Jessamyn West at the Democratic National Convention
Jessamyn West is a radical librarian and writer who is one of the bloggers covering this week's Democratic National Convention in Boston, Massachusetts. Jessamyn joins several dozen bloggers in a media perch far up in the rafters of the Fleet Center. The bloggers have been the subject of much mainstream media reporting, since the corporate journalists have run out of things to say about each other and because blogging at a convention is something of a novelty.
Jessamyn West and friend
Radical and anarchist librarians recently met in Orlando, Florida as part of the annual meeting of the American Library Association. We interviewed several radical and anarchist librarians. Jenna Freedman is the Coordinator of Reference at Barnard College in New York City. She is active in the Social Responsibilities Round Table and many other ALA groups and activities. Infoshop News editor Chuck Munson interviewed Jenna Freedman near the end of the conference.
Lower East Side Winter Solstice Shout Out zine
The Midwest Anarchist Bookfair, aka &8220;Pencils and Pandemonium,&8221; was held in Madison, Wisconsin on the weekend of May 8, 2004. The bookfair included tables, workshops, tours, and social events. The weekend also saw the anniversary party for Rainbow Bookstore, which celebrated 15 years of bringing radical materials and thought to the community of Madison, Wisconsin. The anniversary celebration included a reception and a reading by Martin Espada and other poets. Chuck Munson interviewed Rainbow Bookstore volunteers Peter Staudenmaier and Moise Villavicencio for Infoshop News. Chuck was a volunteer at Rainbow Bookstore for several years in the mid 1990s.
Striking California grocery store worker
The longest strike by grocery store workers in U.S. history ended last week in California. Infoshop News talked today with one of the workers who works at a grocery store in the Bay area of Los Angeles.
Ingrid Chapman has been involved in direct action organizing for the past 4 years. At 23, she has helped pull off successful mass actions, worked with thousands of activists around the country and bases her work in the question, "How do we build broad based movements capable of challenging global capitalism and US imperialism?" While it is easy to get depressed about the state of the world these days, those in power would also like us to forget that the largest anti-war movement in history was mobilized this past year and that global movements for justice are standing up against capitalism. Ingrid Chapman is one of the many younger generation radicals developing visionary politics and strategic practice to build our movements.
Laura Close moves fast. I first met her at a student activist conference when she was on tour with Call to Action giving workshops around the country. In between leading workshops on group decision making and strategic planning she would stop for a minute to talk with other young activists. I'd hear her say things like 'We need to learn the skills, to build our movements, to build our power, to win concrete demands and stick with it for the long haul'. At 21 she was the national organizer of the STARC Alliance, Students Transforming and Resisting Corporations.
Kadd Stephens is a 24-year-old musician/activist from Washington, DC. He has had a hand in anarchist politics in DC regularly over the last 5 years, having been involved in local projects like the Brian MacKenzie Center (infoshop), Food Not Bombs, AU Animal Rights Effort, IWW, and anti-capitalist activities, while lending support to anarchist projects of various shades. When not otherwise busy walking dogs, obsessing over obscure teas, or getting himself in trouble on email lists, he is the principal songwriter for Homage to Catalonia, a political folk/punk project from the area. Enjoy.
Kadd Stephens
Katie Sierra is a 15-year-old anarchist who lives in Sissonville, West Virginia. She recently made international news after her high school suspended her for wearing a t-shirt critical of the war in Afghanistan, as well as for her efforts in organizing a student anarchy club at the school. Her legal protest of the school's decision was turned down by the courts. There is an international effort to support her and her fight against the school.
Katie Sierra