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Thursday, January 29 2015 @ 10:50 PM CST

Berkeley, California: Police harrassment of animal rights activist

News ArchiveSunday 3/30, a car was pulled over at MLK and Rose ST. in Berkeley, CA and all of the occupants detained by 5 Berkeley PD officers and 1 El Cerrito Officer. The car was rummaged through and impounded, against the objections of the driver. The car was impounded. Police gave the reason of "No licensed driver" despite it being parked legally and the car belonging to a friend of the driver. There was also a plain-clothed man present the entire time who was not identified. When queried, the police claimed he was a civilian and that "he's not affiliated with us." The man was likely a fed.

The probable cause for the stop? The driver was a "known animal rights activist who has been seen at demonstrations" according to Berkeley PD officer O'Donnell.

A legal fund has been set up. The folks are all poor activists, so anything helps for impound fees and any other costs which may arise from this situation.

Please consider donating, even if it's only a buck or two. Paypal to berkeleylegalfund@yahoo.com
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