Infoshop FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated: January 2017

How can I help support your great work?

You can help us by spreading the word about to friends, family, co-workers, and relatives. We are trying to build an alternative to the corporate-controlled media, so we need people to visit our site, especially folks who aren't the "usual suspects." You can also make links to this site from you website. If you have text materials that fit our scope, we prefer marked-up files sent via email.

We are also looking for volunteers to help with the following:

  • We need anarchists and anti-authoritarians who are interested in writing opinion pieces on current events and controversies
  • We are looking for writers who are interested in writing in depth about anarchist issues and current events.
  • We need motivated volunteers to help develop special sections.

What is your slant on anarchism? Why aren't you posting material on anarcho-______? is committed to promoting and featuring all aspects of contemporary anarchism and anti-authoritarianism. We support the development of critical-thinking skills, so we'll err on the side of posting a bad article if it is relevant to a current discussion within anarchism. is an ecumenical place for anarchists, one that doesn't take sides, whenever possible. Of course, this precludes nonsense like third positionism.

Will you post my news story?

We post news stories about a wide range of subjects. We prefer that stories be written from an anti-authoritarian perspective, but we are flexible. If you are sending us a news story, please mark it up and send it as an email attachment. Unsolicited news that isn't marked-up will be given a lower priority for posting. We reserve the right to reject news stories that don't match the purpose of this site.

I found a broken link. Please fix it.

We can update the broken link, but PLEASE tell us which page you found it on. We're checking links all the time, but changes may take weeks.

Where are you located?

In cyberspace, stupid. We don't have a physical location, but most of our crew are located in North America. We have contributors from just about every place with breathable air. Yes, that precludes Mars and Mexico City.

What is your snail-mail address?

Contact us for snail mail arrangements.

Who is behind this site? is run by a collective of less than 10 people. is supported by an international network of volunteers.

Can you send me the Anarchist Cookbook?

No. If you want to know why, see our Anarchist Cookbook page. We are compiling a cookbook of food recipes, but if you want that crappy book, contact your local bookstore. The Anarchist Cookbook has nothing to do with anarchy, which is why we can't help you.

Can you send me bomb-making information?

No. See the answer above.

Can you help me get my book published?

If it's a book related to anarchism, we might be able to refer you to some good publishers.

Do you folks need money?

While it costs us next to nothing to keep this website running, the webmaster has to eat and pay rent. is very much a labor of love, but a hungry webmaster is one who can't code very well.

If you want to send money, please visit our donations page. We can accept donations via check, money order, PayPal, or credit card.

What is your policy on privacy?

We've discontinued the keeping of log files except for short periods of time related to troubleshooting. We will not give out information about our users to third party organizations or companies.

Can you help me with research or a class project?

We can offer limited help, depending on our time. Most likely, we'll refer you to another website or post your request to a list.

Can you post information about my event?

You can submit events to our calendar here

Has your site ever been filtered or banned?

Infoshop's Facebook page was banned and deleted in 2016, probably thanks to the efforts by an organized group of Trump supporters to shut us down for supporting Black Lives Matter. More info about this can be found here. has been filtered and continues to be filtered by several censorware products. In late July 1999, a report prepared by found that we were being filtered by Bess. This basically means that students in all 50 states of the USA are not be able to use their school computers to access this site in order to write papers on Emma Goldman, Sacco and Vanzetti, or simply about anarchism.

If you have problems reaching this site, let us know.

Are you available for interviews?

We are available for interviews. If you are a member of the alternative press, we will do any kind of interview, depending on the openess of our schedule. If you have general questions about the contemporary anarchist movement, please check out An Anarchist FAQ.

You don't have the facts correct about the Mumia case. He's a guilty cop killer

No, we know the facts about Mumia's case. He should be freed. We've been working on his case for the past 20 years. Don't patronize us with some stupid rhetoric you heard from the right-wing smear media.

Can I reprint material from your site in my zine?

Yes, as long as the article isn't copyrighted and that you correctly identify the source. Please note that special features have embargo dates for print publications. This means that your magazine or zine can't reprint the text until after the embargo date, which is listed on the bottom of the page (when appropriate). This mostly applies to interviews, reviews and feature articles.

What is your position on gun control?

We are in favor of gun control for states and militaries. We seek immediate disarmament of all militaries, which have caused enough death and suffering in the 20th and 21st centuries. We feel that gun control for the average Jane or Joe shouldn't be even on the table until states have disarmed and discontinued their violent ways.