Against Intellectual Property

We live in a world dominated by large intellectual property dinosaurs.

We think that copyrights, trademarks, and intellectual property should be abolished. Proudhon said it long ago, that “property is theft,” and if anything current intellectual property fights on the Internet bolster his claim. Intellectual property is for those with power, who can use the force of the state to enforce their claims. But intellectual property simply gets in the way of communication and the sharing of ideas, be it in the arts or in biology.

The mouse who would be king
Disney’s ever-expanding copyright powers are threatening to squash everyone’s cultural creativity. As two new books compellingly argue, the time is ripe for more anarchy, and fewer lawyers.

Phantom editors
If Hollywood studios could deliver their dream products in their dream formats, they would send every first-run film via electronic pipes to thousands of theatres around the world. Digital projectors would emit high-quality images on screens. And the studios could control which versions got to which theatres. Theatres in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, India, Singapore, or Utah might receive versions that lacked nudity. Theatres in New York, Amsterdam, and San Francisco might receive versions with extra nudity.

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Anarchism Triumphant: Free Software and the Death of Copyright
“This use of intellectual property rules to create a commons in cyberspace is the central institutional structure enabling the anarchist triumph. Ensuring free access and enabling modification at each stage in the process means that the evolution of software occurs in the fast Lamarckian mode: each favorable acquired characteristic of others’ work can be directly inherited. Hence the speed with which the Linux kernel, for example, outgrew all of its proprietary predecessors. Because defection is impossible, free riders are welcome, which resolves one of the central puzzles of collective action in a propertarian social system. ”
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Copyrights suck

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