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Hate Mail from 2005

Date: May 21, 2005

From: Anonymous Coward

Your web page is full of communist nonsense. Although at the first glance you claim to denounce communism, the true nature of so called socialist "anarchism" is exposed in your FAQ.

It would be nothing more than authoritarian communism, because for example, you fools favour abolishing private property while at the same time advocate the abolition of the state.

Now THAT is the biggest, idiotic paradox I've seen for ages.

Date: May 10, 2005

From: Anonymous Coward

im palastinian and your hate of israel is disgusting and not true

Date: May 10, 2005

From: Anonymous Coward

Fox News is God.

Date: May 10, 2005

From: Anonymous Coward


Date: May 9, 2005

From: Anonymous Coward

Your website sucks balls,hope you burn in hell you comunist ball biting , asshole licking, pillow biting,cock jockying , bone chugging dune coons. Lucky i dont know u cuz i wouldnt think twice about putting a bullet through your anti american,goat fucking sand niggers. And anny one who is sympathitic to those rag heads also needs a little lead in there diet, so wach out,you muslim loving fuck faces.

Date: May 8, 2005

From: Anonymous Coward

i cant believe your fuckin drawing this stuff... our soldiers are over in iraq risking their lives to protect the free world and to help an oppressed country become free. you are an asshole

Subject: Disgust

Date: May 5, 2005

From: snowman8637@neo.rr.com

I am sorry to say this, but I am utterly disgusted with nearly every cartoon of the U.S. involvement in Iraq on this site. Mock our government yes, mock Bush yes, mock the leaders of the government all you wish. It disgusts me to see the mockery and utter disrespect for the U.S. soldiers that are in Iraq. The cartoons that are on this site depict scenes of U.S. soldeirs getting massacred and statements that are outrageous. They are there doing what they were ordered to do. I find it incredibly distasteful that anyone would post such cartoons. Do not mistake me for a conservative republican. I hate Bush just as much as anyone. That said, I also support our troops no matter where they are. They are under orders, misgiven and mislead they are, but they are doing their jobs. At least respect that.

Subject: too much time

Date: May 4, 2005

From: rexrax99@hotmail.com

You obviousely have too much time on your hands. Instead of organizing the people, you attack the left and progressive movements. What a shame!

Subject: hello

Date: May 1, 2005

From: Anonymous Coward

you are sick.

Date: April 30, 2005

From: Anonymous Coward

You seem very keen to support a womans right to have an abortion , in the name of individual freedom , but what about the rights of the unborn child ? If the mother wants freedom she has to accept the responsibility that comes with it , and NOT conceive children that SHE doesnt want . The child must have the right to live until it can decide for itself wether it wants to continue living.We know the fascist reasoning behin anti-abortion legislation is nothing to do with personal freedom , they strive to perpetuate the isolated nuclear family unit as a means of reproducing labour power and more importantly the ideology of submission and conformity which allows them to rule .But there is a genuine case for protecting the rights of the unborn life.

Subject: pussies

Date: April 29, 2005

From: Anonymous Coward

you guys are the biggest bunch of pussies ive ever seen, takes some real balls to draw some retarded pictures, someone should tie you up in the street and cut your balls off you fuckin homo

Subject: You fucking pussys

Date: April 29, 2005

From: Anonymous Coward

i hope you all get aids

Date: April 24, 2005

From: Anonymous Coward

you all are real pieces of shit. id love to see anyone of you have the balls to show that to a soldier face to face, or fight for something you believe in. bunch of pussies. you may not pay in this life, but you will in the next. rot in hell

Date: April 24, 2005

From: Anonymous Coward

ur mum was gr8

Date: April 11, 2005

From: Anonymous Coward


Subject: your site is bullshit

Date: April 11, 2005

From: cyclops_124@msn.com

What the fuck is your problem? Why do you have these stupid fucking graphics making fun of shit that you don't have a clue about. My dad is serving in Iraq right now, putting his life on the line, just so you can sit at your computer creating shit that you think people want to see. If our country is so bad, then get the hell out.

Date: March 26, 2005

From: Anonymous Coward


Date: March 10, 2005

From: Anonymous Coward

I think this web site is stupid! you need something better to do than trash our country and the president. Do you have jobs? or do you just sit around and complain all day. How do you have an anarchist group, it seems that nothing would get done. get life!!!

Hate Mail from 2004

Subject: fox news

Date: Mon, 4 Oct 2004

From: nobody@flag.blackened.net

fox news is fair an i will watch it over rest thet are the best

Subject: infoshop.org/voting

Date: Sun, 3 Oct 2004

From: geierbrian@hotmail.com

just a small comment about the page on voting that you have. it seems ridiculous (to me) to explain why anarchists don't vote. who told you that anarchists don't vote? i think anarchists can do whatever they want. i acknowledge that voting isn't going to fulfill my dreams of what we humans can accomplish, but i do acknowledge that having a different president WILL make a difference, in infinite ways to people all over the globe. i don't think its appropriate that you claim that anarchists don't vote. we may be against voting as a way to achieve our dreams, but we can still vote if we want to...we're anarchists, we do what we want!

Date: Mon, 27 Sep 2004

From: steve clark - stevestuff87@hotmail.com

Subject: Dear Chucky

Hello, my name is Stephen Clark. I attend Anderson High School in Southgate, Michigan. I recently ran across your website, in which you suggested to students that wish to start an "Anarchy Club", to quote "Disobey stupid school policies such as uniforms, t-shirt codes, and security measure via sabotage and/or civil disobedience". Now, my question is simple and to the point. Why would you suggest such things to a group of kids who's lives are already tough enough with the pressure of getting good grades to get into a good college, getting a job in an increasingly limited market, and pleasing parents that sometimes demand more from their children than they do themselves?

By telling these kids to break these rules and to go against the grain, it creates friction between the administration and student body, making the process of learning to get in that good college and get that good job harder. When you fill these kids' heads with missions to bring down and disobey the administration, you distract them from the things that matter most in their lives currently, education and happiness. When you argue with someone, you naturally become more frustrated, more worked up, and more emotionally drained. I know people like you probably think that following these school rules is "giving in" to a higher power and admitting defeat. However, I believe that by obeying this rules, you are admitting to nothing more than accepting things you cant change, and creating a more peaceful way of living for yourself. That's all.

So, Chuck, my question to you is then, "Why on earth make kids' lives harder? Why tell them to do things that will make their lives more stressful and less happy? Why?" Take responsibility for what you tell these kids. Please.

Looking forward to your response, Steve Clark

Subject: State Socialism

Date: Sun, 8 Aug 2004

From: future@iso.org.uk

Your drivel against the authoritarian Left has reminded me why anarchism is so ridiculous. State socialism is the only system with the centralised planning means to properly govern a true egalitarian society. Other than that you are left with autonomous capitalism or squatters culture - both breeding grounds for exploitation.

Anarchy for the UK? Haven't we been there!

August 9, 2004

Subject: Stupid Leftists

From: Conservative_Republican_American ( bush2004@usa.net )

You and all the people that run this joke of a website make me sick. You little fringe leftist fucks have no idea what the majority of the American public thinks. The sooner you and all you commie, faggot, friends get AIDS and die the better of the world will be.

Bush 2004

DEAL WITH IT!!!!!!!!

From: pdogg9133@aol.com

Date: Thu, 5 Aug 2004

ive got a burning question as to why an anarchist would try to hide behind the 1st

amendment of the US constitution when you ass holes dont even believe in organized government just another example of your stupidity and hipocracy. doing that alone shows your primitive outlook on life. take it from someone who has to spend every day keeping you assholes safe why dont you go defend our freedoms. my dad is a cop and im a Marine we cordially invite you to fuck off.....

Infoshop volunteer responds:

Dear articulate scholar,

We don't "hide" behind the first amendment. You really should learn more about these "freedoms" that you purport to "defend." If you have ever read the Constitution, you would know that the founders believed the rights enumerated to be "natural" rights possessed by everybody, and not special privileges granted by government. We don't need a government, or some self-righteous illiterate Marine, to give us our freedom. We already have it. In fact, we have to fight the government to exercise our freedoms.

I own guns and most of my friends own guns. I earned a sharpshooter medal when I was a teenager. I don't need hired killers like yourself to defend me from anything.

Furthermore, it would serve you well to read some accounts of struggles for freedom in US history (I recommend "A People's History of the United States" for starters -- it was written by a WWII veteran). Then you might learn that radicals like us have been pushing the envelope of freedom since the very beginning. It is because of people like us that your children (if, God forbid, you ever have any) cannot be sold into slavery or forced to work 16 hours a day to pay off debts accrued in your company scrip account.

If you need help with any of the big words I've used, please let me know.

Another Infoshop volunteer responds:

No cop or marine ever did anything to protect me. i've had several
opportunities to report felonies against me or friends and never
even thought to call the cops. why involve another group of criminals
in an already bad situation?

Tell me how we hide behind the first amendment? free speech doesn't
need to be a law, and i don't need your precious state for such things.
only a statist who believes that everything - including basic human
rights - can be allowed only by government edict would say something so backward.

From: BikerNut@Charter.net

Date: Thu, 5 Aug 2004

You got to be kidding me with this website...... The next thing you'll be saying is that there is no such thing as terroist... Come on you liberials wake up and smell the coffee... If your boy Slick Willie would of been on top of things instead of on top of Mrs. Lewinski we might not be in this situation... What are you going to do wait till the Radical Muslims are on your front steps threatining to cut your heads off... Look if you hate the American way that much go live in the Far East and carry the Kuran and wear your Kufi...

Infoshop responds:

The fact that you think we are liberals and Clinton supporters says it all. Clearly you did not even bother reading the website.

If any hostile right-wing nut -- Christian, Muslim, racist or capitalist -- ever appears on my doorstep with the intent of attacking me, they had better be wearing bulletproof vests.

From: harry7422@yahoo.com:

We cant wait for you slimeball criminal bastards to start trouble down here in the Glynn County area. We love to hunt and stalking wild hogs is one of our favorite sports, especially when they damage our property!!!!

Infoshop responds:

Hey, you reminded me of one of my favorite Dead Milkmen songs,

hello, my name is billy bob and i don't give a damn
i got myself some white sheets straight from the ku klux klan
i got myself a daughter and she's a mongoloid
because i married my sister and our gene pool's been destroyed
let's do it

this is a tiny town
and we don't want you comin' round

we got ourself a sheriff and his name's bobby joe
one day he said to me "them punk rockers gotta go"
so we hopped into his pickup truck with a gun rack on the back
and we beat up on them punks and we beat up on them blacks

this is a tiny town
and we don't want you comin' round

so if you should happen to come to our little town
it might be wise if you didn't hang around
'cause we hate blacks and we hate jews
And we hate punks but we love the f.u.s
let's do it!

this is a tiny town
and we don't want you comin' round

From: mungus_02@yahoo.com

you people make me sick. what are you thinking? you slap the men in the face that have sacrificed so much. If you didnt have us trained and ready to deploy......who the hell would deploy? YOU??????? thats not even an option. even IF you could stop a few kids from joining the military.......are you so ignorant that you think war will just stop? you are nothing but close minded ungrateful bastards who appreciate nothing this country has given you.....if you dont like this country then what are you doing here. thats one of your rights...you can leave. PLEASE DO.....your childish.....no one needs you around.


Infoshop responds:

Nobody needs to be deployed anywhere. I've never been threatened.
If anyone invades California, I'm plenty well-armed and a decent shot.
I don't see anyone breaking down the doors trying to invade us.

Nobody who goes to iraq is sacrificing anything. The men there are
the ones being sacrificed - on the altar of global corporate capitalism.
Don't try to equate our invasion of Iraq as some sort of struggle for
justice - it's a war for money and oil, that's the bottom line.

I'll fight and die for freedom, but not for corporations. Who are your

February 15, 2004 / From an anonymous coward

wot a bunch of fucken wankers you lot are.. get a life!

Infoshop responds: Thanks for your kind, grammatically-correct support.

February 15, 2004 / From cfrye_2002@yahoo.com

Ok, you win. The Fox news channel is right wing. You have had the "big 3" networks and CNN sucking-up to the Clintonites for years. You accuse Fox of bias, yet deny the left has ever had any favoritism from the other networks. You will deny this I know. But I figure if I can admit the truth to myself, I can point out to you what you deny out of self rightiousness. Wake up, and accept the fact that not every news outlet will always cater to the left, some will acually challenge what they say. You have lost the monopoly on the media you enjoyed for so long.

There is only one media outlet which "caters to the left" as you put it, and that is Pacifica. All the others are corporate apologists.

February 14, 2004 / From an anonymous coward

U Fucking racist pieces of shits

February 12, 2004 / From sjayne@ia4u.net

Dr. Laura has more than redeemed herself. The folly of youth ~ at 20 years old she made a mistake. That makes me admire & appreciate her even more. She is RIGHT & is so respected by millions. That is more than I can say about your organization. YOUR organization is built on hatred to the TRUTH. She is a Godly woman making a stand. Jesus was crucified. I think your hatred would crucify her if you could. God help you & your following. Dr. Laura is MY role model & I pray for her to continue her ministry to a sin sick world. Sincerely, Sally J Bentley

February 12, 2004 / From thetrurth@bellsouth.net

I want news on the Kerry scandal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Try balanced reporting for once.