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freEtech 2007, an (un)Conference, San Diego, March 25th

News ArchiveCommunity. Free Software. Openness. All of the values of the Free Software movement are totally violated by O’Reilly publishing’s conferences. These same values are what has made internet culture exciting and vibrant and an important social force, and they are also the words that O’Reilly uses to market its $1500 per seat ETech conference.
”This is my home, this thin edge of barbwire”
-Gloria Anzaldúa, Borderlands/La Frontera

March 25th, 10am – 4pm
At the City Heights Free Skool!
4246 Wightman St, in City Heights
On the corner of Van Dyke and Wightman
San Diego, CA 92105

To sign up to attend or give a workshop, click edit at the bottom of the page or click here to edit this page and add yourself to the list of people coming! Also, if there’s a workshop/skillshare or discussion you’d like to have, add it below! If wiki’s freak you out, call us at 619-528-8060.
why freEtech 2007?

Community. Free Software. Openness. All of the values of the Free Software movement are totally violated by O’Reilly publishing’s conferences. These same values are what has made internet culture exciting and vibrant and an important social force, and they are also the words that O’Reilly uses to market its $1500 per seat ETech conference.

If you care about creating and sustaining a technological culture that is accessible to everyone, instead of being accessible to those who have $1500 to blow on a 4 day conference, then help us create freEtech, a free and open unconference in San Diego on March 25th, the day before eTech begins. There are reasons why the list of presenters is overwhelmingly white men, we’ll talk about why.

If you are interested in presenting at or coming to freEtech 2007, sign up here with a blurb about what you would like to talk about. This unconference won’t happen without you. If you do sign up, well if some people do sign up to participate in an open space not controlled by the same corporate interests we’ve seen in previous years (with massive presentations by Microsoft and IBM at Etech 2006), if people do sign up, its a chance to engage with the community of San Diego directly. As people who live in San Diego and care about making technology accessible and who care about supporting DIY culture, our group and the collectives we work with will provide the space, projectors, power and net access.

We feel that emerging technology comes from rich cultural exchange, community and passion, not from corporations. If you agree, then come hang out with us and lets share ideas and eat some pizza.
sign-up to come to freEtech 2007

dj lotu5 – borderlands hacklab
don kilo – vAPPOr Oaxaca
xavier leonard – Heads On Fire
Yvonne Marie Andres, Executive Director & Co-Founder, Global SchoolNet – Linking Kids Around the World!
morgan sully – ShareSD
Kirk House – Stealth journalism/search startup – Want to show off the new Gcensus stuff for city planning. Will there be power? yes.
djsquared – don’t know what the hell i’m doing on this wiki, but i there
James from Radical Reference

add your name here!
sign-up to present at freEtech 2007

Hacking Neo(colonialism) – dj lotu5 – Is the internet really freely available to anyone? Is “everyone” really “on the net”? How are women, queers and indigenous people using the internet? What is keeping them from doing so? Do you feel like technology is available and appealing to you? Why or why not? We’ll have a discussion about various technologial strategies of resistance against oppression based race, class, heteronormativity and gender including cyberfeminism, electronic civil disobedience, sci-fi, distributed social cinema and network performance and have a hands-on hacking (colonialism) session!

if you’d like to attend this workshop please sign up here.
djsquared-i’m there, but i hope i didn’t screw up this wiki.

Using Drupal for Community Organizing and Independent Media – donkilo – A bunch of groups in san diego are just starting to use drupal. Lets get together, talk about how to use it and work out technical issues together!
djsquared- like to know about this also
Linux Installfest – everyone – The City Heights Free Skool has at least 3 computers that need linux put on them. SD Indymedia has used Ubuntu in the past, but should we continue? Should we use Xubuntu, Blag or Dynebolic? Lets get togther and try to spread some of the Linux knowledge around and all kick the corporate software habit!

Jeber-”I’m up for this. Though I’d recommend PCLos, Mandriva or SUSE, all of which I have the latest versions and am willing to help install.”

Mailing lists for community organizing – Brief session for organizers on SYMPA mailing lists from www.riseup.net .

post your name and proposed skillshare/workshop/performance/whatever here!

freEtech 2007 will be held at the Ciy Heights Free Skool. People in the borderlands Hacklab network decided that getting more people to the event and having more community involvement is more important than having better internet access, so it’ll be in City Heights, instead of hidden away in the ivory and neon towers of calit2.

City Heights Free Skool
4246 Wightman St.
San Diego, CA 92105
On the corner of van dyke and wightman


bus routes here, take the 7 or the 10
schedule for freEtech 2007

Lets work this schedule out together… Here’s a proposal, but we’ll work it out once we all get there.

10am – 10:30am – get settled and setup.

10:30am – intros and welcome

10:45am – Linux installfest – so that we can setup computers to use the res of the day

11:45am – Using Drupal for Community Organizing and Independent Media

12:45pm – Mailing lists for community organizing

1:00pm – Lunch break, head over to zine picnic! 6th/Laurel, look for the white tent!
(more info at bottom of the page)

2:30pm – Hacking Neo(colonialism)

3:30pm – wrap up
post a workshop/skillshare/forum you’d like to see

The challenge for the present and the future is to try to build bridges even though
that may be difficult…

Finally, the “aha” moment! I had read portions of this work before, but never in terms of my own life (now I sometimes have trouble understanding how one can read it any other way).

Almost all non-literate mythology has a trickster-hero of some kind. ... And there’s a very special property in the trickster: he always breaks in, just as the unconscious does, to trip up the rational situation. He’s both a fool and someone who’s beyond the system. And the trickster represents all those possibilities of life that your mind hasn’t decided it wants to deal with. The mind structures a lifestyle, and the fool or trickster represents another whole range of possibilities. He doesn’t respect the values that you’ve set up for yourself, and smashes them.

...The fool is the breakthrough of the absolute into the field of controlled social orders.

got comments? post your thoughts here!
feedback on freEtech 2007

Hey, this looks so good! i have to check my flight skedg… see what i can come to…

This looks really cool. I’d definitely be interested. When exactly would this occur? Would love to meet other Drupal users/developers. How are other people using technology to connect, organize and mobilize their communities?
any interest in wireless? socalfreenet can come

If anyone is interested, we may be able to come by and talk about bringing DIY internet access via wireless using the latest gear from Meraki.

lotu5 – there’s a BUNCH of interest in wireless! so cal free net should totally come! especially with net neutrality teetering in danger, community networks seem more important then ever before! and especially with regards to the cost of access, discussing wireless in that context seems crucial.


Talleres Gratis de Computadoras y Tecnologia

Domingo 25 de Marzo 2007
de las 10am-4pm
en la Escuela Libre de City Heights
4246 Wightman St
En la esquina de Van Dyke
San Diego, CA 92105

Ven a ser parte de FreEtech (Tecnologia Libre), una conferencia contra
conferencia en San Diego Gratis y Abierta. Como gente que vive en San
Diego y queremos aser acesible la tecnologia y computacion en nuestra
comunidad, vamos a proveer este dia computadoras, proyectores y aceso a
internet. Creemos que la tecnologia se puede usar para un intercambio
cultural por el bien de nuestra comunidad y no corporaciones. Se parte
de este encuentro, compartiendo tus ideas y unos bocadillos con nosotros.

Si te interesa por favor as reservaciones al telefono 619-528-8060

Talleres de Tecnologia Libre
Creando Medios Independientes en nuestra comunidad con el
programa Drupal-
Trabajando con programas alternativos a windows, abiertos y gratis-
Descontruiendo el neo-colonialismo en la tecnologia de hoy-
creando lista de correos electronicos para organizaciones comunitarias-

Volante aqui, por favor imprimir y distribuir:

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