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The proponents of filtering like to pretend that their technology won't lead to a slippery slope where all kinds of websites are censored, but this is precisely what has happened. This website is censored by schools, libraries, workplaces around the United States (and around the world). This webpage will keep track of where is being censored.

United States

Location School/Library Censorware Notes
Camp Hill, Pennsylvania Cedar Cliff High School Bess " and many of the sites it links to used to not be blocked by Bess....but they are now. This is at Cedar Cliff High School in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania."
Dundee, NY Dundee Central School Bess "Using BESS, which claims to not be politically biased."
Fairfax, VA Fairfax County public schools
Garland, Texas North Garland High School X-Stop "blocks and all of its mirrors."
Miami Beach, Florida Public libraries CyberPatrol "cyber patrol pops up as soon as is entered, i found this at the miami beach branch, but it may be system wide. "
Newville, PA Big Spring High School
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Oklahoma City Public School System "Oklahoma City Public School System has filtered out They have also censored the ACLU, along with many other human right sites, some fine art sites, any sites pertaining to government (or anti-government), and even travel sites. The list goes on. If you would like, I would be able to get ahold of the complete list of websites banned."
Port Neches, TX Port Neches-Groves Highschool "The other day i was in one of our computer labs and about to do research for a project in my government class. This project is to be presented to the class. All of the other students get their information from conventional media, so i decided to dig a little deeper and use (as i often do from home). Anyway, the point of the story is this: the computer filtering software wouldn't allow me to access the site. We are told that the internet filtering program safeguards our fragile minds from viewing such things as profanity, nudity, etc. Apparently it protects us from a deviant education as well."
Siskiyou County, CA public libraries
Upland, CA Upland High School Websense/8e6 R2000 'They used to use Websense but now the blocked sites say 8e6 R2000 which is another web blocking company. They are easy to get around in some ways but they block sites that shouldn't be. The reason given for blocking this site was "gambling" while was "anarchy" and was "porn." The reasons also change; I think they have a random justification genorator or something. They have a place on their site where you can request to add or remove a site from the list. I'll keep telling them this is a political site and they can\'t block it. Maybe if a lot of people demand it they will listen.'


Location School/Library Censorware Notes
Stroud, Gloucestershire, UK Well Marling School rmnet