An Anarchist FAQ – What Anarchists Say about An Anarchist FAQ


An Anarchist FAQ
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What Anarchists Say about An Anarchist FAQ

“the primary source of information about anarchism on the world wide web . . . a foundation stone for laying down the idea of anarchism as the viable alternative that we should work towards achieving.” (“Workers Solidarity”, Workers Solidarity Movement)

“this invaluable resource is highly recommended for anyone wishing to delve further or gain a better understanding of anarchism as a practice, living, socially relevant ideology.” (“Direct Action”, Solidarity Federation)

“The anarchist FAQ has been one of the standout achievements of the last decade in terms of its rigorous treatment of every aspect of the theory. Its translation from screen to print is long overdue.” (Freedom)

“the most comprehensive resource available . . . for a discussion on anarchism is An Anarchist FAQ” (Flint Jones, NEFAC)

“The Anarchist FAQ collective are to be congratulated on producing this excellent book. Always intended to be used by anarchists as an organising tool, the FAQ will also be useful to newcomers to anarchism and to those who already think of themselves as anarchists, but who would like to deepen their understanding of anarchist politics. The FAQ format makes it really easy to dip into in order to find answers to all those questions that anarchists are often asked by sceptics and critics (of right and left) as well as by other activists who are sympathetic but just don’t know much about anarchism, or have been influenced by the many misrepresentations of anarchism put about by Leninists and the capitalist media. So The Anarchist FAQ succeeds in being a very accessible introduction to anarchism, whilst being at the same time detailed, wide-ranging, properly researched and authoritative. Highly recommended!” (David Berry author of A History of the French Anarchist Movement, 1917-1945)

“monumental and essential FAQ dedicated to anarchism” (Norman Baillargeon, L’order moins le pouvoir: Histoire et actualité de l’anarchisme)

“The Anarchist FAQ should be one of the first stops for anyone studying anarchism. It’s an extensive compilation of material, painstakingly indexed, of anarchist history, theory and practice. Just tracing the tantalising block quotes to their original sources, via the amazing bibliography–which alone is worth the price of the book–will take you a long way toward an education on any of the subject headings. On a personal note, I benefited greatly from stumbling across the FAQ near the beginning of my own journey into anarchism.” (Kevin Carson author of Studies in Mutualist Political Economy)

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