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Infoshop Reviews

Have you published a book, pamphlet, magazine or zine and want to get it reviewed? Has your band recorded a new CD, 7 inch, or song? Have you created something really interesting that is worth reviewing?

Infoshop News is expanding the number of reviews it features on its popular newswire. We are recruiting new reviewers and making an effort to post one or more reviews every day. Each review will be read by thousands of people. Having your alternative materials reviewed by Infoshop News will expose the existence of your publication, band or project to many new people.

Where do I send my publication or CD for review?

Please contact us for snail mail arrangements.

We cannot guarantee that your materials will be reviewed. It also takes time to read or listen to materials and then write reviews. Please allow several months for your materials to be reviewed.

How can I become a reviewer?

Infoshop News is looking for a limited number of people to become reviewers for us. This is volunteer work and is unpaid at this time. However, reviewers whose reviews are published in Practical Anarchy magazine will be paid for their work. Reviewing publications and music for Infoshop News will help us spread the word about the alternative press and independent music to thousands of people around the world.

If you'd like to be considered as a reviewer, please send two writing samples and a resume or bio to: chuck0munson [at]

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