Get Connected

Looking for anarchists and anti-authoritarians in your city or town? Want to organize a group or project in your neighborhood with other like-minded anarchists? We provide this page as a service to all of you disconnected anarchists out there.

oAre there any anarchists located in my city or town?

oWhere can I post a message asking if any anarchists live in my city or town? Where can I find an anarchist?

oAre there any anarchists in my neighborhood?

oHow do I hook up with anarchists if I live in a small town or rural area?

oWhere can I find websites that might be located near where I live?

oIs it possible to post a personal ad if I'm interested in a relationship with a similar person?

oWhere can I post information about finding or sharing a ride?

xIs it possible to arrange a meeting with anarchists in my town?