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Friday, December 19 2014 @ 01:57 AM CST

What You Should Know About the World Can't Wait

News ArchiveIn case you haven't figured it out, the World Can't Wait is the latest front group by the Revolutionary Communist Party.

If you follow Indymedia websites for your city, or are in touch with your local activist network, you may have seen promotional materials about a national set of protests scheduled on November against the George Bush regime. These protests are being organized by what looks like a new group called The World Can't Wait. In reality this "coalition" is just the latest front group initiated by a marginal communist group called the Revolutionary Communist Party.

The "World Can't Wait" demonstrations are not about driving Bush from power, rather recruiting new people to the RCP and increasing the visibility of the RCP. Like the other remaining authoritarian left sects, the RCP understands that most people would never jojn or support an organization that hold the odious views of the RCP. The only way they can gain new members or influence is to create front groups such as the World Can't Wait or Not In Our Name. Very few people who know a few things about history are going to join or support a group such as the RCP which supported communist tyrants such as Chairman Mao, who some estimate was responsible for 70 million deaths of his countrymen.

Some anarchists and activists have gotten fooled into supporting the November 2 protests. The RCP is capitalizing on anger that many people have towards the Bush administration. Please don't waste your time supporting these protests which are designed to give crebility to the RCP.

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