Anarchist visions

Anarchist Visions

What do anarchists want? What is their vision for the future? Why do they disagree about the future? Hopefully, we can answer these questions and more with the special page on anarchist visions for the future. Anarchists traditionally have been reluctant to discuss our future and our goals. Part of this is a reluctance to suggest that there are blueprints which are universal. Anarchists understand--unlike the traditional leftists--that local conditions require different ways of living. Anarchists also think that you and I should make decisions about our future, not some enlightened bunch of revolutionaries. Anarchism is, after all, about devolving power back to the individual and community. Still, it is useful to talk about our visions, because they provide an example of why people are anarchists and because they provide some guidance for what we do today.

They say that our species and planet is faced with ecological disaster within 50 years. If we want to stop that from happening, and ensure a better world for all species, we need to make changes today.

From the Anarchist FAQ
What would an anarchist society look like?
Anarchists think that the essential social values are human values, and that society is a complex of associations held together by the wills of their members, whose well-being is its purpose. They consider that it is not enough that the forms of association should have the passive or "implied" consent of their members, but that the society and the individuals who make it up will be healthy only if it is in the full sense libertarian, i.e. self-governing, self-managed, and egalitarian. This implies not only that all the members should have a "right" to influence its policy if they so desire, but that the greatest possible opportunity should be afforded for every person to exercise this right. Anarchism involves an active, not merely passive, citizenship on the part of society's members and holds that this principle is not only applied to some "special" sphere of social action called "politics" but to any and every form of social action, including economic activity.

Anarchist Visions in Science Fiction

A short list of interesting books that sketch out a visions of anarchistic futures.

A.D. by Saab Loften (III Publishing)
A future society run by the L.S.D. (Libertarian Social Demcoracy)
Woman on the Edge of Time by Marge Piercy

"We foresee millions and millions of groups freely constituting themselves for the satisfaction of all the varied needs of human beings. . . All these will be composed of human beings who will combine freely. . . 'Take pebbles,' said Fourier, 'put them in a box and shake them, and they will arrange themselves in a mosaic that you could never get by instructing to anyone the work of arranging them harmoniously.'" [The Place of Anarchism in Socialistic Evolution, pp. 11-12]