficult.

United States: "log on to post"

Troy, Michigan: "no new directions but a new call to arms and a more seriously showing outlook on what we need to acomplish, why we need to be free, and how we can do so. A more clear cut view of why we are slaves to goverments, materialism and ect. and what freedom truly is anarchy."

Tempe, Arizona: "develop a secret bank account to fund the purchase of WMD, as well as facilitate the training of guerilla revolutionaries a la' school of the america's. all of this should be done without uncle scam getting tipped off. sorry for the complete uselessness of my suggestions chuck-o."

Lawrence, KS: more "news" (Indymedia-esque)

Waterford, California: "More news sections..Prisoner updates..."

Salt Lake City: "More Practical Anarchism/DIY stuff."

Portland, Oregon: "There needs to be more networking and resources for local anarchists. Portland has a thriving anarchist community but just about none of the resources can be found online (our fault)."

Willimantic, Connecticut: "In terms of HOW you do things and not just WHAT you do, I think you are making the right move to make Infoshop more collaborative. It's gotten too big for just one person. If you can demonstrate good group decision-making behind the scenes, you would not only continue to provide a fine service but you could teach other folks a good lesson or two. (Hint, hint, IMC-Global.)"

Rural anarchist: "The homepage needs to be made simpler to navigate. It's somewhat intimidating to be immediately hit with a hundred links. Support anarchist poetry. Create a showcase for radical wordplay. There's a lot of sappy poetic shit out there, but some very good stuff also. The movement is missing music. You can't dance in any revolution if there's no music. Support anarchist bands. Dear Emma, the Money & Economics guide, Harass the Brass, etc., are all great projects. Keep thinking up this stuff."

Springfield, Virginia: "Like what you plan to do now."

Connecticut: ", like the rest of the movement, needs to orient itself less to the already-converted, and more outwardly towards people who aren't familiar with revolutionary politics"

Alabama: "ANARCHY YOUTH! Ya'll ain't got shit in there!"

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida: "More original articles and discussions on interesting topics that relate to anarchism. Infoshop IRC chat to chat in real-time."

Akron, Ohio: "Keeping the 'older' sections up to date and vital seems important. That would really strengthen everything else, I think. And somehow 'inter-relate' the different pages, to make them relevant to each other. Otherwise, interesting direction (and needed) for the new sections, I'd say. Expanding and strengthening links to local scenes would be helpful and enlightening. Adopting a page seems important too. It seems to have worked well for many different ZNet Watch sites."

Olympia, Washington: "Should improve on more anarchist perspective on the news stories. I often seek a place to find an anarchist analysis of recent headlines but usually just get opinions. New directions, more humor, more attractive to newcomers."

Cleveland: "More regional info... or maybe free website hosting for local/regional anarchist coalitions/collectives/groups/projects."

Quebec City: "You should continue to put links to pictures during big protests like you did before."

Rhode Island: "I just wish there was more local shit for me!!! and being a minor I can't really get out as much as I wish...should get an street team.."

Montreal: "Keep it affordable."

Iceland: "Distribution of pamphlets for the unaware public internationally."

Boston: "The Interactive Newswire, where folks post comments should be set up in a way where people log on in order to post comments. Therefore, the person posting could ONLY post as who they are, that way we you wouldn't have 500 people posting as "makhno" and avoid all the bullshit flaming."

Lancaster, Pennsylvania: "I already told you... expand/improve the anarchist matchmaker! on a more serious note... I think all the kiosks and sections that are in any way incomplete need to be finished before making purely cosmetic changes (such as the link that brought me to this survey)."

Hawaii: "More downloadable/printable pamphlets/fliers/posters."

Peterborough, Ontario: "Hmm, its going in a good direction already. but maybe more stuff about non-anarchist libertarian communism would be nice."

Indianapolis: "Help anarchist find other anarchist in their area."

Columbia, South Carolina: "Anarchy Youth! There must be tons of kids coming here and they need a good resource when they visit to get them coming back."

Arizona: "You rock thanks for all the work that you do."

Detroit: "Stronger critique of where we are at, and less annoying back and forth squabbling, it takes forever to load pages with stupid redundant bickering."

Boston: "Infoshop should serve as more of a meeting place for anarchists. A sort of hub from which awareness of more real life activities and organizing could spring."

New Brunswick, New Jersey: "Less images on the front page, I'm still using dial up, and it sometimes takes a while."

Baltimore: "More participatory moderation of newswire. User logins for newswire."

Ireland: "Graphics, more on line texts (spunk used to be great till it slowed so much)."

Indiana: "I'm definitely excited about the store idea. I always feel guilty when I buy clothes, and I can never find any good anarchist books at stores. This would be a great addition to the site."

Redondo Beach, California: "The organization debate - stop the insanity! But what can you do? Eliminate posts after the news items? That would suck because I do learn a lot from other people's posts and sometimes have my own comments or questions. Seems some folks just like to argue or 'win' some theoretical debate. It becomes a drag to read through some of that stuff."

Philadelphia: "it would be nice to see an organizing section with how tos on community organizing and lots of printable material (flyers and pamphlets) for use by the spontaneous or less experiences activists to use. The Struggle site has some good examples."

Sioux City, Iowa: "Would general like more quality and quantity of global news."

Sudbury, Ontario: "More downloads."

Victoria, British Columbia: "I really wish there was more feminist and anti-racist content, especially ways to help people deal with their own privilege."

Columbia, Missouri: "It's a good resource as it is. Anything can be made better, but don't kill yourself working at it too much!"

Belgrade, Serbia: "It is very nice this way...."

Guelp, Ontario: "Comprehensive guide of anarchist resources around the world; like the Anarchist Yellow Pages, but more updated."

Seminole, Florida: "I would really like to see a more organized list of events or calendar of upcoming things like protests, conferences, concerts, gatherings, etc."

Los Angeles: "DIY info on squatting, gardening, zines , radio and some ways to disrupt say TV sabotage."

St. Louis: "The youth pages should also be expanded, as well as the riot grrrl blurb."

Galveston, Texas: "The news should feature more articles, so much is going on and it all can be spoke of I understand but I and others that I know would be willing to write articles that are relative to current events."

Columbus, Ohio: "Perhaps some forums that can be used by activists to discuss and network, perhaps hold meetings on."

Windsor, Ontario: "No opinion, though I guess the FAQ could always use a few updates. Some of the less-frequently asked questions are still worthy of answers."

Ft. Bragg, North Carolina: "The materials in Harass the Brass are a bit dated. With this impending war on Iraq coming, some of us military people might want to see alternatives. I'm thinking of fleeing the country if I get stop lost. I'm only 41 days from being a free man, I'll be damned if I get held back for some horse shit."

New York City: "More non-anarchist-defined anti-authoritarian info; more council communism."

Colorado: "Anarchy youth never has anything worthwhile and I spend a lot of time dealing with youth because they are my hope i have very little faith in the generations before me but I think if the youth I see day in and day out can lay of the drugs for long enough to see what the real world looks like then they will wake up and take a stand and i want to be the one there holding out propaganda and networking info for them to learn and communicate with others who are on the same level politically."

Inland Empire, California: "First of all I think infoshop is an awesome site! One thing I would add is a more upfront way of connecting anarchists with other anarchists or local anarchist organizations. I also believe it would be great to make the web site for non-anarchists or a large portion of it. Just some thoughts! Thanks."

Ontario, California: "People mainly get caught up in the whole idea of a scene, so definitely expand the anarchist neighborhood section."

Ocala, Florida: "Love infoshop, I just wish that more people took advantage of it all (including me.) Also if your having such a problem with money why don't you get in touch with more of the local anarchist music scene across the country to have benefits for the site? I know it's not there responsibility but I'm sure there are plenty of bands that are more than likely to help. I'm sure you already thought of that though. Just trying to help."

Detroit: "More news, and insightful criticisms."

New Orleans: "Make the front page more directed, there's too much on it. It's overwhelming, especially to a first-time visitor. Make the front page have just a few links and maybe a link to each section the other links fall under, and update it with the latest additions to infoshop, or you could feature certain sections of the site you want to promote."

Washington, DC: "Keep more updated with current events (protests, conferences, local meetings)."

Hanford, California: "I find the 'News' section difficult to browse...but that's just me."

Beavercreek, Ohio: "I am intrigued by the corporate database idea, perhaps a history of activist legal battles that the international corps have had to deal with?"

Lexington, Kentucky: "Obviously, as one not connected, I'd like to see Infoshop be more of a conduit for those of us in the hinterlands to connect with others near us. Of course, it's entirely possible that there's no one out there."

San Jose: "The news is obviously the best one-stop source of info that I always read. The addition of the news summery is even better, now is my main news source. Adding more opinions pieces would be good, or anarchist commentary on current events would be good. But also if infoshop could expand in Spanish and other languages used in the US to promote anarchism among different language groups. I also enjoy the insights to the anarchist movement around the world."

Malden, Massachusetts: "The collective of people who run Dependence on one person makes it vulnerable and potentially skewed."

Montreal: "Make it a proper portal. Then it would be my start up page."

Perth, Western Australia: "I like it all. Great work, Chuck0!"

Longmeadow, Massachusetts: "The current proportion is quite nice."

United States: "People need to do more billboard work. We need to really get on that. Fuck electronics for right now."

Amarillo, Texas: "The store would be great."

Tempe, Arizona: "Can't think of much, but perhaps you could have more links to sites that have radical graphics for people who make fliers and posters, etc."

Juneau, Alaska: "Anarchist health care. Anarchist health care networking. Anarchist porn."

Corvallis, Oregon: "Seems like your lacking race analysis, anarchists of color beyond links to certain sites...maybe I am not finding it?"

Vancouver: "Discussion board(s)/'chat' rooms."

Madison: "I'd like to see more in the anarchy youth section, its rather bare. I'd also like to see more direct links to printable pamphlets on various news topics."

Hartford, Connecticut: "I'd like to see a queer section."

Copenhagen: "Too much US of A..."

Gainesville: "The site so immense that I can't possibly give a good answer--I don't even know everything that's on here to begin with."

New York City: "How about spreading some files through p2p networks ? Especially overnet/edonkey: you can put links to files on the p2p network from web pages (see concept at work : This way we could make some radical stuff available to the online file leeching masses!"

Fredericton, New Brunswick: "More graphics - more queer/trans content."

Fredericton, New Brunswick: "Provide downloadable propaganda on timely issues."

Camdenton, Missouri: "I thought you already asked, and I didn't know then either, sorry. Haven't browsed around this site much besides the news."

Boston: "Seek volunteers! I've volunteered before, but there's no communication. There are plenty of people that would be willing to help you out."

Ottawa, Ontario: "More graphics."

Albany: "Anarchist Networker, Anarchist Neighboorhood. I think we need to make it easier to connect with other anarchists, even if (*especially* if) there are few local organizations in your area."

Adelaide, Australia: "I really don't know, I think you do a good job now. You have started to get more input from around the globe, which is think is good. I think it would be excellent if you could have some kind of Chinese language version."

Seoul, Korea: "Non-English content. Anarchism in other countries. Reports and information on movements from other countries. Cleaned up interface. Translation software, expanded forums, and message boards."

Reading, Pennsylvania: "I really like the rideboard idea. Wish more people would post..."

Coventry, UK: "It's good as it is, but the how to and youth sections could do with expanding a bit, as they're a bit sparse. Also the FAQ might need to be made a bit clearer and more easily understandable."

Lansford, Pennsylvania: "I have not explored infoshop in its entirety yet."

Santa Cruz, California: "The page needs to expand itself, it needs to focus on race/ism a whole lot more, this would be a good thing for infoshop."

Canberra, Australia: "What happened to the Spunk Library? More texts wanted, with a focus on what's not available at other archives. In general, cutting out the dead wood. The front page has too many sections and too many links, many of them obsolete/chaff, lots of overlap, stuff isn't that easy to find. TAZ - update, re-organise. Instead of the header with News and FAQ perhaps a section that has captions for these central features - explaining what they are ( e.g. that the news is interactive), and drawing attention to them. News - less focus on Indymedia look-a-like stuff, (protests etc.) Less Emma. She isn't that special. Less emphasis on AJODA agenda and lifestylist trash in the panels."

Singapore: "Links to anarchists around the world."

Tallahassee: "More youth information! More youth how-to and youth DIY! Infoshop should pursue more anti-war as well."

Burlington, Ontario: "Expanding the base of people operating MIRRORS MIRRORS MIRRORS .... Let's decentralize this operation. Last thing we need Chuck0 is for to get picked up by the feds and disappears."

Durango, Colorado: "I'd like to see the economics section expanded. I think more how-to stuff would be really beneficial. Also, if there could be some sort of work on building a directory of anarchists or anarchist organizations, that would be really cool too. I guess something like that would make it that much easier for the government to spy on us though, so I'm not sure."

Los Angeles: "I think you guys are doing a good job now. It would be nice to have a more regionally focused version."

Calgary: "The sections dealing with resources."

Wellington City, Aotearoa/New Zealand: "Personals for relationships, sex, swinging etc."


Washington, DC: "'s.wrong.with.OTHER.people."

Berkeley: "More Collaborative projects with people in different cities."

Auburn, Michigan: "Can't comment. I discovered the infoshop concept several years ago, and have always considered it a great idea. For me, it was always something happening far away, in a place I cannot get to in person, so that I never got around to looking closely at what people have done (and are doing) with infoshops."

Denver: "Much better anti-patriarchy/feminist analysis that is current."

Toledo, Ohio: "Expanding the reading list."

Rural Georgia, USA: "It could stand a simple directory- when I've been to infoshop before, i didn't know it had all the stuff you mentioned, and still wouldn't know where to find it."

Newport News, Virginia: "Promotion, more news updates, and more editorials."

Cornwall, Ontario: "Go nuts. Propaganda, resources... I really like the idea of more DIY guide stuff."

Arcata, California: "I think you should have a much better directory of anarchist groups... but then again I'm working on such a beast and you're welcome to use it when it's ready. I like the anarchist neighborhoood stuff..."

Los Angeles: "Definitely a lot more on post-left anarchy and primitivism. The content so far on the post-left anarchy page is great, and the 'big tent' concept is sound but I don't think there's a whole lot of green anarchist stuff. Why not a green anarchist kiosk? I'd contribute."

United States: "More foreign language sections. Yeah, I know it takes volunteers and time, but cross-cultural outreach is important."

Rowley, Mass.: "This is a great resource but not well known, I think you're doing what you can but the more that know (about the site), the more that will join the debate. Ignorance is the enemy!"

New York City: "I find the discussion forums (News and then forums) most interesting. It's a good format, news or an article is put up and people comment on it. Secondarily, writings from Proudhon to Chomsky to the Anarchist FAQ, as well as the web pages of various anarchist groups are interesting. As far as new directions - interactive is good (forums), collaboration, coordination, p2p, whatever. Give power to the people who use the site, empower them. Most software written is commercial and authoritarian, WE are the ones who have to write software that empowers the user, not the server or the server's administrator."

Cleveland: "Perhaps if you were to give a brief explanation of the links, that would be helpful."

Boulder, Colorado: "I think you're doing alright!"

Mobile, Alabama: "I think it's doing well."

Yonkers, NY: "More coverage on artistic anarchists."

Nevada City, California: "Along w/reading lists, expand links. Include links to sites (or add kiosks to Infoshop) that provide DIY/how-to info for various types of monkeywrenching, culture-jamming, etc. (maybe you should be careful of posting explosives recipes in light of what happened to RTF!)."

Austin, Texas: "Infoshop kicks ass already."

Anaheim, California: "There should be more quotes. New ones each month or something of that sort."

New York City: "The index page has so much on it that it's a little hard to navigate."

United States: "I would like to see as much anarchist relevant material as is possible in the store."

Providence, Rhode Island: "Less lifestyle, more real organizing featured."

Quebec: "Reorganization of sections into a coherent whole. It is too easy to get lost in the navigation, and find material I am looking for. Also, there is a lot of material that is outdated (bad links) and in need of maintenance."

Dorchester, UK: "Online store, reliable and easy to use."

Halifax, Nova Scotia: "Lots more historical stuff. More on privacy, info on police/state surveillance and harassment and similar topics. "

Pittsburg, California: "Lots and lots more links."

Berkeley, California: "Infoshop is quite expanded as it is. I'd like to see more explicitly anarchist content."

Edmonton, Alberta: "I can't think of anything specifically. It's a great website; it's the first place i send people who are just getting into anarchism."

Burlington, Vermont: "The Anarchist FAQ is brilliant and is the anchor for the site...keep it as the cornerstone, and keep working on it."

Los Angeles: "A better updated database of infoshops around the world."

New York City: "Isn't the urge to make money (aka fund raising) just falling into the capitalist trap of money over people?"

Spain: "More help to networking."

Calgary: "I like infoshop, I think there should be more ideas for street theatre."

Uxbridge, Ontario: "A chat room would be great."

Newark, New Jersey: "Information on practical projects and guides."

Belgrade: "Anarchists should concretely help each others, not just to speak about solidarity. The same is with infoshop. I asked chuck for help about creating of website and I didn't get any answer. I asked anarchists from EU to help me to come there and to live in squat/community. Only one punk sent answer, others didn't answer.... You can think how Infoshop can concretely help to the people."

Gambier, Ohio: "I have to admit I haven't explored Infoshop enough, so I can't answer this."

Mechanicville, New York: "If you do go ahead with the store, make sure your products are made under fair labor conditions and without harming animals. And let your customers know this is the case."


New Brunswick, New Jersey: "My stuff on the pro-organizational tendency and platformism."

Dousman, Wisconsin: "Infoshop has been an almost life changing site for me. It has allowed me to educate myself and confirm the gut feeling I've had all my life. I think pamphlets and propaganda are important. Most young people either have a totally warped and conservative view of anarchism, and don't understand it at all, or just write the symbol everywhere and think it's justification for being an asshole. For young people, I think we need to educate. If young people had a true understanding of anarchism AND what capitalism really is, the movement could really take hold. Our youth is the future. It is easier to capture the open and undeveloped minds of the young when no capitalistic or mainstream ideas have taken root in them. I really believe that if we can have strong enough propaganda targeted at the youth-backed up by constant protests and activism the movement can really accomplish things. There is a need for cheap alternative anarchist schooling. The schools today just serve to pump out clones that will do what they're told and won't question anything. We need schools that really educate kids on history and politics. Besides that the schools need to be loose and informal philosophical and social development, not rigid regimentation of capitalist ideals."

Platte City, Missouri: "I would be interested in helping to develop web-based inventory cataloging, card cataloging, and check-out software to facilitate the improvement of--and to network the sharing of resources/books/equipment/etc. between--independent libraries, infoshops, independent media, etc."

Marion, Texas: "Mothing, really, I think it's great."

Windsor: "Community sections should be expanded. i.e.; could be bought space to showcase local info."

Amesbury, Mass.: "More for the teens who have nowhere to go because they are an isolated anarchist."

Seattle: "The other sections, outside of the "news" ones, seem to be sorta half assed..."

Reading, Penn.: "More information on the application of anarchy in the teaching field."

Memphis, Tenn.: "More downloads, I know they take up a lot of space, but more audio-video stuff for us geeks."

Apache Junction, Arizona: "You should update the main page more."

Mt Prospect, Illinois: "DIY, activist..."

Washington, DC: "I see as your thing, Chuck. You seem to want to make it everybody's thing--and that's cool--, but it seems it IS ultimately yours. Instead, I'd urge everybody who is or wants to be computer savvy to make their own things. That way, instead of being some sort of "gateway to anarchy", it would be what I think it should be in the first place--one of thousands of sites that concentrate on whatever the creators want to focus on within 'anarchy online.'"

Auckland, Aotearoa/New Zealand: "More scientific economic analysis."

Spring, Texas: "Anarchist youth definitely, not enough info, needs more articles."

Eugene, Oregon: "Co-op/activist directory for SE Asia and Oceania."

Charlotte: "The Anarcho-feminist site has been updated once since I started looking at it. I think a lot more attention could be placed on updating it. (I think the SGC convention in Alabama was only taken down recently)."

Frankfort, Ohio: "I think everything needs to be easier to navigate and there are a lot of dead links."

Wantage, New Jersey: "More practical info for working folks struggling with the welfare system, advice on how to utilize social services to your advantage, info for rural anarchists, practical info on parenting and conflict resolution, DIY guides, 'what is anarchism' fliers and pamphlets that are user-friendly for folks who have never heard of anarchism and intimidated by punk/alterna culture, pages and ideas for unschoolers/homeschoolers."

Breinigsville, Penn.: "The parts of that are meant as an introduction into anarchy for people who are just getting into it should be expanded. I think you should also try to get more exposure in groups that wouldn't normally give anarchy a second thought."

Madison, Wisc.: "More content in other languages - especially French and Portuguese (I'm sure all the anarchists in Quebec/France and Portugal/Brazil would be happy to provide some material!"

Canberra, Australia: "Tools for anarchist network and collective decision/idea making."

Cleveland: "The news section- reports from the ground etc."

Richmond: "I mean this in the best way possible. But I get on this site and I feel like I'm at a Trekie convention. Whichever direction leads toward a revolution that is fully integrated in society, that's where the site should go. Don't ask me for specifics."

Holly Springs, North Carolina: "Alternative publishing; collaborative hypertext systems (e.g. Wikis)."

College Park, Maryland: "There should be more frequent updates to the pages dedicated to specific topics, such as the 'Focus on [region]' pages. Ideally, some volunteers involved in those topics could be in charge of maintaining the pages."

Washington, DC: "More about linking 'anarchism' in the class-based sense to other struggles against oppression, like patriarchy, racism, heterosexism. In particular, I'd like to see more stuff about queer anarchist theory, anti-assimlationist stuff."

Quesnel, British Columbia: "Stop the bitching from anarchists who don't do anything constructive and just bitch."

Chicago: "The news area is good, the forums seem lacking somewhat. Also the area for propaganda is somewhat scant - improving this can be very useful and give people readily available material to pass out. Overall the issue I have with infoshop, more so with anarchists really, is the sheer complexity of arguments which seems like bickering to someone like myself. The constant debates about whether this is anarchism or post-leftism or platformism are tiresome. This is why minority people like myself tend not to be involved with anarchism - who has time to debate all this and ponder every possibility? I want to get ideas and meet people for direct action, things I can do right now, right here to make a difference. I spent years in school debating the pro's and con's of abstract scientific theory, I have no desire to do that anymore with something like anarchism. Make it practical, tangible, real, and in simple terms - let the scholars argue about x vs. y."

Baltimore: "Break up the front page into more manageable navigation: too many links, Break them up into further categories. Also, a bit more graphics and less text on the main page may help in this."

Richmond: "My personal perspective is that we could all spend more time thinking about ways anarchists can participate positively in the construction of massive, pluralistic social movements that have revolutionary potential."

Sarasota, Florida: "Not sure about content, but as far as non-content goes, you may want to improve the bandwidth for the site."

Orlando: "A regularly updated database of different areas and groups/activities active in them; not so much the specific happenings, just how to get in touch with the people and get info."

Tampa: "Scene reports."

Vancouver: "I would like to see Infoshop work more closely with the Killing King Abacus folks because they are saying some of the most original, interesting stuff out there but are relying on crappy ad-based discussion boards etc that are horribly distracting and it would look so much better if it was on infoshop."

Indianapolis: "Help build 'off-line' community. Help me find other anarchists around me. Up date the octopus anti-capitalist date base that bitch is old."

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: "I would love to see more articles in Esperanto and perhaps and Esperanto club."

New Jersey: "Update the Humor section!!! I have so many good anarchist jokes!"

Raleigh, North Carolina: "The on-line store is a good idea...and maybe make a Recommendation section where other anarchist can recommend book, music..."

New York City: "I would like to see the features updated. I think there needs to be more input from non chuck o entities. It is weird to see posted by reverend chuck o on every story. This is getting better but it is still by and large seen as chuck o's site. Actually, I think the main page needs to be shorter and consolidated. There are so many links to see."

Minneapolis: "Keep up the good work."

Birmingham, UK: "prison support perhaps, with a focus on companies that use prison work, build prisons etc. also, perhaps a way of uploading propaganda/pictures of undercover cops etc. more easily (perhaps a rogues gallery of cops like do at the moment in Britain). Maybe also a way of searching all anarchist/activist sites. and some sort of database of all propaganda such as posters, leaflets, stickers, pamphlets, videos etc. and where you can get them from would be good, but I appreciate that it would probably by impossible!"

Montreal: "Your front page should be cleaned up. All the information is all over the place."

Oakland: "Anything to help people network with each other, i.e. chat, personals, bbs, etc."

St. Louis: "I'd like to read more about anarcha-feminism, ecofeminism, queer anarchists, & green anarchism."

Tucson, Arizona: "More eco stuff would be nice...more updated feminism links and articles, and more people of color stuff...good coverage prison stuff and general news."

Philadelphia: "It's decent."

Silver Spring, Maryland: "Helping clean up the anarchist 'image' by showing that anarchy is a viable form of living, despite what all the capitalists and communists think, and that anarchy is not some sort of ridiculous "rebellion" phase limited to punks but a real way of living."

Marshall, Wisconsin: "In general, you should expand, don't leave behind important sides of the story."

Cliffside Park, New Jersey: "More as a hub for anarchists everywhere. List protests, improve the above ground railroad, and connect both anarchists and other activists"

Iowa City, Iowa: "All of it except the part where people bitch at each other. That part sucks."

Walbridge, Ohio: "It's perfectly fine."

Salem, Virginia: "I think this page is great, I can't think of anything specifically, but nothing is ever perfect, so I think the best idea is to just keep up the excellent job that I have become used to from this site."

Madison, Wisc.: "I like the site as a whole; the fact that it exists."

Knoxville, Tennessee: "I've always found navigation of the infoshop news archives, other archives, to be very difficult; they don\'t seem to be consistently indexed. Might just be me, though."

Minneapolis: "Basic layout of the home page has gotten somewhat unwieldy in the last year or two. Simplify!"

Salem, Virginia: "Doing fine."

Greensburg, Penn.: "Keep your page updated more often..."

Concord, Mass.: "(There might already be one but I haven't seen it). A 'web leaflet' section-- pages I could put links to in relevant places containing a rudimentary 'beginners guide to revolution' sort of thing."

San Francisco: "More anarcha feminist writings please."

Kansas City: "Networker definitely needs to be expanded, as should anarchist neighborhood."

London: "Larger network of local groups."

London: "I'm still waiting for the electronic version of David Watson's 'Against The Megamachine.'"

Newton, Massachusetts: "More essays and basic *basic* information for the very entry level. The biggest problem with anarchism is the learning curve."

Maple Ridge, B.C: "Political Theory."

Portland, Oregon: "I think your previously mentioned idea of taking this site in a direction towards more practical applications of anarchy is a great idea - so many people do 'anarchist' things but don't consider themselves anarchists. Time to help them make the connection!"

Santa Cruz, California: "Look for ways to promote anarchism to people who might be turned off by ideological-sounding critiques (not to say go shallow, but think about persuasiveness). Crimethinc does a good job of this, but they can seem a bit shallow sometimes."

Wilkes-Barre, Penn.: "I think it should have 2 major focuses, education and networking. To better help anarchist work together and create communities together or improve upon their own as well as good DIY guides, and anarchist education for helping better promote our ideals and actions."

Malta: "There can be a section on how anarchists/activists can convince people about their beliefs. I.e.: arguments, attitude with people...bla bla bla."

New Brunswick, New Jersey: "more articles about formal organizational structures, street-level tactical organization, and class war oriented pro-organizational methods in general."

Laguna Niguel, California: "I think that this is an awesome recourse and I'll leave the site work to you. You are doing an awesome job, keep it up. Let me know about what I can do in my community more to organize a group. Thanks for your help and support to us 'little people'"

Miami, Florida: "Infoshop should make it easier for anarchists to meet one another, establish contacts, etc. The networker pages should be updated & improved."

Austin, Texas: "Networker so people can find out who else in the hood is doing the same things. Right now, the shop is like a hub but it should also be a place to get direct action, practical things, and people together. its got the ideas and news, now it needs to be a place to coordinate actions & stuff. Also u know, the shop needs to reach out to bring in more people of color - latinos, blacks, asians, women. Get'm involved & givem a voice. Right now, seems like its all whites."

Somerville, Mass.: "I don't come to the site often enough to offer a useful opinion."

Toronto: "More materials for outreach to non-anarchist, non-radical, and non-political people."

Sandy, Utah: "Overall its a great website, but I would like to see more discussion of tactics for creating positive change."


Canada: "The corporate database & collaborative software would be cool... More info on Free Schools."

Los Angeles and Santa Cruz: "Definitely the anarcho-hood section that is pretty outdated. Also perhaps including other anarchist compañeros' website (i.e. the large anarchist community collectives and projects in Mexico, Argentina, brazil, etc.) to build larger networks outside our US anarchist circles."

Kaukauna, Wisconsin: "Add a section of utopian proposals, as ideas for a better world should be of high priority to the anarchists seeking theory to devour and build on. Maybe you should put up the entire text of P.M's "Bolo'Bolo" and his more recent essay "The next mutiny on the Bounty". Also, anything detailing alternate economic ideas, such as those proposed in Ken Knabbs 'the joy of revolution' and by Michael Albert in his parecon work. Anarchism has come a long way since the 19th century in fleshing out possible anarchist societies, and it should be represented on the page."

Buena Park, California: "Just keep up the GREAT work."

Brussels, Belgium: "I like the way it developed so far, though I thought that perhaps starting page is a bit overwhelming, especially if someone lands there just out of a blue."

Akron, Ohio: "I would love to see more stickers and ideas for guerilla activisms."

Thunder Bay, Ontario: "More news coverage."

Sydney, Australia: "More outreach and promotion in different countries, i.e. Australia, hint hint."

St. Louis, Missouri: "Expand everything."

New York City: "Updated more frequently."

Sharon, Connecticut: "I am a strong believer in martial arts instruction. Knowing full well that a particular style will be debated endlessly, I nevertheless suggest Wing Chun. It's an art designed for women and very effective. One can acquire adequate skill within a year and become devastating within five."

Merritt, British Columbia: "There should be more news of an all-round nature. Not just news that deals with an anarchism, but world news from an anarchist perspective."

Preston, U.K.: "How to guides. DIY information. International and local contacts."

Warsaw, Indiana: "You need to look around and see that kids feel the same way you do about anarchism, and they need a place where their voice can be heard without punishment from their parents, teachers, coppers, and people like that."

Meade, Kansas: "Everything!!!"

Atlanta: "Infoshop should abandon the notion of 'getting the leftism out of anarchism.' As far as I can tell, a non-leftist anarchist is a nihilist. Become a real collective and cut the petit-bourgeoise bullshit."

Tacoma, Washington: "Fucking the corporations over, promote all p2p software and free mp3 sites, free software (big brand ones, for free), and anything to overthrow big corporations that make money off stuff that should be free."

Hackettstown, New Jersey: "Reaching out to non-anarchist people who stumble upon the sight."

Sacramento: "Regional communities lists to get in touch with others near by. Possibly founding new communities/away from cities and take as many as we can with us. Just info on how to get together and in touch."

Bridgeport, Connecticut: "Have something for anarchists under 15."

Williams Lake, B.C.: "I'd like to see some sort of index, perhaps a directory of some sort. I may be just stupid and/or lazy, but it seems to be just randomly thrown together on the main page."

San Francisco: "I like how some stands are principled. It still attracts a lot of people who don't think well, though."

Austin, Texas: "I think to balance the black bloc folks you should have a nonviolent anarchism/direct action section-I'd like to see both sections expand."

Los Angeles: "I think should work at becoming an online community for networking, learning, and building our communities. The Anarchist neighborhood section needs expanding."

Frederick, Maryland: "Outreach-- practical approaches to winning people over (non-coercively, of course.) to the cause. . . and not just trendy kids or people involved w/ the punk scene, poor people, vegan people but normal working class citizens."

Los Angeles: "Dis-integration. We are everywhere."

Vancouver, Washington: "I think it's doing fine."

Tucson, Arizona: "Just keep on keepin on."

Oxford, UK: "Create and initiate dialogue with other groups. Attempt to speak to groups around the world (from all continents) and have public dialogues with them - people can send in questions and we can help understand each other's positions. I live with a Trotskyite and when he stops shouting I can gain quite useful perspectives and his ideas and direction. Nobody should live in the ghetto of their own ego and ideas."

Rochester, Minnesota: "More stuff on how to organize- workplace, tenants unions, etc, and PDF files you can download would be cool"

Edinburgh, Scotland: "Basically all of what is offered in 'what would you like to see on infoshop', although real in depth discussions are rare and so are proper researched articles by activists."

Aurora, Colorado: "Community outreach. Recruiting more people to join."

Toronto: "More DIY and how to guides for activist would be useful."

Oxford, UK: "Setting up local infoshops. Non-anarchists need to be shown towards the FAQ."

Portland, Oregon: "I'm stuck on the idea that we need figure out how to organize everyone, even if they call themselves anarchists."

Ankara, Turkey: "International relations."

Los Angeles: "Radio shows. Pacifica is doing well now that KPFK has had some of the iron-grip of The Nation removed from it. Not enough "reasonable sounding" anarchists are portrayed even in the "alternative" radio media. It would be nice to hear a more specifically anarchist/anti-authoritarian show."

Cork, Ireland: "Be and think broad in your your approach. Don't confine to stereotypes."

Stockbridge, Massachusetts: "News! I think its important that infoshop spread a greater understanding of options for anarchist organizing for people who are new to the philosophy, also i think it would be really great if there was a way to start posting whole texts both anarchist and otherwise, online for people to read, download, etc... Although I guess this would cause issue with that whole copyright thing huh?"

Chicago (Marxist): "Infoshop is too sectarian towards non-anarchist radical politics. Cut it out and your site would be more useful."

Quebec: "Anarchist FAQ, but with a section on the most common questions (what would an anarchist economy look like). Resumes of the textes on each page. The texts offer depth if needed, but the resumes offer the ability to easier grasp the concepts. This would in turn make it easier for anarchist to explain their reasoning."

Concord, California: "Just more updates in certain sections. Parts of the site are out of date."

Sherbrooke, Québec: "I particularly appreciate the Anarchy Youth section redesign. I think it's important to have a youth-oriented part on the site. I think that one problem I can see now is that some parts of the site have been done long ago and not updated in a while. Maybe more depth and less breadth would be useful. A few less sections, but with more material, rather than many sections with not much material. Since it seems resources and time are stretched thin it might be better to put more focus on a few projects rather than do too many things not as well as they could be done. Of course this only matters if there aren't more volunteers that can work on the sections that have been neglected until now."

Falun, Sweden: "I'd basically start reading if it were in Swedish... so that would be a good thing, but I understand it's not realistic..."

Oakland: "Fundraise the web geeks fancy tropical vacations."

Philadelphia: "Perhaps I've missed it, as I've only rarely checked out the site, but either expand or create a white allies working on challenging white supremacy page which lists resources, trainings, etc."

Boston: "I'd like to see a more advanced NEWS section maybe."

San Francisco: " provides a valuable service. I would like to see more women writers. One way I've been trying to support that is by recommending to women I know that they submit stuff to Perhaps sending emails to women writers and asking if they would like having their stuff posted. Additionally, more writings by radicals of color would be good. I know you're super busy, so delegating to people tasks like "look for good writings by anti-authoritarians who identify as working class or transgendered or immigrants or people of color", not in a tokenistic way, but looking for solid stuff that is out there."

Sonoma County, California: "I would really like to see more people as contacts - womyn and such. I would like maybe some info on things like composting and getting a long and I would really like to see a link to the icraus project for starters. As well as some beautiful pictures - we love mother earth and it would be nice to see come beautiful space up--"

St. Louis: "Ecology!!! The anti-capitalist movement is too damn anthropocentric. And stronger anti-oppression emphasis."

Prague, Czech Republic: "It's fine as it is (change is always good though;-)"

Newark, New Jersey: "We need support for democratic infrastructure. What about a directory of worker-owned and run businesses throughout the US...or perhaps even the world?"

Los Angeles: "There has to be some kind of live interaction with people so that people can link up, or talk privately in real time. Chat is a good thing sometimes. Get more theory up on there, and put emphasis on development of a current critical theory that surpasses the last major movement (situationist). Put more situ stuff up!"

Portland, Oregon: "More newly written articles and interviews, current shit."

Australia: "Less sectarian politics as we have had enough of that and it gets us lost."

Glassboro, New Jersey: "You have so much good shit already its hard to think of something you've missed."

Brisbane, Australia: "Downloadable (and uploadable) PDF files of anarchist pamphlets and flyers, as well as an e-book section. I can volunteer rtf formats of 'The Conquest of Bread' and '1984.' "

Anonymous: "More links to Anarchy Archives "

Lansing, Michigan: "I think you do a great job, the news is essential for me, and it helps me greatly in my organizing. The different segments are all good, but the news is the priority to me, and it is already overwhelming at times, so I don't think it needs expanding."

Seattle: "Micro radio, pirate radio, DIY media, and more fun-centered stuff that lets folks not so familiar with anarcho-philosophy more easily approach it, and want to learn more."

Pasadena, California: "More stuff that talks about people of color--it would be nice to find stuff that deals with issues around the types of violence that continue to occur on womyn of color....more stuff from kids that are from mixed ethnic/queer backgrounds...specifically womyn!"


Sao Paulo, Brazil: "The part I look at is fine."

Melbourne, Australia: "Oh bah. Why didn't u write at the start of this survey that one was going to have to read the whole site first??"

Corvallis, Oregon: "Redwire and permaculture activist."

Berkeley, California: "Less philosphical/theoretical nonsense about 'environmental lifestyles', and more direct action reports. Climate direct action is seriously underreported."

Ashland, Oregon: "A big section on basically taking the reigns of your own life. While I''m skeptical and annoyed at much of CrimethInc's 'theory', they're on the right track with the DeClassifieds. There are a lot of practical things people can do themselves that never occur to us. I love seeing DIY info anywhere."

Minneapolis: "First visit, so I am not going to comment."

Tucson, Arizona: "I'm not sure, it's my first visit."

Indianapolis: "Have more sections for different interests, like videogames, or something. I think to help show for the person that this is the first introduction to Anarchy (as it was mine, and thank you for the FAQ), to show that you don't have to give up everything to love to change there mode of thinking."

Tempe, Arizona: "I think more interactivity is good. The part of the site that I use the most is the newswire, because it a) gathers news from user contributions and b)exposes me to other perspectives on the news I'm reading. I think the only unfortunate aspect of the newswire is the tendency for some people to dominate it--which I was glad to see you address awhile back in a post. Some people value their opinions a little too highly, at the cost of listening to others, and see this site as their battleground."

Lancaster, Pennsylvania: "Direct Action Tips for workers, possibly a few tips on what pathetic little labor law we have left and stories by workers, particularly at low end service jobs"

Chicago: "The picture of the week should actually be updated weekly, and possibly moved to the top of the page since many people like myself rarely scroll down to even see it."

Washington, DC: "Does the FAQ have a disclaimer on it? It seems to illustrate only one form of anarchist theory, which I don't really like the idea of, because people tend to look at it & go THAT'S ANARCHY but it's not, anarchy is a lot of things. Also, I would really like it to get away from the whole european/american white tradition of anarchy & expand into a worldview of anarchy & have more voices heard on all subjects. The anarchist neighborhood seriously needs some working on, because most of the pages haven't been updated in years. "

Shipyard, Maine: "Good nuf!"

California: "Open editorial policy -- open BBS, optional Chuck0 editorial slant (which I generally agree with, and would personally leave enabled).'

Philadelphia: "NACLA Review of the Americas."

Houston: "I like the idea of the online shop..."

Somerville, Massachusetts (socialist): "I'd have to see the site more first to know."

Chicago: "All sounds fine."

Los Angeles: "People always tell to read this or that on the site but I often can't find what they are talking about. the homepage is a little to 'busy' for me but whatcha gonna do?"

Monterey, California: "Something should be done to reach out to non-anarchists."

Chicago: "'tis good the way it be."

Philipsgrad, Netherlands: "a mix of ALL of the above: radical books/pamphlets/ART/music/poetry/magazines/fanzines/etc."

Oslo, Norway: "I'm not really sure. I actually find this site pretty good!"

United States: "Stop being fucking elitist, primarily white and middle class. Get off your high horse of more radical than thou, don't glorify the fucking black bloc, it has worked but it isn't working now. If anything, stop making new labels for every new kind of anarchist that comes up. Come on. Honestly, anti puritan action? Necessary? Does every news article have to have 'an anarchist perspective'?"

Salamanca, Spain: "Practical Anarchism and espanol"

New York City: "This country NEEDS a Chat room for anarchist infoshops. A lot of them go out of business that could have been helped. And the networking would be great. People could reveal what they choose. I think this idea would be really great, I'm going to bug you about it."

Portland, Maine: "You are doing a great job! More political prisoner support is always needed."

Boston: "Bigger 'an anarchist by any other name' section"

Providence, Rhode Island: "Whatever y'all want. Beggars can't be choosers."

Jessheim, Norway: "A message board with different topics."

New Brunswick, New Jersey: "So long as infoshop continues to be a venue for anarchist thought and issues, good. stay independent of the various anarcho-adjectives; infoshop should have info for all (except the fools who put anarcho- in front of capitalism...the fools!)"

Palo Alto, California: "More DIY stuff."

New Brunswick, New Jersey: "Perhaps a section specifically for international debate and discussion of international issues that goes beyond the typical sloganeering."

East Coast, USA: "More photos of police violence and panoramas of anarchists during demonstrations."

Brooklyn: "Infoshop should work to make the discussions more on the news articles more meaningful. Moderators should work to set a tone of respectful honesty and serious dialogue. Off-topic and insulting posts should be deleted as should malicious rumors and gossip. The site is an important one for debate around issues important to the anarchist movement and should be developed as a place for useful debate on the perspectives and tasks of the anarchist movement today."

Brooklyn: "This website is amazingly comprehensive. I'd like to see a forum and even a chat, though I know this takes a lot of bandwidth if it's archived (so don't!)."

Antwerp: "Trying to get this movement somewhere, to a point in the future that goes beyond the classic relativism of every-one-has-his/her-own-opinion and basta. How can we make views converge some more? How can we escape from relativism and fatalism, without losing sight of necessary pluralism and internal democracy. The promotion of a more responsible anarchist movement, beyond the typical identity-delivering functions it has. Trying to expand to non-English speaking people. The different language sources are super!"

Iowa City, Iowa: "There may be some I've missed, but I'd like to see more of a focus on solid, long-term anti-capitalist/anti-oppression tactics as well as more on visions of how an anarchist society would work (the FAQ is good but more would be nice- articles, good debates, etc)."

Washington, DC: "Spiritual development, health."

Midwest, USA: "You should provide an email address for people to send news anonymously to. You only provide a web -based form right now and that isn't as good as having an email address."

Zephyrhills, Florida: "This world needs another anarchist uprising/large scale commune to show that anarchists are still around, and that our ideas are not that of chaos and killing. And we only live once, why not fight for our way of life?"

San Diego: "Support for sex workers and mothers and people in jail."

Cranbrook, British Columbia: "More Primitivist writings perhaps?"

Wellington, Aotearoa/New Zealand: "It's too amerikan focussed! (but I guess it is an amerikan anarchist website) and its full of that anarchy after leftism shit. This view is treated like a joke where I live, even amongst the lifestylers. The anarchy after leftism view is such a turn off, and has no support as far as I know outside of amerika. eg. in nz there is only one primitivist I know of, while there are at least 50 class struggle leftist anarchists. in a time of a brutal ruling class assault on us, class struggle leftist anarchism becomes more relevant not less, and calls for us to dump the libertarian socialist core of anarchism are simply disturbing. It would be good for infoshop to present and link to more material from leftist anarchist organisations and publications. There is too much bias towards liberal non-leftist anarchism. Plus there are virtually no links to libertarian non-leninist marxist material like aufheben, midnight notes, collective action notes etc. this stuff I find is far more useful than much anarchist stuff today."

Columbia, Missouri: "Becoming more and more of a networking tool such as ride boards housing boards...and instead of just housing for protests...perhaps vagrant boards...where for example if you're going to a protest in DC and you lived in wouldn't have to drive/walk/hitch/whatever the whole way straight...or whatever..."

Zagreb, Croatia: "Concrete alternatives (how to build sustainable houses, gardens; how to build giant protest puppets, how to repair bicycle; how to speak with media...)"

Milwaukee: "That's a pretty hefty question. I'd really like to see the communities expanded, and worked upon, but that's more up to the people responsible for their own individual anarchohoods... as for new directions, I have no idea. Maybe become more communally oriented as a whole."

Great Barrington, Massachusetts: "I'd love to see a broader focus on revolutionary organizing not necessarily labeled 'anarchist' but relevant to the goals of anti-authoritarianism nevertheless. In particular, I'd like to see a stronger focus on the prison-industrial complex, environmental justice, and tenant/labor organizing campaigns. It would be good to bring in a wider array of voices, particularly from radical organizations of color in the U.S. and anti-authoritarians in other countries."

Dallas: "More flyers."

East Los Angeles: "The home page is waaaayyyy too busy. Can't find anything. De-clutter might be good."

Louisville: "More d-i-y stuff."

Lisbon, Portugal: "It's up to you to define it!"

Ankara, Turkey: "Infoshop should include more web-pages other than English just like ainfos or maybe like Indymedia. By the way politically Ainfos is in fact quite 'limited' and Indymedia is just opposition site. Infoshop should be situated somewhere bw."

Norwalk, California: "I would like to see the expanded application of anarchist principles to topics other than the now dominating topics. Increased application in the form of news and activism will help solidify anarchist principles into a lasting culture."

San Luis Obispo, California: "Non-English language material."

Montreal: "Solid, reliable, updated news section. Comprehensive links to anarchist publications."

Oakland: "Anti-capitalist movements should be more inclusive of news regarding everyday forms of resistance from local communities and those most affected by capitalism."

Springfield, Missouri: "I am a musician and have always been interested in the possibility of spreading the truth through music. Rage Against the Machine may have tried but failed for two reasons. One, they were distributed by corporate labels. The second reason is people who already understood the movement I think viewed them as sellouts or worse. And the people they could have reached were socially programmed to be incapable of getting any meaning out of the lyrics and wasted away with mosh-pit injuries and nothing else. We need to be able to reach people and send the message without being trapped into a corporate record deal or worse, to be over-marginalized by the independent labels. And we need to incorporate all styles of music into the movement. Pissed-off folk music isn't going to cut it and actually trivializes the message."

Torrance, California: "Better page organization, chat, more updates."

Erie, Pennsylvania: "There's a lot of great sections already that haven't seen an update in a long time, or maybe just need more contributions... "

United States: "Um, more photos and what not. Everything here is fine! Um put things in categories so it wont be so hard to find on the first page."

San Antonio: "DIY, Graffiti."

Rochester: "Infoshop is quite comprehensive! But it would be nice to add more to areas where people could meet like-minded anarchists in their immediate area. As for new directions, maybe even have some regular columnists or bloggers featured from the main page."

St. Louis: "We need a better guide for understanding it. some type of table of contents, there is so much out there and for technophobes its difficult."

Portland, Oregon: "Because prisoner support is what I 'do', I wish prisoner issues hadn't been 'back burnered' in the less-frequented American Gulag section from the Infoshop main News section."

Los Angeles: "I would like to see an article talking about tolerance for spiritual/mystic anarchists, something that goes a little further then the section on the anarchist FAQ."

Berkeley: "Continue work on user-friendliness, accessibility, usefulness to both new and experienced active anarchists. Encourage a more efficient anarchist movement Keep helping to popularize an understanding of and use of anarchist ideas"

Poland: "Internationals contacts- e.g. Poland."

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