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Melbourne: Anarchist Bikes Choke Tunnel
ABOUT 500 cycling activists disrupted city traffic last night when they took over the Burnley Tunnel. Peak-hour traffic backed up for several blocks when the eastbound tunnel was closed for 45 minutes from 6.30pm.

Washington, DC: Riding A Bike Is Not A Crime
It seems that the Chief Ramsey does not agree with the findings of the DC City Council. Early Monday evening, police, perhaps taking a cue from their Oakland brethren, continued their policy of what seems to be an ever increasing use of verbal harassment, physical force,and carefully calculated tactics exercised to disrupt and deny Critical Mass riders of their right to peacefully and lawfully ride on the streets of Washington, DC. The culmination of these unjust actions was the illegal search of riders' bags, the confiscation and damage to riders' bikes, and the unlawful arrest of one rider under the guise of assaulting a police officer.

San Francisco Critical Mass

Bike Summer 1999
Judge rules against city in Critical Mass arrests (January 20, 1999)
Superior Court Judge Rules Against Police in Critical Mass Roundup
S.F. Police Issue Flyers To Deflate Critical Mass. Get-tough stance has its doubters July 30, 1997 [San Francisco Chronicle]
Love for Safer Biking Unites Nebulous Protest. Group of riders hard to define July 30, 1997 [San Francisco Chronicle]
Why Cyclists Trouble S.F. So Much City is way behind others in becoming more bike friendly July 30, 1997 [San Francisco Chronicle]
Critical Mass ride in San Francisco on Friday turns out 7000 and ends in 250 arrests [SF Gate]
City of San Francisco reaches agreement with Critical Mass. [San Fran. Examiner]

CM Flags - cool huh?
Critical Mass San Francisco / Photo - MattMann


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