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The project will be creating a new Zine Library that will collect, preserve, promote and share zines and similar materials. This library will include an archive of the defunct project. In the future, the Infoshop Zine Library will allow people to upload copies of their zines for online sharing.

This project will be a sister site to the Infoshop Library, an online archive of anarchist, activist and political content. The Infoshop Library has existed online, in one form or another, for the past 20 years.

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Who Are We?

Our project is looking for volunteers! We are zinesters. Some of us involved with the start of this project have experience making zines and with publishing. Some of us are librarians, with extensive experience with libraries and online collections. Some of us have been active reporting on and promoting zine culture, including work with review zines such as Alternative Press Review. We actively go to zine conferences and alternative book fairs. is an anarchist, activist and alternatives website that has been online for more than 20 years. We've provided links to zines, excerpts from zines and actual texts of magazines and zines. The Infoshop Library has provided access to hundreds of texts and graphics over the years and is currently being revamped and expanded. The Infoshop Library has its roots based in the Spunk Library project (Spunk Press), which was established in 1992. That library archived the first e-zines and other alternative media content.

New Content?

We will be working on a system that enabled zinesters to upload and share their content and creations. Content

We will need help from volunteers in rebuilding the pages, links and files that were part of the old website.


More information on volunteering can be found here:

Digitization of Radical Magazines & Periodicals

Part of this project will be associated with ongoing expansion of the Infoshop Library. We will be digitizing back issues of current and historical anarchist (and activist / radical) periodicals. Where existing websites exist for active publications, we will be working on archiving plans to make sure that content is accessible to the public and isn't lost.

We will also be collaborating with physical archives and zine collections.

LOCKSS - Lots of Copies Keep Stuff Safe

Traditional preservation of physical materials such as books relies on multiple copies being stored in multiple physical locations such as libraries. With digital content, such as zine texts and PDF files, having "backups" is not enough, if those backups are not accessible to the public. We will encourage other websites and services to include the zine library in their projects. We will make the content available in a format that can be uploaded by sister projects. We will consider setting up mirror version of the library.

Cooperation With Other Projects

There are other alternative media archiving projects, both digital-based and collections that focus on collecting and preserving print media. We plan to work with these other projects. This may involve sharing content, helping with digitization of materials and providing resources. This cooperation will also include skills sharing and resource sharing.

We will be involved and active with the zine librarians network.

DOI / Unique Identifiers

A Digital Object Identifier is a unique sequence of numbers and letters that is used currently to identify specific articles (and similar content) online. This system is important in keeping track of content and allowing scholars to cite publications more precisely. We will consider working with the Zine Union Catalog Project and other people on a digital identifier system for alternative media.

Metadata and Bibliographic Access

Overview pages for each zine will allow for expanded metadata, subject headings and other types of bibliographic access.

Zine Librarian Code of Ethics

We will consider adopting the Zine Librarian Code of Ethics, which is currently in development.


We will look at options to guarantee that the content in the Zine Library can't be used or modified by for-profit companies, without permission from zinemakers, artists and authors.

Endorsements / Affiliates

Yes, your zine, library, archive or project can endorse out project?

Contact Us

We can currently be contacted here:

More contact info to come in the future.

Version 1.0
September 8, 2015

The latest version of this project description can be found here:

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