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Saturday, January 31 2015 @ 03:06 PM CST

Temporary Insanity

News ArchiveSubmitted by Reverend Chuck0:


A first-hand perspective on the increasing difficulties of
making it as a temp

Becky Vlamis

Recently I was trying to determine my official employment status.
Colloquially, I'm a temp. Or rather, "temp" is the nominal designation
assigned to my current circumstances—just graduated, and affiliated with
sundry temporary job-placement agencies in hopes of finding work. I have
spent inordinate amounts of time filling out tax forms and taking skills tests
to assess my knowledge of Microsoft Word, mail merges and spreadsheet
proficiency. Doing so has resulted in two one-day assignments in the last
four weeks and one lingering question: "Am I employed or not?" I suppose
I should have realized earlier that job security in temporary work is a
contradiction in terms.

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