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Wizards of Money
A 15 part audio program explaining the undemocratic workings of the monetary system and demystifying the manipulations of capital markets. Includes "How Money is Created," "Predatory Lending," "Trading Nature and Cooking the Books," and "Bankruptcy Bill's Shoot-Out at the Social Safety Net."

What are the myths of capitalist economics?
Within capitalism, economics plays an important ideological role. Economics has been used to construct a theory from which exploitation and oppression are excluded, by definition. We will attempt here to explain why capitalism is deeply exploitative.

CEOs climb the stairway to heaven -- I mean, hell
Pity the poor Democrats. They just can't get a break. At a time when the public is calling for the heads of corporate miscreants, you would have thought that the latest Census Bureau report on poverty and income would be great campaign fodder for Democrats.

Child and Adolescent Labor: The Weakest Link in a Work-Based World
No form of labor cries out to be abolished louder than child labor.